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Jelly Bean pushes over the 60% mark while ICS dips

Google has just released its monthly report on active Android devices and their platform version number, and there's very little change here in the first month of 2014. For the seven days leading up to February 4th, Android 2.2 holds down the same 1.3 percent share of devices as last time, while 2.3 dipped to 20 percent from 21.1 percent and Honeycomb held strong at just 0.1 percent. That means "legacy" versions of Android now make up just 21.4 percent of these active device numbers.

Android 4.0 represents just 16.1 percent of devices now, down from 16.9 percent, and even Android 4.1 dipped to 35.5 percent from 35.9 percent last month. Android 4.2 and above are all on the rise, with 4.2 showing 16.3 percent, 4.3 just 8.9 percent and KitKat at a quite lonely 1.8 percent of devices.

Jelly Bean continues its dominance over the Android landscape at this point with a total of 60.7 percent of devices using the OS, and we don't expect that number to go down any time soon considering the relatively small amount of time that has passed since official launch of KitKat.

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Android 4.x now on 78.6% of active devices, KitKat still under 2%


That's what I'm confused about since almost half the carriers telus,roger, sprint, etc you'd think it be more than 2%

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You REALLY over estimate the sales of the N7. Its popular for a Nexus, but still not a big seller.

I'm sure your HTC One runs great.. I should have been more specific.
Nexus Freaks were my target.. they think they are so "Geek" running around bragging how their device gets updates "1st" and they don't even realize they are nothing more than the Beta-Testers I was referring to.. After they suffer through the Random Reboots, Poor Batterylife, Choppy Browser frustration that is the world of a Nexus owner until 4.4.1, 4.4.2 etc comes out, you sail in 3 months later and get the OTA with all the "Kinks" worked out by your carrier.. Most people here don't even know how to use a command line, Root, Edit a build.prop, ADB sidload etc.. they just think they are cool geeks because they own a Nexus and have the latest & greatest (Cough) Software and it's not even fully baked.. It just cracks me up..

As a Nexus owner, I will agree that time has advantages over quickly rushing the updates out. However to me, a Nexus isn't necessarily about the fast updates. I enjoy it because at an insanely low cost, I get hardware that matches or beats the competition, low bloatware, and all at a low cost that as a student is extremely appealing. Yes, the Nexus line isn't for everyone; however until another company can meet those criteria, it is for me.

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I'm basically a beta tester lol, I prefer staying back on android 4.3.1 as they have the most stable builds & greatest amount of customization.

On a Galaxy Note2 with a custom ROM (Pac-man Rom & Bam Rom)

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I'm running 4.4.2 on my note 2 thanks to cyanogenmod. So far I'm very impressed by it. Stable and battery efficient. What's beta about it exactly?

Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7105

what r u running now?? 4.2.2?? I had that 1 year ago and was the first to try and run it a year ago.. but now u have it... that makes you a late tester...

its just that you are late to the game.. a few months from now you will have 4.4.2 and i will run the latest 5.0 or what ever and u can say the same.

My Nexus 5 is always reporting bugs. -_- Oh well, it's still a great phone. :)

Most likely my phone's individual problem :P

I expected KitKat to climb higher than that. 5% at least. It's better than nothing. Hopefully KitKat takes over JellyBean soon to reduce the fragmentation. Especially with the fact that it only requires 512 RAM to run smoothly so no phone OEM should have any excuse to use any older version of Android from now on.

And how the hell are Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich still here? It's 2014 for petes sake.

Have OTA Kitkat 4.4.2 and Sense 5.5 on my GF's Sprint HTC One.

Of course we all should know by now, plain and simple, HTC & Sprint kick "unlimited" ass.

I like My Samsung & AT&T's acceptable speeds, but to each their own.

Posted via a Deknoxed, Rooted, Xposed AT&T Galaxy S III.

The only thing about Kit Kat that I'm looking forward to is Host Card Emulation. (Bypassing the Secure Element in my phone so NFC will work with Google Wallet again.)

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!
(ZeroLemon 7000mAh battery)

I'm betting once all sprint and att HTC ones are updated along with the galaxies kk numbers should rise pretty good

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I guess I'm in that 2%. At least 4.0+ is mostly dominant. Hopefully that will give more incentive to devs who keep holding on to the ancient design styles and API's of the pre-ICS era.

