Googler Jean-Baptiste Queru has just announced the push of Android 4.0.3 to the Android Open Source Project tree.  This build is for the Motorola Xoom (U.S. Versions), the Nexus S (all versions), and of course the mysid and yakju builds of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Yes, one set of sources and build number for several different devices -- that's a first for AOSP and if it's pulled off well (I'll bet it is, these fellows know their schtuff) it's a big leap in Android development.  As JBQ mentions, this is the first time AOSP works for a tablet, the first time it works on a device that's neither a Nexus or an Android Developer Phone, and the first time it works for devices on Verizon.  Mr. Queru also has this to say:

Over the years, I've released 50 different versions of Android in AOSP, not counting the SDK and CTS, and I think that this is the best release ever.

Those are the kinds of words we all love to hear.  Wait for the announcement that it's ready for syncing, then prepare yourselves -- this is going to be one helluva ride. 

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marcg611 says:

Nice! :-) cant wait till it hits my inc2! The beta builds are getting amazing! Running as a daily only missing my camera at the moment...

Xoom Xoom Xoom :)

omac_ranger says:

Check it out! DroidNerds already has a build running on a Motorola Xoom Wifi! (thanks to xda anyway) Here's the video:

dwboston says:

Finally, something good came from buying my Xoom.

Mtn_Scott says:

Fantastic, here comes a bunch of fixes for the Fassy CM9 build.

Nice to have both the Xoom and the Galaxy Nexus. First for release. And consistent updates.

Wicket says:


JBryant19 says:


icebike says:

I wonder how many manufacturers are busy building their ICS release and will find this to be a setback? Hopefully it won't delay any of the upgrades in the pipeline for more than a day or two.

mickmel says:

So how long until we can expect an OTA for the Xoom?

jondevere says:

If you have an EVO 3D, might as well sell it while its worth something and get yourself a developer phone. Nexus or nothin.

jrstinkfish says:

HTC is upgrading the 3D to 4.0 soon. Once that happens, we'll have a nice set of ROMs like we do for 2.3. Just gotta be patient :)

Not looking forward to the day when I have to give up my dedicated search button though.

franky_402 says:

+1 on the search key!!!!

jrstinkfish says:

I don't really understand why it's been removed, but I'm hoping devs can create an option to put it back in on the new buttonless phones. I use that sucker every day.

Edit: Ah, just read that it's gone due to the search box being static on every home screen. Seems like a waste of screen real estate, wish there was an option to have either/or.

rmreagle says:

there already are mods that have it. Check out xda forums nexus development section

WindRunner says:

As a Xoom and Captivate owner, both of these new AOSP releases today make me very happy...

Ryanalan82i says:

Yeah ok, CM9 will be out in 2 months on the eVo 3d. Boo hoo that's so hard to flash.

panda_mode says:

Teamhacksung will be busy this week :P

No question this Galaxy Nexus is special let the updates begin..

kalel3038 says:

HEY guys now i hope this is not a dumb question but does this mean some of these can be ported to the EPIC or to The nook?? cause i remember weve been waiting for the AOSP for honeycomb to go to the nook and it never came lol! so i think ICS would be bad ass on the NOOK!

Monkey Pi says:

Possible stupid question
How does this translate, time-wise, to seeing an ota for Galaxy Nexus?
Is it too soon to know the answer to that?