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Crazy to think that a year ago this week the Amazon Appstore launched on Android devices. Over the past year Amazon has given away tons of great applications for free as part of their Free App of the Day promotion, and given developers yet another way to market their apps. Since we know not every device out there has access to the Google Play Market, the Amazon Appstore is an awesome alternative.

What kind of birthday celebration would it be without some great presents, right? Well Amazon will begin with a single app today, two apps tomorrow, three the following, until the week is over. These applications will consist of extremely popular titles such as Fruit Ninja, Wolfram Alpha, Splashtop Remote Desktop, Dr. Seuss’s The Shape of Me and many more, all at 67 percent off.

“Customers have used the Amazon Appstore to test drive and buy millions of apps and games for their Kindle Fire and other Android devices in the first year alone,” said Aaron Rubenson, director of Amazon Appstore for Android. “To thank customers for shopping with us, we worked closely with our developers to offer special discounts on some of the most popular apps all week long.”

Be sure to keep your eyes on the Amazon Appstore, and celebrate with them by picking up some great apps for great price.

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Amazon Appstore turns 1, celebrates with a week of app deals


I like it for the most part only due to the free app of the day. Although I still get the rare app notification even though I have notifications disabled.

Won't touch it any more until they'll let me delete items from my app list - if I can't manage it any better than they allow now, I can't deal with it. And it's ruined my ability to purchase things from Google now if it has that Amazon "hook" in it.

You should be able to delete items by going to and in the dropdown selecting "Your Android Apps and Devices". Once there you can select to delete the item. However, doing so means you would have to repurchase it if you ever want it again. Not really a huge deal if you got a free app of the day you want to delete.

You can delete items from your list, you have to do it from your desktop and log into your Amazon account, I don't remember the specific URL off hand, but I just found out how to do it about a week ago and it cleaned up all the crap I don't use anymore.

The app/market is okay, but I get frustrated that updates to apps don't get pushed to Amazon until much later than the Google Play market.

Ah, this makes sense. I saw "Birthday Savings Week" in the app this morning and, since my birthday is a few days, thought Amazon was giving me free apps for my birthday.

I would like to know how much they actually make considering I myself have gotten over a 108 free apps since it came out. I just don't see how they make money when they give out so many apps for free. And yes you can delete apps from your list however you will have to buy them again if you decide you want it back. The only app I deleted was the original swiftkey keyboard because it always showed up as an update for swiftkeyX.

well over the first few months anyway...
after that, the free apps got stale, repetitive and generally more useless as time went on until i finally reached a point where i'd rather have back the 8 or 9 MB of internal storage the appstore was taking than Amazon's daily free deal.

Check your SD storage, it has an app install cache there too... I cleared about 300MB out of it the other day.

Yeah I noticed that to so I cleared it. Anyway after I had to return other phone because it wouldn't charge properly I downloaded the apps again on my new phone and went to clear it and 1 app was there compared to 270 megabytes if I remember correctly. But I check my sdcard partition on my Galaxy Nexus every day or 2 and always after installing an app to keep tabs on whats on there. :-)