One standout item Amazon introduced today was what they are now calling Kindle FreeTime. With Kindle FreeTime, you'll be able to go ahead and set up custom profiles for individual users making sharing your Kindle with family and friends a whole lot easier. Dubbed as a reinvention of parental controls here are some examples of Kindle FreeTime can be used:

  • Restrict access to books, videos, apps and games.
  • Restrict times allowed based on several options.
  • Password protect each profile so that only allowed users can access.
  • Password protect settings so that profiles cannot be overridden and taken over.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk of Google having the frameworks built into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean that would allow such things as multiple user profiles but it's not complete as of yet, so in a way -- Amazon beat Google to the punch by allowing multiple users and custom settings for each one.

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ucfgrad93 says:

I really like this. I think it is a great tool to help parents.

kinster02 says:

Something that can be easily added in the future and just like Apple, they may not be the first but they always seem to make a better verison.

dvdmon says:

Fuhu has had a full-fledged Kids Table for 9 months now, and actually came out with their second generation tablet just a month or so ago, which is pretty competitve with the Fire HD as far as specs go, plus a very well-thought out Kids interface, thick bumper, etc. Same price as the Fire HD...

icebike says:

SLIGHTLY off topic...

Along with the Kindle announcements, Amazon scored a big win in court today.

The judge has suddenly imposed the settlement that outlaws the Agency Model.

This is the model that Apple is under investigation for having conspired with the Publishers to force on booksellers, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc which allows the publishers to dictate the final price of an ebook or paper book.

This is not in agreement with something called the First Sale Doctrine, which says once Amazon buys it they get to set the price, and can even sell it at a loss if they want to. (Loss leaders).

Publishers hated this, forced book sellers to agree to be their "Agent" rather than a retailer.

Judge said no way. Refunds may be due for all who purchased books over the last year or two. Apple still digging in its heels, and may be in for a much larger b1tchslap from the DOJ.

So, very good day for Amazon.

slbailey1 says:

DOJ will drop the suit if the Republicans when the Whitehouse.

reg6ft3 says:

This is in the new Sony tablet S so I guess Sony was first, however this is pretty cool as well

E_man says:

Did they really beat google to the punch? My impression is that google will have entire other accounts, with their own data and everything. This is souped up parental controls. Guess that's not as good of a headline though.

exactly, it's not the same thing at all.

bagarwa says:

Well, this is the only thing that sounds interesting to me in these new kindle devices. But it doesn't 'beat google'. The Android feature you are referring to is - "multiple user accounts". Like different user accounts on windows machines. And this FreeTime is more like a parental control software. It's different.

sumyunguy says:

Any idea if the OG Kindle fires will be upgraded to these new features?

Not quite, this is really little more than parental controls, not fully developed user profiles.

Dethzilla says:

Until they come out with this... My family won't be touching my Nexus 7...

I do worry about Space though... and the thought of storing multiple profiles.