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U.S. Galaxy S3 models may have just received their Android 4.1.1 update, but international versions are already moving ahead with the new "Premium Suite" upgrade, which includes Android 4.1.2 and new features like full-screen multitasking. The update started pushing out in some European countries earlier in the week, and now it's landed in Sammy's home territory, as SamMobile reports that South Korean S3 models have started to receive the new software over the air and through the Kies desktop app.

So if you're running any of the four Korean Galaxy S3s -- SHW-M440S, SHV-E210S, SHV-E210K or SHV-E210L -- then it's time to head to Settings > About device > Software update, or if you're feeling particularly masochistic, plug your phone into Kies.

The "Premium Suite" upgrade introduces a bunch of new features from the Galaxy Note 2, including "multi-window," which allows two full-screen apps to be run on-screen at once, a re-vamped Gallery app and "page buddy," a context-sensitive home screen tile that offers different widgets and shortcuts based on what you're doing with your phone. Check our earlier post for more details on other features of the upgrade.

Source: SamMobile


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Android 4.1.2 and 'Premium Suite' update hits Korean Galaxy S3


I think this upgrade will go faster than the 4.1.1 since 4.1.2 is just a minor upgrade to the JB OS. Hope companies in North America push it out as fast as they can.

Love my S3!

This update should be faster. If its been released in Korea, the polish version is stable hence should come to europe soon. However, as usual, Samsung's being too slow in pushing the updates.

Kies as an app may suck balls, but it does one thing right: it let's everyone who wants the update "right now" get it right now. No waiting weeks for the carrier to push it out. And that my friends is pretty freakin sweet.

I updated my phone last night to 4.1.1 in my s3. My phone model is T999v from WIND mobile canada and I checked the settings the smart rotation and page buddy is in there.

Updated my exhibit 2 like a month ago and it is a lot faster and smother then it was 4.1.2 is the best so far