Sensation 4G

Following last week's European release, T-Mobile USA has announced that Android 2.3.4 has begun rolling out to its Sensation 4G. The update brings a wide variety of performance improvements, alongside the new version of Android, which adds video chat capabilities to Google Talk. Here's what Sensation 4G owners can look forward to in the new version 1.45.531.1, which will roll out to handsets between now and the end of September --

    New Features
  • Software stability
  • Improved battery life
  • Improvements to Trace dictionary
  • Improvements to screen responsiveness
  • Improvements to video playback
  • Improvements  regarding device reboot / power off
  • Improvements to icon  pixilation
  • Improvements to Wi-Fi connection
  • Improvements to screen/photo resolution

When the new firmware is available for your phone, you'll be able to grab it by heading to Settings -> About phone -> Software updates and tapping "Check now".

Source: T-Mobile; via: TmoNews


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Android 2.3.4 update for T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G now rolling out


Thanks Alex! I just read this over the T-Mobile supports site earlier :) Hopefully this update will improve my phone stability and htc sense performances! Was hoping this update will bring uninstall bloatware apps and screenshot feature.

Think I read on an earlier post, or in the forums, Alex, that the Evo 3D update in the US doesn't include the GT Video Chat feature. Updated my EVO 3D, but no go on the Video Chat :-(

My Evo 3D recieved 2.3.4 last night or early this morning. A great update but if the EVO 3D can't do video chat via google talk then the Sensation won't be able to do it as well.

I have the sensation got the update this morning and yes it includes video chat for gtalk and few items added like htc likes (kinda like market) and quick search

Im not sure if checking for update and turning off the phone and checking it again triggers the ota update but thats what I did with mine

This is why I replaced my vibrant with the Sensation... HTC can roll out updates on T mobile in a timely manner. Why can't Sammy?

I read somewhere samsung dont take care of their phones after it has been released and bought by the public.

All the more reason to LOVE THIS PHONE!! Man, what a sweet device! I just downloaded my first movie over HTC watch and love it!


We need a system dump of HTC Sensation for the EVO 3D to get google talk from the APK!!! I wonder why WE don't get that? All the other apps for video are GARBAGE!!!

You need no such thing, there's a modified Google Talk APK that works with even previous builds of Android on the Sensation and EVO 3D, it's been out there almost as long as the phones themselves... Oh and Skype isn't garbage IMO, works very well and can be found on the market.

Hey guys if you want some hot Sense 3.0 skins, you can get them from the Market for FREE!!! Search and Try Thyrus Ginger Thyparancy Arched or Inverted Sense 3.0 skins, he has like 3 or 4 different styles/skins to choose from. After you downloaded them, you can find the skin(s) by clicking the Personalize icon, then click on Skins and you should see it in there.

I'm glad that the best phone out there right now is going to be way better with this update because I really luv my HTC SENSATION 4G

Just received my update this morning in Pittsburgh. Looks good!! UI response is faster. I'm interested in the 'improved battery life'.

Yea I just recieved mine an hour ago and I love the improved responsiveness. Never really thought I had much battery issues but any improvement is welcomed. Still putting the phone through its paces to see if it remains consistant but so far so good. oh I live in the philadelphia area so if you are around here check for updates.

So far after update it does seem faster. Added apps was "htc likes, quick lookup and I think voice dialer" screen shot is good and I'll will see how the battery is like throughout the day. But so far everythings a little better:) Only thing.I wished they would've added especially now since they added those apps was to be able to uninstall bloatware apps lol

Also added was video chat for Google Talk, Back Up SMS in sms settings and the chain link in the contact name list is different lol

Just got mine!

Just realized that nobody has said if it enables S-Off. Mine is still downloading right now.

You have to go to to do it but they haven't enabled the site to work to the work for the tmobile sensation yet soon though.

Just got my update here in Nor-Cal. I pulled the zip file for ya'll, but I don't know what to do with it hahaha. Someone??

For those wondering about S-Off I would wait and check xda for updates cause whenever there is a OTA especially when I had my Evo they have been able to root it for download within the same day (most of the time) but if you install over a S-Off device it will turn it on and you will possibly not be able to root your device till they update the tool.