Travis Detweiler

The winner of this week's Android Central photo contest is Travis Detweiler with his picture of sunrise over Tampa Bay.  Taken with his HTC EVO 3D while heading out into the gulf to catch a few Amberjack and Grouper.  Travis says he didn't use any particular camera app or effects, just the camera as-is on his 3VO.  He captured the theme and framed the perfect shot.  Congrats, Travis!

We had well over a thousand entries, and while it took a while to look through them all it was quite enjoyable -- you guys and gals can take some awesome pictures.  We've collected the 10 runners-up for you to enjoy as well, hit the break to see them.  Don't forget, we're starting up a new round tomorrow, so keep an eye out.  

In no particular order, the ten runners-up.  Click to see the larger images

Anton K

Photographer: Anton K. 


Daniel Chollet

Photographer: Daniel Chollet


DJ Ready Cee

Photographer: DJ Ready Cee


Ian Frazier

Photographer: Ian Frazier


Jason Barnes

Photographer: Capt. Jason Barnes


Luke Embley

Photographer: Luke Embley


D Brown

Photographer: D Brown


Michael Adelman

Photographer: Michael Adelman


Rich Stillman

Photographer: Rich Stillman


Yang Wen

Photographer: Yang Wen




Reader comments

Android Central weekly photo contest winner: Sunset or sunrise


Don't know Ian Frazier but that photo of Mesa Arch with Washer Woman and the Monster in the backround is one of the most photographed shots in the Moab, UT area. The other two are Turret Arch through the North Windows Arch

and Delicate Arch.

So, why would this be a problem? You will notice that the lighting is different. He took a very good photo, and yet it appears people condemn him for this.

Hi Icebike,

I'm the Ian Frazier that submitted the image, and I understand your feelings. As someone who has been shooting landscapes and nature images for a while now (with a dslr), I've come to realize that finding and shooting a unique landscape can be challenging.

For anyone that was wondering, this image is of Mesa arch, one of the more famous arches in eastern Utah. You're right, because of its easy accessibility, this iconic view has been shot a million times.

The problem I've faced is that the people and companies that buy these images want iconic scenes. They want the view down Yosemite Valley, the Golden Gate bridge at sunrise, sunrise at Mesa arch, etc...

Having said that, I still try to capture different views of popular places. Usually this means shooting at night on a tripod, using flahes, creative filter use... all of which are difficult to achieve with a cell phone camera. I do have hopes that android phones will one day be capable of astonishing things, but until then I use my old droid incredible for mostly snapshots.

The Mesa arch image was one such snapshot, meant for family back home, and I'm glad if anyone else likes it. Sometimes it's nice just to get outside. Hope this clears things up.

Ian S. Frazier

Good news for us readers: We get to enjoy some amazing photgraphy
Bad news for the editors: You have the tough choice of picking not only 10 finalists, but the BEST capture. Every week. I'm not complaining though. My faves of the above images? DJ Ready C, Capt Jason Barnes.

Thanks for sharing everyone! Can't wait to see more images next week.

HA! I knew that was they Skyway bridge, wtg! Hope you caught some fish, we've had great weather here lately. Also hope your a member with us (TowBoatU.S.)

Agree on that!

1st pic under runners-up: shot last winter from the Coney Island boardwalk in New York. Nexus S, stock camera, no effects.

Those are some fantastic photos. It would be great if you guys listed what phone was used for each photo and any app used as well.

Ok. Now I'm completely convinced there are more than a few people that have a much better life than I do. Great pics, people!

they were all great shots. but come on, a fighter jet during mid flight re-fueling. damn that gets a lot of cool points!!!

Daniel Chollet looks like he lives in Santa Barbara lol. Either that or his hometown looks EXACTLY like the Goleta Pier.

I love this contest idea! I hate to see the editors have to sift through it all though, there should be a way for the community to lift some of that burden from them.

Disappointing results with several shots clearly not sunrises/sets. Ian Frazier and Anton K.'s photos are taken hours before sundown as evidenced from the angle of the shadows or position of the sun in the sky; Luke Embley's has so much artificial light that you have to stare hard to realize it's pre-dawn.

While it will obviously come off as sour grapes, when a shot like this - - doesn't get recognized in favor of photos that don't even fit the supposed theme, well, something's screwy.

Actually I slept in my car to get this shot so it's definitely a sunrise shot. The view through the arch is facing east and the orange glow on the upper rocks only lasts a few minutes before the sun is fully up. It's a relatively famous view/place called mesa arch.


p.s. that sunset image you linked to is awesome, I love it when the sky lights up like that.

Daniel Chollet's is the best by far. It's much better than the winner and all the others. The shadows of the pier provide the contrast and visual interest that the others lack.

Nice job everyone.

Rich, nice photo, but it really looks like the entrance to the Jersey Shore House :)

Whether people like them or not the photographers found the time to take photos and submit them, putting them out there for the world to see. Kudos for that!

thanks for the runner up spot androidcentral! and thanks to the members for the comments... my phones an LG G2x. I took that from my office in Times Square at sunset.