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Amazon and Warner Bros. today announced a deal that bring "Fringe" and "The West Wing" to Amazon Prime subscribers -- and Kindle Fire owners. The two shows will be "available exclusively ... for the summer," which makes it look like they may be available elsewhere later this year. But for now, you can fire up your Kindle Fire or Instant Video stream and get your dose of walking and talking or a little thriller action.

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Amazon gets The West Wing, Fringe on Amazon Prime, Kindle Fire


Is there anyway to get Instant Video on the Nexus 7? I can't find an app and since Chrome doesn't support flash I can't go through the browser. Any suggestions? I thought I heard there was an app on the Fire and you could sideload onto the Nexus 7. Any truth to this?

I haven't tried in a while, but last that I'm aware of the app pulled from a Kindle Fire didn't work on HC or ICS tablets, on on GB, and not well at that. Not even sure what the current status is though.

I have not signed up for Prime yet, but I did just get Flash working on my N7 with the forums help. Ended up having to install an old Flask APK, and then update it to a new one, and install a FireFox APK. Now with the Flashify App, I have been going to Flash sites without a problem.

Give it time. I think there is a strong possibility they will, even though they can use it as a bonus on Kindle. They made apps for the X-Box and PS3 and have never show any reluctance on bringing Kindle books to other platforms. Amazon is a services company and I believe they will give you what you want.

No wonder I could watch them this week if I specifically searched for The West Wing 2 days ago but they didn't show up under channels! CAN technically get Prime on just about any Android device is you pump it through PlayON. I have been pumping it to my devices for awhile. Works fine on JB too.

I would love to see an Amazon video app for the Nexus 7. PlayOn isn't an option for me since I use a Mac. :O( But I'm still happy cause can view on my TV. I love West Wing!!