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Sometimes we all like to sit back in our chairs and speculate about what fresh innovative ideas will turn up next in the smartphone world.  I'll bet none of us saw this coming.  Rather than put a camera on a smartphone, it looks like altek has put a smartphone in a camera.  Not a lot of details yet, and we're not even sure it will be running Android -- but the home, back and menu buttons make that a safe bet.  We do know that it's a touchscreen phone with HSDPA radio bands (and carries the Nokia style 3.5G label), has a 14 megapixel CCD with 3x optical (yes, optical, as in not a typo) zoom, and will be unvelied in June in Singapore at CommunicAsia.

Both professional and amateur photographers alike might just have something to look forward to with this beast. Full press release after the break. [via Engadget]

altek Launches "Leo", the World's Smartest

14 MP, 3.5G Professional Camera Phone Powerful Optical Zoom Lens Takes the Smartphone to the Next Level

Altek Corporation, a global leader in the design and manufacture of digital cameras (TWSE: 3059) is pleased to announce its imminent launch of Leo, the world's newest, smartest 3.5G professional camera phone. Operated via its generous touch screen panel, Leo delivers 3.5G (HSDPA) functionality and features a 3x optical zoom and 14 megapixels CCD. Altek plans to launch Leo in June at CommunicAsia (CMMA) in Singapore.

Alex Hsia, president and CEO of Altek, notes that, "picture taking has already risen to become one of the most important mobile phone functions for consumers. Phones able to capture high definition, high quality images and video are a win‐win for users as well as telecommunication service providers, as the latter can anticipate rising bandwidth usage rates when users share images remotely."

"The Leo mobile phone," Alex continued, "is the product of our accumulated advances and breakthroughs in imaging technology as well as Altek's continued refinement and improvement of optical technologies. Stylishly designed, Leo plugs users into a wireless world of excitement and fun. Its high‐end digital camera and video functions means Leo users need never again let a special moment pass by unrecorded. Leo's high definition digital images (14MP) and video (720p HD) can be uploaded instantly to the Internet via onboard Wi‐Fi and 3.5G connectivity for sharing with friends and family."


Reader comments

The altek Leo 14MP smartphone -- possibly running Android, definitely gianormous


As an amateur photographer I can say this really doesn't interest me in the least. Maybe when it is developed and I find out they put in a quality sensor and lens I might be interested. But attaching phone software to a mediocre point and shoot and bragging about 14 megapixels just doesn't do it for me.

I honestly don't get the massive megapixels they're wasting on these cameras... At 14MP, you'd be able to make a print nearly 2 feet long and a foot and a half high -- honestly, when was the last time you've printed something that large? Or ever, for that matter?

As a photographer, I'll sell the occasional 18x24 print when I shoot weddings, however, that's shot on a $1400 camera with a $2000 lens attached. With the type of glass that's being used in cameras, you'll simply never get the quality of photograph needed to really put that high of a resolution to work for you.

I'll believe something like that when I actually see it.. if nobody noticed, thats just a digital rendering lol.. I could make the most'est' epic'est' of phones in Cinema4D that look realistic. like Wynder said though, that kind of resolution is useless, its basically a nice P&S camera with a phone built into it. I'll pass, the 8MP cranked down to 5MP on my Incredible is more than enough for me with Vignette.

14MP isn't about making 2 foot x 1 1/2 foot pictures but about taking a picture and zooming in as far as you want to get the details you want without the picture pixelating on you. How far can you digitally zoom in on a 14MP picture and still get a good picture? Pretty far I'm guessing and then add the 3x optical. I'm interested and would buy in a heartbeat.

Absolutely, you can zoom into a 14MP photo *very* far... however, again, I'm doing it with an $1800 72mm wide-lens that is meticulously maintained whose light is falling on an $1400 3/4 crop CMOS sensor. Meanwhile, the phones' Plexiglas lens (after it's been taking out of someone's pocket and perhaps smudged with body oil, wiped off -- or smeared even more by then attempting to clean it with their jeans) picks up the image and transfers it onto a CMOS sensor about the size of your thumbnail. So, when you DO zoom into that image, nothing will be sharp.

I don't want to sound like Bill Gates here when I say this, but with the quality of the glass and image sensors being used in phones, I honestly don't see a need past 5MP.

This is just annoying... How uncomfortable would this be in your pocket for one and if you really want to take pictures, buy a nice camara! cause putting a smartphone and a pro. grade camara together is alittle rediculous. like im loving my Hero's 5 MP camara. its perfect. takes great pictures without sacrificing comfort. my girlfriends mom has a phone with an 8 MP camara and its bulky like this one is and she hates it. so a 14?! thats insane