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Over-the-air updates to Android 4.2.2 are rolling out now to the current crop of Nexus devices. Reports first started trickling in on Reddit about the GSM Galaxy Nexus having its update waiting. And more recently, news from Android Police, XDA and elsewhere indicates that Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 users are getting these updates, so it looks like we're in the midsts of the 4.2.2 roll-out.

No news on the Nexus 4, interestingly enough, but we'd assume if the rest of the Nexuses are getting it, the N4 will be on that train too. We're of course not sure what all this update has in it, but we're not expecting much more than bug fixes considering it's just a x.x.1 jump. After updating our own Galaxy Nexus to 4.2.2, there don't seem to be any immediately-noticeable changes.

So have at it folks, start checking your devices for that update. If you're into manually updating (advanced users only), we've got direct OTA package links for the Gnex and Nexus 10 after the break.

Source: AndroidPolice; Reddit; Thanks, Karl!

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n0obpr0 says:

My verizon Gnexus will never get to see this update =(...oh heck, time to root then :)!

still1 says:

time to buy a Nexus 4 and move to GSM carrier.

Comineeyeaha says:

This is exactly what I did this weekend. I told Verizon that I was cancelling early because I didn't appreciate their treatment of the Galaxy Nexus, and that it is now 3 updates behind. They kept asking me if I wanted to talk to tech support. Nobody had any idea that 4.2 was even a thing. I've never cancelled a plan early, I've been with Verizon for 9 years, but I'm so glad I left. Feels good.

briankurtz79 says:

I know it's hard to realize but people that work at phone companies are not phone people.

return_0 says:

Some T-Mobile people are actually pretty knowledgeable. I was at a T-Mobile store and was asking about their Nexus 4 stock, but I wasn't being clear with my question, so he thought I meant stock Android. I was impressed that he actually knew what stock Android is.

hoosiercub says:

They cared a lot.. let me tell you. You really showed em.

Yeah I've only ever had Verizon since I was a kid. It was the only company offered in Coshocton, OH. I'm interested in T-Mobile's new MVNO that's supposed to offer unlimited EVERYTHING for $45/mo. I'm scared to leave Verizon but no contract means I can always go back if the outside world isn't what I thought it would be. Good luck with whoever you choose!

iowabeakster says:

The problem with that plan is that data speed is not speedy. That plan uses what they call T-Mobiles 3g network, which is much slower than T-Mobile's HSPA network. there's a thread on XDA about that plan....

and only if T-mobile has the coverage where you live... It's certainly not Verizon in regards to their coverage.

The best deal is T-Mobiles $30 dollar Monthly 4G plan which has full speed data up to 5 gigs/month. The one drawback is that there is only 100 minutes included. If you can figure out a VoIP solution to supplement the 100 minutes (maybe skype might be all you need?), you got it made. Both my wife and I are on this plan now.

I just can't get over that we now spend $60 per month, for BOTH of us.

Edwill86 says:

its sad when ever i got to a vzw corp store i am the most knowledgeable person there. even the tech support desk ppl have no clue. been with vzw for 10 years my parents for almost 25...we are all really debating leaving.

bleached says:

It is hard to beat Verizon's network and LTE speeds, even if their device support is lacking. They should be updating the phones themselves, but at least it is really easy to unlock and manually update the phone. On my Sprint GNex, the completely stock AOSP ROM I have been using is actually more stable than the stock Sprint ROM, although that may just be a quirk with my particular phone. Having tethering available is also very nice when needed. If I wanted to afford Verizon service, I would have no issue using a GNex and updating the software manually.

sfreemanoh says:

You're lucky then. Around me (Cleveland, OH) I only get around 5-6MB when I run speed tests. For LTE, that's pretty crappy.

n0obpr0 says:

I'm just waiting for my contract to be over to switch to AT&T/straight talk and get me a Nexus 4.

mwara244 says:

I just hope when my vzw contract is up jan 2014 the Dish/Google network will be up and running.

If verizon doesn't want to update the GNex, why not release it back to Google and let them update it for free? Need everyone with a vzw Galaxy Nexus to file complaints with the FCC, and tell them that our phones are at risk by not having up to date os and the non existent update process at verizon.

return_0 says:

Dish/Google? What?

iowabeakster says:

Google can't it update without Verizon's help, because of Verizon's proprietary LTE.

TheWenger says:

If I win a Nexus 4 from AC through that valentines thing, that's what I'm gonna do.

jd914 says:

Don't hold your breath. GSM is the only way to go with Nexus devices thank Verizon for ruining that for you.

JEvoUser says:

I re-rooted the day I heard that they were no longer offering it for sale online anymore. To me it screams "be prepared to wait for your updates" and also forget about key lime pie if it did happen the Nexus 6 will be out by than.

JEvoUser says:

I re-rooted the day I heard that they were no longer offering it for sale online anymore. To me it screams "be prepared to wait for your updates" and also forget about key lime pie if it did happen the Nexus 6 will be out by than.

rcrodgers622 says:

I finally did that myself on Thursday, switched to the "Shiny" ROM without too much trouble. I was very pleased to switch back to VZW after several years of T-Mobile, but I think I'm moving on after this experience...

