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Amazon announced this morning that 2011 was its Kindle line's best holiday season to date, with over one million devices sold per week throughout December. Amazon seems particularly proud of how well received its Kindle Fire has been, citing the device's title of #1 best selling, most wished for, and most gifted device on the site for the past 13 weeks. The popularity of the Kindle line, Amazon says, has given rise to the growth of its Kindle Direct Publishing program, which generated the #1 and #4 titles on Kindle's best selling list this year. Just how well the Kindle line, and the Kindle Fire in particular, is selling is still a mystery, as Amazon has failed to release any hard numbers for holiday sales. Read into that tidbit as you wish. Amazon's full statement is at the source link.

Source: Amazon

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I don't know how to enter to win the kindle fire but if this is where I'm suppose to, Great. If not PLEASE PLEASE pit me invent drawing.
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kretz7 says:

not sure if serious...

Jimmy13 says:

This guy is my favorite

kretz7 says:

not sure if serious...

mmark27 says:

I have yet to see anyone I know receive a Kindle Fire. Nearly everyone in my extended families got normal Kindles this year, but not a single Fire.

Unibrow says:

My son got a Fire shortly before Thanksgiving. Everyone at Thanksgiving was checking it out as he naturally brought it along with him. My Uncle ended up buying one for himself as well as his mom for Christmas and his sister ended up buying one for her husband. Now on the other side of my family my wife's Aunt got one for Christmas. Somewhere in between my buddy got one for his birthday in early December.

Axe says:

More than a few co-workers got Kindle Fires for Christmas. Interesting that people found the KF to be heavy for one-handed use. Yay for the Nook Color/Tablet form factor, :)

PhilR8 says:

GF got me a Fire, her dad got her a Fire, and her step-mom got her step-brother a Fire.

trees247 says:

I got my 9yr old daughter one...its nice!

Jimmy13 says:

I got a kindle fire and it is amazing for the price. I have cm7 on it and I have been playing grand theft auto III all day instead of working. It's so responsive and just does what it should. There's no camera or mic but I don't even kinda care. I'm having too much fun.

SedahDrol says:

I got my wife one for Christmas and she loves it. I think, for me, the only drawbacks are its UI and no android market.

ReggieTee says:

I bought my wife one for Christmas and she can't put the thing down. I also picked up one. I rooted it and installed android market. I'm not interested in custom recovery and roms at this point. Once ICS is ported to it, I may change my mind.

gsmalleus says:

I counted at least 6 relatives (including myself) receiving one for Christmas this year. I had mine rooted and running Go Launcher within a few hours of opening the box.

c0ldburn3r says:

B&N did the same thing. Oh well both are killer devices. I prefer the NookTablet myself, either way you can't loose.

icebike says:

I already have a tablet. Wife bought me a Nook Simple Reader. It does nothing but read books. No distractions. I really like it.

I've had a nook since the first edition 3G model. This one costs about a third as much and is perfect for just reading.

icebike says:

Amazon stated: that its customers "purchased well over 1 million Kindle devices per week" throughout December. Some elementary school level multiplication suggests that this means the online retailer sold well over four million Kindle devices in the last month alone.

So its not right down to the last unit sold, but its precise enough.

Unibrow says:

that's all kindle devices, they could have sold 950,000 Kindle 3g's and 50,000 Fire's and no other kindles and you wouldn't know the difference. Besides, that's what Amazon did not places like Target or Best Buy. I'd wager that whatever the numbers actually are they are quite impressive though.

Jonneh says:

Considering I alone know 4 people to receive Kindle Fire's this Christmas, yeah, I'd say they sold a whopping amount.

boseoshin says:

I cant download anything on my kindle fire. It tells me amazon doesn't have content for Africa (I'm in Nigeria) I think it's just annoying. Cant even download d free stuff. Apart from that I absolutely love my fire. Transferred some books on it and it's heavenly. Only I'd love to get some games on it as well.