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Kit kat will climb in no time. My device should get it within 30 days. I was going to look at new phones until I heard the news about the update. Now I will hang on to this one for a bit longer.


I'm not sure if it is sad or disgusting that the newest version, which is about 3 months old already, has less than 2% adoption. It has gone from annoying to frustrating. The fragmentation only seems to be getting worse instead of better.

It's getting worse because of Samsung and other OEM's with heavy UI skins. They need to tone it down a bit and get these updates out to the people faster.

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This is not the biggest reason updates are slow.
Even if there were no skin the chipset maker would have to support the chipset then the OEMs would get the sw updates, and then they would have to make a build for each old device and QA it. Modifying the skins is only a small part of the process.

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Why? If it means that your going to take all the functions that I take for granted and give me a "Nexus" experience, I will wait.

Post 4.1 fragmentation is a non issue, its hardly matters if you run 4.0 let alone 4.4.

There is hardly any difference between 4.0 with a Skin and 4.4 with a skin as far as the UX is concerned.

Does anyone know if there are any software builds at all for 4.4.2 for the T-Mobile S4 that are being tested?

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I know that there are euro builds in the works that are almost to rollout.
No clue how soon the us versions are coming

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Fragmentation Fragmentation Fragmentation Fragmentation Fragmentation Fragmentation Fragmentation Fragmentation Fragmentation Fragmentation developers developers developers develop that is all

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Yeah for sure. I went from a Note 3 with 4.3 to a Nexus 5 with 4.4 to a G2 with 4.2.2. What happened??

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how about impossible with customization's and carriers? I would say that 3 months after release is the minimum.

I suppose you're never changing you're username.

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4.2 not 4.4

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Updating phone software costs manufacturers and carriers money. It makes them money to design and sell new phone with latest version OS. Fragmentation is here to stay and will never change. Especially when one yr old flagship devices that have longevity spec wise will never get updated because they want to sell you a new one. I really wish the Nexus was more popular. Might force manufacturer and carrier to get off their collective bums.


except that people apparently give a damn about it and unless they do something about it, apple will continue to laugh all the way to the bank.

People give a damn because they have been conned into it by nexus fanboys.

Frankly there are better phones than the nexus with old software right now, and by better I mean better software as well as hardware. I have an LG G2 and its FAR better on 4.2.2 than an N5 on 4.4.2.

What many fail to understand is that for an OEM the base OS isnt a restriction like it is on a Nexus. A nexus only has the Base OS, as Google designed it, an OEM can do whatever it likes to the base OS including adding APIs and fixing problems, it doesn't need Googles changes.

The software on an OEM phone isnt '4.2.2' its based on 4.2.2, it may well exceed 4.4.2 in terms of stability and functionality.

I'm still on Jellybean 4.1.2 on my ZTE Awe on Virgin Mobile looking for better mid range devices around the $100 price point. Anyone know of a some good devices around that price point that's not on Verizon's Network and are on prepaid?

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Based on recent trends for updates and upgrades I believe it took until October 2013 for Jelly Bean to reach 50%. Presumably the same time line will be approximate for Kitkat.

Has nothing to do with fragmentation. It's just the natural evolution of Android which is not iOS, nor Windows.

I think 40% of computers run on Windows XP.

Sounds right.

Though the original poster is kinda right. If the leaked document is near accurate, you will have the S4, N3, S3 and Note 2 on KK by lets say June which is a TON of phones.

Lol based on Samsung's recent ASPs and their net profit coming down, + usage statistics, I don't think so.

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I understand that you are trolling just a bit, but you do know that first and foremost this was an "S" type release for the Galaxy flagship and second, it still was the best selling Android phone of all time right?

This year all those SGS3s come off contract and they will just be itching for a refreshed SGS5.

Now if they just keep with the same form factor as the SGS3/4 then you may actually see a drop.

Net profit coming down does not mean squat. It depends on WHY it came down, the SGS4 was not the reason...

Does it? For me there's almost 0 difference between 4.1 and 4.4. Useless updates, new APIs aren't used because of fragmentation...