XChrisX says:

After going from a GS3 to a Nexus 4, I wasn't all that impressed with stock android over TouchWiz. If my GS3 never sees this update, I'm fine with it.

rotkiVm says:

It better fix the constant reboots us Nexus 10 users are facing, or I'm walking away from it and not looking back. The worst thing is that Google has yet to acknowledge the issue, other than a vague 'we're working on it's comment.

Completely agree...I really hope this update fixes this issue.

still1 says:

I have never ever had this reboot issue. where the hell are you guys having these issues.

trillyizzle says:

Curious, still1, do you have more than 1 browser installed on your N10? I am hypothesizing a pattern for those of us with reboot issues.

still1 says:

I just use chrome. no other browser.

rotkiVm says:

How long have you had your tablet? Are you on 4.2.1? I'm happy that you are not facing any issues, but is it possible you haven't noticed it reboot?

still1 says:

I bought the tablet a week after it came out and yes, i am on 4.2.1

@still1 Are you responding to the same troll from Anyway, I have the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. No reboot issues here.

John-Smith says:

That's because the Nexus 4 and 7 don't have the reboot issues lol..

I also have the N4 and N7. I got my girl the N10 and although she loves it, it often freezes up and reboots itself. (It happened to me just yesterday, chrome crashed 3 times and then the device randomly rebooted a little while later)

I haven't had any of those problems on my N4, but my N7 does sometimes get a little weird.

I really do hope this update fixes things, she's considering going back to Apple..

I told her, I don't blame her.. It is kind of ridiculous to buy a $500 "High End" device with it having these annoying problems.

I also hope this fixes the Nexus 7's bluetooth issues, and not only that but hopefully this update won't "unfix" anything else.

richardfoc says:

This is not a troll. The reboot issue is real on the N10. How do I know? Because it happens to me every few days. I have 4.2.1 and am getting sick of people saying rebooting is not an issue just because it doesn't happen to them. I've never been bitten by a snake but I'm certain it still happens to other people.

valentino88 says:

I originally didn't have these reboot issues. I shouldn't have said anything because shortly after that it was reboot city. lol.
Then on one reboot, it refused to reboot again. I had to do a factory reset. What a pain.

I've had my N10 since it first came out and it's never just rebooted. What are you doing when it reboots? I'm on 4.2.1 btw.

rotkiVm says:

Seems to happen with fairly moderate use, there are reports of devices running with no reboots for up to a couple of months, and then start to crash randomly.

I still think that its more than just a bad batch of devices with a hardware fault, because people have rma-ed their faulty tablets and the new ones start to behave the same way.

Here's the only (official) place to complain/rant about the reboots/freezes but so far Google hasn't done much to address the issue.!topic/mobile/VFYnt7uN9d0%5B126-1...

just a stab in the dark as I don't have the N10, could this be the same eMMC problem affecting some Galaxy S3 mobiles?

Tietherope says:

Not a single reboot on my Nexus 10 either.

jlukes says:

Happens to me, either reboots or freezes and I have to reboot.

Happens when installing apps from the the play store, browsing with either chrome or dolphin, browsing the gallery.

Really nothing in particular, it is completely random and doesn't appear to be repeatable on purpose.

Pollster says:

Not one reboot on the Nexus 10 I am typing this on

crxssi says:

Mine reboots occasionally when in use or even when not being used, for no reason. LOTS of people are reporting this.

eahinrichsen says:

Mine has spontaneously rebooted a few times, always while using Chrome.

FrogVomit says:

I've had my N10 since day 1. I use it a LOT, and it has never rebooted on me. So, I'm pretty sure it's not an inherent problem. Maybe there are quality control issues with the processor and not all of them can handle the clock rate and/or voltage that they are spec'd at.

zero262 says:

For sure it better. I get the random reboots all the time. Really hoping it fixes the problem.

still1 says:

Android 4.2.2 come to my nexus 4 and 10

noszero says:

How about fixing the Bluetooth stack wierdness ? That would be nice. And of course the choppy audio output from BT.

CBMC says:

I have word that they are updating the bluetooth stack. Hopefully the bit pool is higher and the distortion in the upper range is fixed.

valentino88 says:

I had this problem on my GN but only when using BT audio with my car. But I fixed it (mostly) with the "bluetooth fix repair" app. It doesn't chop the audio anymore. But there are a few songs that always sound mangled for some reason.

tigeryee says:

this update means nothing to me. I'm keeping my 4.2.1 rom so pass

thanks for the update....

mjenabi2 says:

i get my N4 today, maybe it will come preloaded with 4.2.2

FearTomi says:

I am sure it is not!:) You will get it with 4.2.

drewho says:

they're all preloaded with 4.2, not even 4.2.1

Tietherope says:

No update to the Nexus 10 in Canada as of an hour ago.

xlDeMoNiClx says:

5:38pm a day later and still nothing in Canada.

