Airport at sunrise

We're kicking off a new weekly photo contest today!  The rules are simple -- We'll give a theme, you use your Android phone (or tablet, or netbook, you get the idea) to take a picture that fits the theme.  Send it to us via email at and we'll pick the best shot.  These contests will run from Monday to Friday, we'll pick the winners over the weekend and announce them Monday on the blog.  We'll have prizes for the winners, and it will be a heck of a lot of fun for everyone.  Remember, only send in pictures you've taken yourself and they must be free for us to use on the Internet.  Don't worry, we won't use them for anything except the contests.

To kick it all off, we're going to start with a theme that's a favorite of mine -- sunset or sunrise. Show us the beauty around you, and we'll reward the best with a headset of your choosing from ShopAndroid.  We're looking forward to seeing what you guys can show us!

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Awesome, very unique contest. Great idea Jerry!

dkear says:

This should be fun

netou says:

Damn it, it's cloudy here. :(

karnoff says:

Are pics allowed that are edited using an app on your phone? e.g. pixlromatic

Kekoh says:

Good question... are people allowed to tweak the hue/contrast/etc?

You decide what fits the theme and looks good.  We wanna see 'em all!


I'll definitely have a "filters" theme one week.


rookie83 says:

just sent my photot in wish me luck!!!!!

Mobius360 says:

sending now

ScottJ says:

We had three days of awesome sunsets last week here in the Seattle area. I got a pretty good one with my SGS2 on Friday. Sent it in.

I sent 6 or so! Please let me win a good prize. I've tried for a while

Just sent my pic in.. it's a pic I took before my hunt the other day nothing like a sunrise back in the sticks!

TBolt says:

Great contest idea!

Entered -- great idea!

Insp_Gadget says:

Great idea. Sent in my submission. Let's hope my EVO 3D's camera is up to the task. Haha!

I'm doing all my submissions without filtering or editing. That may not produce the "best" pictures, but it will make the most genuine Android phone-produced photos.

No cheating!

mesysg says:

Why not just go to they play there everyday!

Michael2980 says:

This is my first time doing one of these and I just my pictures off...but forgot to put my screen name.....will you choose the winner from the email address or should I resend them?

sergio777 says:

just sent my winner

davemacd says:

Can I submit a short (90 seconds) video that I shot on my Galaxy Nexus? I can just link to YouTube.

ulnek says:

i like this!

I need to borrow that new polaroid phone!!!!

jazzbassist1 says:

Just sent in my sunset pic. I'm excited for this contest. Should be neat to see the submissions

southpaw310 says:

2 awesome sunset pictures (unedited) taken with my Epic sent in. Hope there is a gallery posted for us to see all the entries!

Just sent sunrise from Belgium :)

Warghoul13 says:

Just sent mine!

jimbl says:

So can we send in multiple photos? Because the photo today might not be nearly as awesome as the one I take Friday morning.

vicw926a4 says:

I foolishly submitted an old pic file from a scanned slide before it dawned on me that the point of the exercise is to use Android device shots. My apologies - I'll try to get a good one with my DX.

donc49 says:

I just sent one. Thanks!

akarol says:

Just sent mine! So cool!

AusFest says:

I think that shitty CRJ wrecked your picture

staplehawk says:

Just sent one I took recently in Africa on the Serengeti. Good competition idea.

daft says:

Maybe, when the contest is finished, you could post the 10 best (or maybe even ALL) entries in a Google+ album? That would be awesome.
I love to get inspired by sunrises and sunsets.

fishman24-7 says:

Sent in a great sunrise while salmon fishing in Oregon. Took the pic with Casio Comando. Hope to be able to see all the entries.

Denenatse says:

I almost missed this, but I have no clue how. I read ALL your articles.

LOL!!!! i get made fun of taking sunrise and sunset pics everytime at work.....i knew it was meant for something!!! ahahahah sent in my 4 best ones!