If you want to buy a T-Mobile G1, there looks to be no better place than at Amazon. Why? Because they're selling the T-Mobile G1 for $82 off the normal price! For just $97.99 (with new 2 year contract) you can get yourself a T-Mobile G1 while other customers (suckers) buy it for $179.99. This is a pretty amazing deal, if you ask us.

One hangup though, Amazon is only offering the Black Model for the $97.99 price point while the White and Bronze version continue to go for the usual $179.99. We loved the white version but an $82 difference? We'll gladly go black.

Anyone getting a T-Mobile G1 through Amazon now?

[amazon via androinica]


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Amazon Selling T-Mobile G1 For $97.99


I finally capitulated with that price and the fact that any new Android phones won't be coming until the end of year. So far, I've been underwhelmed with what's coming too.

Beware! The downside to this sale is that they don't offer the $30/month voice plan the T-Mobile site does.