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... But existing orders seem to be safe

For most of yesterday buyers outside the United States could place orders for Google's Chromecast streaming dongle through, in a way that's usually not possible for consumer electronics on the U.S.-based site. The opening allowed international buyers to get hold of a Chromecast before it's officially available in their country, and often for less than the high prices found on eBay and elsewhere.

Today, though, Amazon has closed that particular loophole, and attempting to select a non-U.S. shipping address for your Chromecast order produces the error message above. On the upside, orders placed yesterday from outside the U.S. seem to be shipping (we've already received our dispatch notification), so quick-witted international customers should still get their devices in the days ahead. U.S. buyers can continue to order Chromecast through, as well as the Google Play Store.

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Reader comments no longer taking international Chromecast orders


Should have mine on Tuesday (UK) feel sorry for those that couldn't pull the trigger quickly enough.

I would like to know if Amazon messed up on this or if they were politely asked to cease offering it to us international types.

You do realise, that it was not intended to go International until, Play Store accepts orders? Also, you will be getting a US Charger outlet as an outcome.

I will wait until officially it comes to the UK.

It does come with a U.S. adaptor in the box. But you don't need to use it, a standard 3-pin UK plug will do the trick. Or better still, a TV with a USB port :)

You can plug it into your HDTV for power, but I read that people say it works better with a wall outlet power source because the TV's don't give off enough power

Unless the USB port is powered while the TV is off, you would also lose the ability to automatically turn the TV on and change inputs to the Chromecast. That is one feature that makes the Chromecast great even though the available apps are currently limited.

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Unless the USB port is powered while the TV is off, you would also lose the ability to automatically turn the TV on and change inputs to the Chromecast. That is one feature that makes the Chromecast great even though the available apps are currently limited.

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That's simply not the case. It being not being on Google Play is not an indication of an official launch.

The new Chromebook was available via PC World before the Google Play. I took receipt of my new N7 before the Google Play had them available for sale. So I don't subscribe to that theory.

As for a U.S charger. It will run off a standard USB charger so big deal, I get to throw away a wall wart.

Nevertheless, you will get 11 Channels only as it is a U.S variant, not the '13' for Europe model.

Damn I ordered one of these I didn't know it was missing 2 channels, what ever will I do? Could I just use one of the other 11 channels for my wifi?

Where is the information you have about the European model? Do you know it even exists? Guess you don't have any so for now I will happily use my 11 channel chromecast when it arrives next week.

WIFI Channels, in the US they don't support channels 12/13/14 in the UK we don't support channel 14. It will most likely be on the software side that these are disabled. So while the hardware will support the channels the software wont because it was sold in the US.

You can normally specify what channel you use on your WIFI Router. If your WIFI router was currently set to use channel 12 then the chromecast would not be able to connect to your wifi unless you changed your router.


I can't live without those two extra channels. In fact I don't what the point in going on with life is.

Good bye cruel world!!!!

Held off to I got home from work. Too late!

Hopefully it'll get a European release before too long.

I was lucky enough to jump in and ordered two yesterday. Got the shipping notice this morning also.

I don't know why WHERE someone uses a product is such a big frinkin issue?!?!?

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Mine has been shipped already aswell.
Will geht it next week according to amazon.
I'm glad i already ordered it and did not wait.

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You guys ruined it by announcing it on the site. Amazon was actually accepting non-US orders for well over a month (I know cause i'm in Canada and was able to order a long while ago and ship to Canada), as soon as the sites all found out and announced it, there must have been a ton of people ordering and Amazon shut it down.

You can't "ruin it," per se, for everyone, if NO ONE knows about it.

Though, the guy at Engadget, that snitched about Verizon customers upgrading with unlimited data, is still a snitch...

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Screw that. I'm in Canada. I didn't know. I ordered one right away.

My only regret is not ordering a second one.

Let's work your scenario through assuming it was a mistake and they shouldn't have been available outside the US...

Over the last month, so few people ordered that Amazon didn't notice. In the one day since the sites spread the word, so many people bought one that Amazon had to shut the loophole.

I'd suggest that, actually, more benefit was brought to the population in this one day than would have been brought had it been kept quiet for another few months.


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I just ordered 2, got them shipped to a UPS store near the border, and im gonna sell the second one for double its worth... ;)

I hate scalpers... You're the kind of person that buys 10 Nexus 4's, on launch day, and resells them, with a $200 markup, lol.

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LOL, to each his own, im driving down to the states to get it, gas + time, so yeah I feel like i can sell it for more ;)

Well, that's different, lol. Sorry, hate was probably the wrong word to use. Have a safe trip, brother.

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