Gingerbread on Nexus One

Good news for long-suffering Nexus One owners - Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread has finally begun rolling out for the original Nexus and its big brother, the Nexus S over-the-air. For the Nexus S, 2.3.3 will introduce new near-field communication (NFC) capabilities. For those still rocking a Nexus One, this will be the first official taste of Gingerbread on the device.

The news was broken via the official Google Nexus Twitter account, which advises users to be patient, and says that the OTA update process will take several weeks. Of course, direct links to the OTA update package should start to emerge long before then for anyone feeling a little impatient.  [GoogleNexus on Twitter] More in the Nexus One Forums!

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Thank you Jesus, God, Allah, whoever. Been waiting sooo long.

Who? says:


Android 2.3 is reserved for the Nexus S; Android 2.4 also is Gingerbread

techh10 says:

maby it was a grammatical error instead of nexus s it could have been nexus's

BlaqkAudio says:

Uh, you do realize that was just an educated guess based on a) past experience with 2.0 only released on the Droid and 2.1 released on other phones and b) the long hold up with 2.3 for the N1 despite Google saying it's a few weeks away?

Wicket says:

it's gonna be "OK" friend! even as amazing as Phil and crew are they are allowed to be wrong at least a few times a year.. :)

techh10 says:

god that took forever...what happened google, i thought your google experience phones would take no time to update...cm7 even beat you

junglejunkie says:


junglejunkie says:


junglejunkie says:

Yeah, I've been rocking Gingerbread via CM 7 for my Nexus One for close to 2 months now.

icebike says:

Ok, ok, we get it already....

junglejunkie says:

You are a clever one aren't you?

jason821 says:

Yay! More Android OS fragmentation!

techh10 says:

actually its reducing the fragmentation but anyways gtfo apple troll

jason821 says:

Actually, I dont have an apple product in my home. I have a Droid 1, Droid Incredible, 2 Samsung Fascinates, and an Evo(only use Wifi).

icebike says:

Well we now know the definition of a "few weeks" actually translates to about 3 months.

First mention of Gingerbread was by Schmidt in late November. He said a few weeks back then. And again they say a few weeks for the push to complete.

But what happened to 2.4?

reverepats says:

JESUS.....are u kidding me? What in gods name do u need to complain about right now. Plenty of recent devices won't even come close to seeing gingerbread right now. And tour complaining. Dood, be grateful there still supporting your phone. WOW!!!!!! Congrats everyone.

jaeisber says:


sleepy#AC says:

It's about freakin' time!

chrisharmful says:

I wonder if the reason for the wait was to take out the NFC stuff for the N1 since it doesn't have the hardware for it...

icebike says:

You don't have to take it out. If written properly, the driver detects the absence of the hardware and deactivates itself.

googol says:

Once the manual update links come out, how do I know if it is the right one for my version of the Nexus One? I have the AT&T version

jaeisber says:

It will either load or it wont...

Mariodroid says:

The only reason I invested the time to learn how to root (one week ago) was because Cyanogenmod has FM radio.

I hope this latest N1 official update has it.

El Jefe says:

FM radio, really? Why not just download TuneIn Radio from the market? You can do so much more. I never knew that the FM radio was a selling point for people. I have one on my DX & can't say I have ever used it.

Wicket says:

I'm pretty sure you could just install the APK without root.. I could be wrong though.. anyways at least you got what you wanted :)

Nephilim_80 says:

All I care about is that once this is dumped, CM7 will have even more goodies!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

icebike says:

Some sites say there are facebook contact limitations in the this release on the nexus s?

jf79 says:

Awesome news! Hopefully I'll get it soon. :)

About Time :) We Nexus-S Peep Get a Fix...

prissysox says:

would love a fix for the random reboot issue

JeffDenver says:

I have been running 2.3 on my Droid 1 (via the Ultimate Droid ROM) for a few days now and it is AWESOME.