No update on my nexus 7 yet.

trees247 says:

LTE unlock for Nexus 4...hmmmm

JMarshall123 says:

would be nice but unlikely

Vizualize says:

No update on N7 or N4. NYC

sconrad308 says:

No update on my GSM Galaxy Nexus yet.

How is the nexus 4 not updated first?? That makes no sense.

return_0 says:

Maybe the update doesn't affect any issues with the N4? I don't know.

C0deM0nkey says:

Same pattern they followed before - Nexus S was updated before the Galaxy Nexus..

I rather like it that way even though I have the N4. I think it underlines the importance and the advantage of the Nexus range - updates!


jamie says:

Nothing yet Nexus 7 in Tennessee.

Legobricke says:

No update - N7 - South Florida - 11:15am

phippsy84 says:

Just download to the Nexus 7 and run the file? Assume it is a zip?

peconicgp says:

No update n10 CT 11:50

jeffreytz says:

There are supposed to be some significant fixes to the bluetooth stack that was mangled in the the 4.2.1 release (on the Nexus 4, anyway), which has kept devices like the MetaWatch Strata and Frame from working correctly, caused issues with bluetooth headsets operating correctly when other bluetooth devices are also connected, etc.

AngeloK says:

But is it true that with the 4.2.2 the quick settings become real toggles?

RustyU says:

Yes, long press them to toggle.

Culex316 says:

I'll just wait for the images to get posted on the Google website since my phone is rooted and has busybox installed, which means the OTA zip won't work.

I sure hope this fixes my continued WiFi and screen brightness woes, which started with the 4.2 upgrade.

I have the Google Nexus 10.1 and I still haven't received any updates. I keep checking but still nothing.

curtisk228 says:

I've had my Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Sprint for about a year now. Came stock with ICS. Never rooted the device. Pure Vanilla. Updated to JB back in Oct of '12. Just got the 4.2.1 update last week and my phone shuts down at least 3 times a day! Just a random reboot! Nothing freezes up. Just today I was in the middle of sending a text and...BAM! It doesn't go all the way to the Google logo. But starts with the multicolored X Nexus logo. I have never had any complaints with the phone until this update. Wish I could say the same about Sprints $h!tty coverage though...

No updates yet for G Nex on Bell Canada yet!
I hope these people understand things and stop discriminating world from U.S.!
Whats the sense getting a Google phone if they wont give us the updates?

FearTomi says:

Calm down man! Just imagine how many devices have to be updated???!!! It takes time!

Nexus seven waiting in Wisconsin nothing...

For those who have updated on Gnex, do we now have AVCRP 1.3?

If connected to a car head unit will it show song info?

ZigmunD says:

Don't see update on international Nexus 7 3G.

mcleodglen says:

i seriously hope it fixes the msm_hsic_host wakelock issues on the Nexus 4 kernel while preserving data connectivity consistency..

ShuckyD says:

havent seen it yet on my Nexus 10 running 4.2.1

The_Martin says:

Have just got the update on my Yakju Galaxy Nexus here in Australia. Followed immediately by an update to search (giving the Google Now widget).

cmoody1906 says:

Just got my OTA update on my Nexus 7 here in Los Angeles California.....

Budius says:

I got it, I got it, I got it....
just got Yakju update here in England

... be happy !!!!!

Budius says:

THAT IS UPDATE 4.2.1 -> 4.2.2 FOR INTERNATIONAL GSM GALAXY NEXUS (no google wallet) !!!!

I'm sitting in Canada with an Australian version (yakjudv 'maguro'). If this update is not applicable on my phone, the heck with it.

Boltface says:

Just got it on my Nexus phone.

jblank says:

Well I still haven't gotten this damn thing for my Nexus 7. I bet I had "checked for updates" 50 times the last two days. WTF is the deal?

try going to settings > app > google frameworks > clear data. then go to about phone, update. nexus 7 seems smoother.


Came home from work and my Nexus 7 had the download ready to go. After updating I'm not able to update any of my apps in the Google play store. Anyone else having a "server error" when trying to update apps?

"Error retrieving information from the server. [RPC:S-5:AEC-0]" is what it says.


Edit: Found the fix on YouTube.

Abney Cooper says:

Nexus 7 just updated too 4.2.2 but still no Bluetooth fix

kingofdirt says:

BTW: Where can I get that green-purple triangle wallpaper shown in the topic picture?

wshwe says:

Too bad Verizon appears to have given up on their Nexus. Verizon double data is the only affordable option I have for 30 GB/month. The Verizon Nexus is the bastard child of the Nexus line.

wshwe says:

Too bad Verizon appears to have given up on their Nexus. Verizon double data is the only affordable option I have for 30 GB/month. The Verizon Nexus is the bastard child of the Nexus line.

DrASCII says:

I still have not seen it yet on my Nexus 10 running 4.2.1 - on the east coast of the U.S.

jkingston05 says:

Just received 4.2.2 on my Nexus 10 in Chicago.

Can anybody tel me how to update my Samsung nexus s -phone...I want the 4.2.2 android..somebody hep me plz