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:looks at the Kitkat numbers and looks at the Nexus series with tears of joy: THE BEST $$ I EVER SPENT ON A PHONE AND TABLET

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Sounds about right. We're dealing with an open platform here.

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Give it about 2 more years for Gingerbread to die.

JellyBean's about to take Gingerbread's place soon anyway now with KitKat out.

2? I say 1 and a half.

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Bought my wife a moto g Friday and that's a nice phone. I've been checking her battery stats and right now she's at 11 hours off the charger with 38% left + it runs kit Kat. It made me finally root my s3 and get some kit Kat, albeit unofficial. Cyanogenmod 11 rocks and I notice no bugs at all. Not sure where all the beta talk came from 4.4.2 is solid for me

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It doesn't appear that Rom exists for the SPH-L710 model. Looks like it's a gsm only Rom

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What I find funny is no one is really thinking about it like this.

Everyone being this worried about getting an update = Spec whoring

I thought spec whoring was bad? lol

I agree.

The thing Nexus nazis forget, or dont realise, is that the Nexus is often behind, not ahead, in terms of functionality.

Take TRIM for example. There is only one line of devices that you can guarantee didnt have TRIM before 4.3, and that is the Nexus. I know for a fact that some OEM phones has TRIM all the way back to 4.0!

Most of the time Googles OS updates just bring features to the base OS that others already have been using, but only if Google sees fit.

The version of android that OEMs are using is not just the base OS with extra apks added on top, its often a custom version that exceeds Googles version in terms of functionality and stability.

Personally I find it EXTREMELY funny that OS updates are the *only* thing that they have.

Never mind that the camera doesn't function right, the battery life sucks or that it is somewhat functionally retarded (I mean that in the truest sense of the word). You know all the things that an actual consumer cares about.


They are learning now that they have started to skin the device, but we shall see if it even continues in 2016...

Its even funnier that they didnt even get the updates first. They got Googles versions first, which are often beta quality and inferior to the OEMs own versions and workarounds.

They can keep their poorly made second rate Nexus devices, that aren't even always that fast (the N5 didnt exacly blow me away...). Heck, the n5 doesn't even run stock anyway! It has crapware (the GEL) and the less said about the camera app the better. Since many of the optimisations the camera has are now in the horrific app itself its virtually malware. Third part apps cant benefit from them unless they come up with their own, specific to that device.

The build isn't bad on the n5. Overall it is better than the ones before it, especially the N4.

But yeah, you are mostly right.

I won't put the N5 down though, for the price it isn't bad but once an actual consumer got it home, they would be disappointed. Especially when you put it side by side with *any* flagship from last year.

It's one of the reasons I think, and hope, they are giving the line up. The cannot keep pace with the feature sets on other phones, and it just makes android look bad.

This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

I am OCD when it comes to updates and I like to own devices which unlike most manufacturers last at least 18 months.Besides I hate TW on samsung and HTC gives up on devices 2 months after launch,so what choice I have but Nexus

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How did HTC give up on the one after two months? It's not even a yr old and has seen 3 major versions of android? Albeit it did launch a little behind with 4.2 but was upgraded to 4.3 fairly quick and is also one of the first phones to have 4.4.2 pushed out to it as well. I think someone is a little butt sore

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I'm always astonished that people are still running FroYo. Who are these people? Old geezers who don't know how/when to upgrade? Andriod hipsters?

Not everyone wants to update their phone every year. Here in Canada, a lot of people have 3 year contracts in order to get a cheaper device.

Also, people don't like change. I know a lot of BlackBerry Bold users that refuse to upgrade because the Q10 doesn't have a track pad.

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Die Gingerbread! Die! *Eats head off Gingerbread man*

One thing I'm curious about is the devices that don't have the Google Play Services. Such as the Kindle Fire line or super-budget android tablets (The No-Namers).

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as a long time ios and android user, 4.3 is what finally allowed me to replace my iphone with a Galaxy Note 3. I had a Galaxy S3 as well and it was laggy and a crappy phone in general before the 4.3 update.

now its like a totally different phone

With all the options out there to get the latest Android thanks to the rom community, why are people still running 4.0, 4.1, 4.2???

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