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Falling right into line with the Galaxy Nexus devices receiving an OTA, the Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom seems to be getting a 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update as well. Users in our forums are starting to report that their devices are pulling down the update and although these updates are usually on a staggered rollout, we would expect it to start showing up on all devices shortly.

We've seen the official 4.1.2 Jelly Bean changelog at this point -- with most improvements coming to the Nexus 7 -- but have yet to receive an official update page from Motorola. It will likely be put up once the OTA is a bit more widespread. If you're antsy, you can grab a direct download of the OTA file at the second source link. Before flashing, why not check out the forums and make sure you've got all the tips and tools you need.

Source: Android Central Forums; OTA download

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boochrisboo says:

just started my upgrade in Indy. I had to clear data from google sewrvice framework a few times but it is upgrading now.

Mobius360 says:

You know big props for the continued support for this device. I hope Verizon updates the 4G version but who knows. There are a lot of first gen tablets that got left in the dust, Motorola and Google have done good on this one.

leever6000 says:

Hopefully we will get the LTE Xoom update soon. Will probably have to wait at least two months to get through VZW.

Cyrilmak says:

Just goes to show you just how much of a role a carrier has when it comes to updates, take that out of the equation, and things are much faster.

frappyjohn says:

Does anyone know what "OTA" stands for here?

Over-The-Air. It refers to the ability to update the firmware on the device without having to use a computer.

I received my update today for 4.1.2 for my Xoom in Australia (I changed to the Google firmware images rather than using the Motorola ones)

Zammo76 says:

I've rooted my Xoom but might go back to stock for this. Can you now plug USB flash memory (memory sticks) into a stock Xoom with the use of an OTG USB cable, as that's one of the main reasons I rooted?

IceDree says:

Im wondering the same thing
My Xoom is on 4.0.4 (3G) & I don't want to root it just to get OTG USB working

tcmeiss says:

I just plugged a thumb drive in with my OTG cable, and the tablet didn't seem to recognize it. I looked in Settings > Storage, nothing... Also, couldn't see anything in the file system in Astro. I'm stock, not rooted, WiFi only...

Zammo76 says:

Thanks for trying did you try a reboot with the thumb drive connected as thats what you need to do before Astro recognises it?

tcmeiss says:

Just tried it with the OTG cable and thumb drive attached during reboot, and no-go... :(

Installed on my Xoom and my GNex last night but can't see any changes, mostly bug fixes I'm thinking..

For me it's Nexus only bought unlocked for me, Carriers and manufacturer skins just slow things down to much...

runer112 says:

So this tablet has been out for at least a year and a half, and it's getting Jellybean? This is getting ridiculous. How about they reroute their resources into working on the current generation of phones that they promised Jellybean for, before the end of the year?

kravex says:

This isn't Motorola pushing this out it's more Google as it's a GED product in the US, Motorola are doing very little with the Xoom outside of the US where it's not a GED.

jlo8720 says:

per motorola forums manager (the guy who controls the rollouts/soaktests) "Google is responsible for the push"

boochrisboo says:

hey dont hate on us who bought a good product. I hope they continue to support the Xoom until the hardware is unable to keep up with the software side.

P.s. and like others said Google is supporting the updates not Moto.

gonecks1 says:

VZW sucks. Itll be a year before my lte xoom gets jb, much less a jb update. Someone like ac needs to really start calling out these carriers instead of accepting their "we want ensure a quality experience for our customers when issuing an update". Is the difference between a wifi only xoom and one with vzw lte radio really that big where it takes half a year or more to roll out the updates?

s rook says:

I received android 4.1.2 today on my VZW with 3G service and WIFI.

Received it 16-Oct in a podunk little town in Western Washington... gotta love the "nexus" tablet.

crxssi says:

Xoom Nexus love!!

dphorgan2#AC says:

Love my "Nexi" lol. Crazy fast updates, no stupid skins to slow down EVERYTHING and zero bloatware. I didn't realize how much bloatware effected the phone. Between the lost storage space and them running in the background. Enjoy your "Xoom Nexus"!

I have a Motorola XOOM WIFI Edition in Canada and I never received this O.T.A Update I'm currently at Ice cream sandwich