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Nights are drawing in, the temperature is heading below zero, and my wallet is empty. It's the festive season alright, which means giving killer gifts to the nearest and dearest. Me, as long as I get Back to the Future on the TV and the annual Boxing Day soccer football match, I'm happy. 

But, you want to give those you a love a great gift, right? Makes sense, so click on for some suggestions from across the pond. Pre-warning -- none are as good as Jerry's Glazed Ham.

Amazon Kindle Fire (2nd Gen)

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OK, so it's not a Google Nexus 7. But it's still a pretty darn good tablet, at a pretty darn good price. The Kindle Fire is new to British shores this year, but it brings with it some really nice features at a really enticing price point. LOVEFiLM subscribers in particular will love the built in LOVEFiLM content streaming, and the Amazon Appstore has a surprisingly good selection of Android applications. It's got a bright, colorful UI and is a great pick for adults and children alike. And, with the new Freetime services available, it might not be such a bad choice for the kids. Amazon sells the Kindle Fire for £129/$159 but here in the UK at least, it's been seen as low as £99 in recent weeks. [Amazon]

BlackBerry Premium Charger

Simply put, this is the Ferrari of phone chargers. When Crackberry Kevin visited Android Central as part of his Mobile Nations World Tour, he brought with him the beauty of using a BlackBerry charger for charging up an Android device. He wasn't alone in this thought process either. Whatever your personal opinions on BlackBerry's devices, you can't deny they make awesome phone chargers. Every good device deserves a great charger, and this, is a great charger.[ShopAndroid]


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You can't go wrong with a good pair of headphones. I've tried different sets over the years, but in the end I always come back to the same ones. These are just known as Earphones by Bang & Olufsen. They're not cheap, but the quality is worth the outlay. They're adjustable to fit each individuals ears, and with the clip that sits around the top of the ear they're not going to fall out when you hit the gym either. I've had mine for 5 years now, and they're still as good as the day I bought them. [Bang & Olufsen]

Cruzerlite Andy Splat T-Shirt

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By now, we know you've already got the best damn Android T-Shirt around. Want another one, then grab one of these. The picture speaks for itself. [ShopAndroid]

Electronic Rock Guitar T-Shirt

This is more than just a T-Shirt. Admit it, you want one. My wife bought me one of these last year and apart from my complete lack of musical rhythm, it's great fun. Take the party wherever you go! [ThinkGeek]

And thats it. A very happy holidays to everyone. Eat, drink, be merry, then come back and we'll do it all again in 2013.



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Android Central 2012 Gift Guide: Richard's holiday wish-list


Isn't the nexus 7's charger better? It has an output of 2A which is higher then the BlackBerry one. And you can take out the cord. Unless I'm missing something important.

The cable that comes with it isn't that great. Mine wont charge anything other than the Nexus 7. So i can't recommend it as a gift based on my own horrible experience. After all... I can't say "get this and then use a different cable." It isn't really in the spirit of this. I'm always going to be a fan of the BB chargers I just think they're better made

I don't really like my Nexus 7 charger because the cord is way too short. It barely makes it from the surge protector on the floor to my desk. I'd prefer the Andru charger.

I used the Nexus 7 charger with stock cord to charge my Nexus 4. Worked great. Of course, now I am using the LG charging pad.

Also, the Nexus 4 comes with a 1.2 amp charger. Not bad.

for your BO headphones, how do you keep the cables in such good shape that they last 5 years? granted, my headphones are $20 sonys, but i do a lot of running and the wear and tear i figure just last me about a year, etc. are they better cables?

I agree with the Kindle, though with the specification that they aren't gadget nerds as it's too structured. And for the quite elderly (or luddite) I'd actually think the newer, cheap Chromebook might be better for them. Websites don't require updates.

I find that when I gift headphones, it's the Sennheiser 201s (though I prefere 202s for myself) or for buds the Sony ED21LP. If you've not tried the ED21LPs, they're mostly for people who want a good fit that can take some tugging without falling out, without them functioning as earplugs so you can't detect environmental hazards.

And unless someone has a charger on their list, what a disappointing gift.