HTC continues Android 4.3 rollout right on schedule

Joining in on a long line of Android 4.3 updates for different variants of the HTC One, T-Mobile's version is ready to receive its own update. President of HTC America Jason Mackenzie gave us the tip that the update would be hitting T-Mobile HTC Ones this week, and now we have confirmation again from him.

Taking to Twitter once again, Mackenzie says that the update has passed through T-Mobile's certification process, and will hit devices in the "next few days." If the previous rollouts are any indication it should start notifying users very soon. Seeing it on your own device yet? Let folks know in the comments.

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Android 4.3 update for T-Mobile HTC One rolling out in 'next few days'


I'll tell what's the use. The HTC One, the best smartphone for 2013, has the most advanced version of Android and the distinctively brilliant Sense.

4.4 hasn't launched yet. 4.3 is the most current version out, right now. HTC can't provide an update that's not available, yet.

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Awesomeness... Finally I'll be able to delete emails and reply to txt mssgs from the notifications bar!

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I would just like a fix for my camera ! All my low light photos are purplish, sucks.

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Same here man. But I dont think the software update will fix it.
Im taking my phone to return it or get it fixed tomorrow

Sorry to burst your bubble, but after downloading 4.3 on my Sprint HTC One, the camera problem still exists. I'm happy to know it is not just Sprint now! :)

...on the plus side, I contacted Sprint and was told 'the release to resolve the camera issue with the HTC One is supposed to be coming in the release of Android Jelly Bean 4.3.1' and that 'there are indications that it may be out late October.'

Here's hoping!

I have 4.3 on my ATT One and it eats battery like crazy. Google Play Services is broken.

You may want to think twice about instantly OTA'ing. Seriously.

And it doesn't fix the purple tint. That's a hardware issue.

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They should have just given us 4.2 and took their time to fix the issues on 4.3. I still have no clue why everyone else in the world got 4.2 except US models.

Probably different for every carrier, and the purple tint is software, I had that problem, just flashed Android Revolution HD and I see no purple tint anymore.

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I have 4.3 on my GPe, and while Android System and Google Services seem to be using the most battery, the phone lasts most of the day with moderate use. Its battery life is about the same as other phones I've used: Galaxy S2, iPhone 4 and Droid X.
As far as purple images, i rarely use my phones' cameras.

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Exactly the same problems with on my Sprint One! UGGGH

Battery still lasts longer than my old phone but significantly less than with 4.1

Google Play Services stop working multiple times a day (have submitted error reports over a dozen times hoping they will eventually fix it)

The purple tint has been reduced by 0.0001 percent and is really starting to piss me off. I contacted Sprint about the issue and was told it is supposed to be fixed in 4.3.1, but if I were to get a replacement it would be refurbished whether from Sprint or HTC (what does a refurbished HTC One look like??)

As an AT&T user that upgraded... Don't get too excited. Nothing that good in the update.

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Already running 4.3 with Sense 5.5. Liking it so far. Will definitely be putting a GPE ROM on my T-Mmobile HTC One when 4.4 gets here though.

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Android Revolution HD 30.0. The stuff that added in 5.5 makes things so much better. Lockscreen widgets work a lot better, you can turn off BlinkFeed, rearrange and add shortcuts in the pull down and the weather app looks a lot better. There is more but if you are rooted might as well gI've it a try.

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Beware battery drain. I don't know why AC hasn't covered this. You can look to users here, as well as Sprint's forum for the One.

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Okay, the update has been certified, so why is it not on my phone? I want to actually be able to use the camera on my $600 phone. Come on guys.

I'm not experiencing any battery drain. I love the new notification settings. I didn't have any purple flare on photos.
Not everyone had issues.

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A ton of phones have 10.2. Dunno what you're smoking. I had 10.2 a week after 4.3 was released.

"Middle of the month" well, that was yesterday. Now we're being told "a few days", which is crap. Just release the damn update already. I am tired of waiting. It was bad enough to have to watch the rest of the planet get an upgrade over the summer, now we have to wait a "few days" to get ours. Hurry up already.

You realize you're getting an update that only Note 3 and Nexus devices have right?
As S4 users what version their phone is running. Ask G2, Moto X and Z1 what version their brand new phones are running. How a nice glass of calm down(PG version)

Not a party pooper but, can't everyone just be civilized, and wait, what you want is coming. If some piss poor software was released and you phone went crazy,you'd be saying , I wish they would of waited to release this pos. Reply what ever you guys wish say what you want, just stop the f-ing notching.

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Well I take it those "few days" have already past by w/o no update yet smh...I blame T-Mobile all the way on this one

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Well now HTC is saying Monday(Oct 21st) the update will be pushed out to T-Mobile HTC One phones

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