At the Google music event this afternoon, Google announced that they have activated their 200 millionth device.  That's a 100 million more than just six months ago. That's a whole heck of a lot of Android devices.


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Android has 200 million device activations


I like how that graph's scale is horribly out of wack. It can't start at zero, and it makes it look like they have ten times the devices now instead of twice as many.

That graph is just an attempt to show the 'exponential' growth that Android has received in the past six months. It's close to an x^2 graph (when compared to long-term activations over time), which is pretty impressive.

500,000 new activation every day.

And Android is now well over 50% market share, while Apple is down there with Symbian both running at 17%.

Well, to be fair, ONE of those activations was due to me replacing an Epic 4G that I bricked! :)

Seriously, I biffed an ODIN install of the EI22 modem and couldnt even power the sucker on AT ALL, and Sprint kindly gave me a free replacement, even though the phone is out of warranty! They didn't even charge me the $100 deductible, which I was totally expecting to pay! Way to go, Sprint!

Ha! What a nice change of pace. I had a hard time getting Apple to replace my iPhone4 when the home button died.