Shalom Veffer

Shalom Veffer; taken with the Samsung Galaxy S II

The winner of this week's photo contest is Shalom Veffer, who gave us this great picture with his Samsung Galaxy S II. We chose it because it's clear, captures the subject perfectly (this week was flowers) and provides a great contrast between the yellow flower and the scrubby landscape behind it. Beautifully composed, Shalom. Be on the lookout for information about your prize!

This week was the hardest ever to decide a winner. There were so many entries worthy of winning, it was hard to even pull out the 10 best let alone decide on a winner. If anyone ever says Android phones don't take excellent pictures, send them my way show I can show them at least a few hundred reasons why they are wrong. And you guys are some very skilled photographers. It's both humbling and awesome to look through them all each week!

We've got a gallery of 10 other awesome shots after the break to look at and enjoy. Keep taking and sending those pictures each week -- you make me love my job.


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Android Central weekly photo contest winner: Flowers


I didn't know AndroidCentral did this I'm deifnitely gonna enter. I opened up a tumblr blog where I only posts pics taken by my Galaxy S II let me know what you guys think im just getting started so any tips would be appreciated. One thing i noticed on is that the focusing gets soft. As you take the picture the preview on the display looks sharp but the slightest shake sometimes ruins it.

once again, i didn't know about this week photo contest.
i've searched the foruns for the contests but can't find it.
where can i see the weekly photo contests, please?