As we close in on a week until the Amazon Fire Phone becomes available, Amazon has just released its first 30-second ad for the product. Building on the messaging that was put in the launch event of the Fire Phone, the short ad shows two children using the phone and talking up a few features to their older counterparts who don't yet know about the device. "It comes with Amazon Prime — tons of stuff, for no extra charge," the little girl says convincingly after going through her library of apps and content on the phone.

It's a good ad campaign to kick off the initial marketing push for the phone, and we're sure we'll see this commercial and many more show up once the Fire phone finally hits stores. Whether or not you should give your nine-year-old kid one will be up to you.


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Amazon's Fire Phone ad highlights Prime, little kids using it like adults


Where have you read this at? Technically, the app exists, Amazon simply made it to where it would only run on their version of Android.

Yeah its sad that an smartphone that its first a tool to help us make calls and navigate the world does not have a stupid service which is only available in the us which brings nothing that you cant fing elsewhere, nice try thouhg.

Firstly, it should be Amazon's responsibility to provide a map/navigation app for their forked, walled-off version of Android, not Google's. If Amazon wants to stay so damn fragmented from the rest of the Android ecosystem, they are more than welcome to. They have made that perfectly clear with their choice to not allow other Android devices to run Amazon Prime Instant Video. They could have played nice with Google and I'm sure Google would have played nice with them, but they are the ones who decided to wall themselves off first.

iPhone did fine being AT&T exclusive for a few years because smart phones still weren't big. These days you can't go exclusive and expect to sell. Nokia tried with both Verizon and AT&T just doesn't seem to work out.

The best way to sell a phone, make it unlockable and fully compatible with at least one other carrier.

I can see the future....
Amazon phones banned from retail stores.
TSA agents checking customers as they enter the location.
Retail out of business.

Me sitting in a corner laughing saying, "I told you so".

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Why the hell would TSA be checking anyone at retail stores? That makes no sense.

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Exclusives are a no no.. And if I was AT&T I wouldn't even want this phone exclusively..

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Well ATT launched the Facebook phone... More than once. So yeah not surprising. This device will be free with a contract very soon I'm sure. Even then it won't be worth it.

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Yeah, I'm afraid that's probably true. I actually want it to succeed, because I like Amazon, and I think it's technically innovative. But it's expensive, exclusive, and the lack of Play Store is a huge barrier to entry for anyone who's already an Android user.

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As long as they are doing well on their own, you will never see the Play Store on that device. It's the same reason why they do not allow their Amazon Prime Instant Video app to work with other Android devices.

you joke but if they went all in I think they might actually have something.
A Kindle Fire HD with the profiles is what my youngin uses. Offers the best parental controls. she has prime access to stream all the dora she wants.
If they really went all in and showed a Kid phone. It really might actually have legs. a smart phone you could confidently give kids.

Where do you think they got that ability? Before Amazon forked it, Google baked that into its recent/ latest versions of Android so you can do the same on any Android that simply enables it.

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Ironically, I don't think Amazon wants this in the hands of anyone who doesn't have a credit card of his or her own.

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