It's official folks. The Android 1.6 'Donut' update is rolling out to T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G devices as we speak. The update will be pushed out to users over-the-air by T-Mobile. We're glad the 'Donut' rollout went a lot smoother than the 'Cupcake' update, maybe Android and T-Mobile are getting the hang of this. Either way, be sure to let us know when you receive the 'Donut' update!


thanks Scott Swain for the tip!

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freedroid says:

In CO, and heven't recieved my update yet... hope it comes soon

Anonymous says:

I got the donut yesterday, when I went to install it, my phone shut off like normal, restarted, g1 by android showed up, then nothing, waited an hour to see if it would install and it didn't, so I pulled the battery out and restarted the phone, now I can't get the update again, yet my wife's g1 installed perfect. Any ideas? Will they send it to me again?

Haven't received the update yet..Waiting anxiously...

qbydawes says:

Upstate NY, no Donuts and still no 3G :(

JNsince1985 says:

"Be sure to let us know when you receive the 'Donut' update!"
Not when you DON'T =]

Dave says:

Is this just the US? Any news on the rest of the world?

daniel says:

Haven't seen the update yet.

Ryan says:

If you have the Android Dev Phone (or are just interested in dissecting a 1.6 build) have a look at the 1.6 build posted on HTC's developer site - .

Anonymous says:

Could you repost that link instead of the short version of the link.

Anonymous says:

no doesn't work scam

Anonymous says:

here's the download link:

I tried it its legit

Anonymous says:

Nice just got my update this morning on unlocked g1 on att

jayr says:

got the update this morning, bay area california. just in time i was getin bored with my G1. lol

jayr says:

o yeah i have a reg. G1 with tmobile on a fav. 5 plan.

Kalamazoo! says:


I have my Donut! Kalamazoo MI here!

Vlad says:

Hello all, I got an update today. So? What is a big deal? Still no "cut and paste". I could care less about voice feature, or camera quality. In smartphone I need productivity and not experimental toys. Improve Gmail, calendar, bookmarks, browser. iPhone OS is still superior to Android for one feature alone, "cut and paste". Once we get that, no OS out there can be a match.

Anonymous says:

dude what are you talking about. the phone has cut and paste since it first came out. i think you dont have a g1 and your an iphone fanboy or you just got your g1 little over 2 minutes ago. learn how to use the phone before leaving a comment.

JNsince1985 says:

Got the Donut update while watching the Giants game on this nice Sunday in NYC =]. LOLOL @ The comment 2 above me smh. You have NO idea what you're talking about.

Anonymous says:

are yall experiences difficulties like freezed, while updating? because i did...

eioous says:

still waiting here in ft. worth for my donut update.

Noe says:

yea i gots it woohoo its awsome youtube feels faster and so does market.

Anonymous says:

My boyfriend got the update on his last night but I'm still waiting. MN

Val says:

I got my update but don't know what new features it has...anyone?

Anonymous says:

Just got it in Quincy,Ma. Most noticable thing so far is the market, it looks much better.

Anonymous says:

When I go into settings and then system update, I see it says its downloading the 1.6 update, but it's been saying that for the last 4 hours. I've gone from wi-fi to 3G and have rebooted the phone, but it's stuck on saying that it's downloading. Anyone else having this issue?

mwm says:

The update was waiting when I woke up this morning, but still no 3G in Lexington, KY. The first thing I noticed was that streaming audio seems smoother.

Favorite feature is VPN. My office requires it for remote access, so this will make a *lot* of things easier!

Got the update in the morning today...AWESOME is the only word left to describe it in my dictionary....

Bill Wohler says:

The upgrade arrived for me today and it went smoothly (T-Mobile myTouch, Palo Alto, CA).

Not too Earth-shattering. The integrated search is nice, but until they do calendar, I'll hang on to Aurora (go to Settings > Search > Searchable Items > Aurora Global Search to re-enable Aurora). Market looks nice, but performance is similar. Shutter lag in camera is much better, but I was disappointed that the gallery wasn't *the* gallery. And how do you turn off that wretched shutter sound? Will see if enterprise WPA has been added tomorrow. The Settings > Battery Use page is nice. Rotating to landscape switches twice as fast as before which is quite good. I'm sure more niceties will surface as time passes.

But I'm happy the upgrade went smoothly. The icon in the updating process implies that they have already downloaded the update by the time you get the dialog--is this true? Also, has anyone tried the "Install Later" or "More Info" choices? Can you go to Settings > About Phone > System updates to install at your convenience? How do you get the "More Info" stuff later?

Anonymous says:

I recieved the Doughnut update on my MyTouch this morning and have spent all day trying to figure out how to get to this new 'battery meter' screen. Anyone know where I can find it?

Anonymous says:

you have to go to "settings" and go to "about phone" there you will see this menu called battery use. that is what you are looking for. there is also another way, when your battery is below 20-15 percent it will tell you that your battery needs to be charged and why

Russ Brown says:

Mine arrived yesterday. Just a popup box telling me there was a new update, and giving the choice of installing now or later.

It isn't massively different to be honest, though the camera app is *much* better, and the battery usage app is pretty nice. The new market app is a big improvement and seems to be a lot quicker.

All in all I certainly can't complain!

Anonymous says:

does it now support multitouch i have heard thats a new feature for g1 and mytouch

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