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What's allegedly a set of speed tests of a computer using a Huawei-made LTE hotspot running on Sprint's LTE network has surfaced.  There's not a lot of detail, but we see speeds of over 40M/sec download and 5M/sec upload, and very nice ping times.  The tester appears to be somewhere around the Houston area, and very close to an LTE tower he doesn't have to share with anyone.  He certainly achieves cable modem style network speed, and that should make more than a few of us happy.  Check out the video, we think you'll like what you see.

Source: Youtube; via Android Central forumsThanks, Quarry!


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Alleged Sprint LTE speed test video surfaces; 40Mbps speeds from a Huawei hotspot


Looks promising but most likely that is the only LTE stick on that tower still so we will have to wait until we have multiple users on a tower to evaluate the actual speeds

Exactly. This video and test is useless. There are maybe a handful of users on this and at the time of the video they might have been the only one using the service off that tower. *Yawn* But hey it's much better than garbage WiMax.

I will say this, though, the test speeds from AT&T's initial LTE towers only brought speeds at about 26mbps...

40mbps?! That's insane from a mobile network!

I live in Dallas, and this may be my cable modem alternative!

A whole year later Verizon's LTE network is still capable of 20+mbps. So yeah, speeds do go down, but it's not like they go all the way down to 2-4mbps. I'm happy with 12-17mbps that I get on average on Verizon's LTE.

Wow, I'm jealous and wish I had grandfather att ot vrzn lte unlimited plan. Att just launched lte in bay area. .

P.s. Doesn't Jerry ever sleep?

ok, so this user gets about 2.5MB/s down with LTE....I get about 1.5-2MB/s down with wimax....and this video is with very few, if not only one person using that tower. From what I can tell, once a few thousand people share that tower it won't be getting much better speeds than I do with wimax right now. Maybe .5MB or so, but that's minor since this is supposed to be such a drastic step up. I just hope it's better than this video shows or we're all in for a large disappointment, I think.

Better than this video? How much better do you want? I think you have something mixed up, the speed in the video is insanely faster than anything WiMax does.

I think you're confusing bits and bytes. The video shows 32-40Mb/s download speeds, which would be around 4-5 MB/s, right? I haven't heard of WiMAX getting consistent speeds over 10-12 Mb/s, which would be right in line with your 1.5 MB/s claim. So you're either confusing bits and bytes, or miscalculating the bit to byte conversion.

Sprint WiMAX initially did 15-25Mbps when it first came out but not consistently. Fastest I saw was 15Mbps on WiMAX. It then went down as load was added but now Sprint/Clear has been adding more capacity and I'm seeing 12Mbps fairly often on my Epic Touch - though usually 6-10. Not that a phone really needs more than 4Mbps.

I consistently get anywhere from 5-10Mbps with wimax in Atlanta. I used to think people were full of crap when reporting these horrible wimax speeds but when I was in Orlando or Tampa, I could barely get over 2Mbps. So I hope there is some consistency once lte goes live.

But I was wondering if anything as extreme as 20Mbps is even necessary on a cell phone? I feel like I am flying at 5Mbps. For some basic browsing and streaming would there be that much of a noticeable difference?

I read somewhere a while back that the idea is a user is connected to the tower for a shorter period of time (due to the high transfer rates) and thus frees up data slots/connection on the tower for more users.

That makes a lot of sense, I know I would because the reason I'm online so much now is because it takes forever ever to load or stream something

Yeah i live in orlando and switched to a rom without 4g a while ago because the speeds are so shitty and inconsistent it didnt even matter.

Come on lte galaxy nexus!!!!!

My cable internet is a steady 1.5Mbps. 40Mbps is *slightly* faster than 1.5 last I looked...I could be wrong of course.

That's a pretty slow cable connection. While you can often choose the "super cheap" plan and be capped to that low a speed, most cable providers offer a range of plans at $30-$60 a month with speeds of 5 Mbps up to 30+ Mbps.

What's the data cap going to be, & what will be the overage charges? Personally, I think throttling is a fairer solution for heavy users.

Sprint better stay unlimited that's there best chance of getting new customers and what's the guy saying that this test shows how slow sprint lte is???? 40mbs is fast to me, faster then roadrunner

I get 38/8 on my htc rezound in Londonderry NH all the time and that's with lots of other people using it... So 40/5 is ok, but I am sure only a handful of testers are using it. Hopefully they can ideas the back end so they can have those speeds for more then a couple people!

Once sprint goes nationwide with it I will be happy. That could take up to 3 years. Hell some don't even have wimax in their area.

Exactly. My 1.5 million person market never even got WiMax, and never will. And now we have to wait for all those other WiMax areas to get upgraded to LTE first, no doubt.

It would be far "fairer" for them to roll out LTE first the the large markets that didn't already get WiMax.

If it is a Sprint employee "tester" I hope he's not using a company laptop/property for the test. At 0:51 into the video when he removes the text from the URL box at the top, you see he's been doing some Redtube XXX browsing recently. The company tends to frown on that sorta thing...

I'm more concerned with voice quality. And my voice service and 3G data has really sucked lately. I'm not waiting much linger for Sprint to fix their network. They need to stabilize what they have before launching true 4g.

Fortunately there's more to Network Vision than simply adding LTE. As we look toward Network Vision deployments, I think we'll all see a dramatic improvement in everything including voice services.

Voice should improve down the road as Sprint plans to do CDMA voice on 800Mhz soon. Will mean better building penetration and better rural coverage.

They need to just start putting LTE towers everywhere and phase out cable broadband and make all internet wireless(even television should be internet based). And sprint I am switching to Verizon once contact is up because they have 4g where I live now(tested on sister in-laws phone at 8mbps average) and who knows how long sprint well take since they barley have stable 3g here.(while paying additional 10$ a month for something you abandoned(wimax).

Yup because thing is I rarely go over a gig per month so the 2gig Verizon package sounds good to me. I use WiFi for all the big stuff like flash video and such. The real test is seeing how much mobile data I'll use when I actually have an Internet connection worth using :-)

You won't be doing anything over WIFI if your plan of getting rid of wired broadband goes through like you said (which is what he was referring to, not your cellular data). Not enough spectrum and other issue would cause the wireless data to be limited so they would have to throttle and cap your data. No streaming TV etc because there wouldn't be enough bandwidth. They are already having enough issues with keeping up with mobile phone demand, how do you think it would be if they made all devices on the same wireless spectrum out now?

All ltte towers will be done in 2013 according to sprint, and the $10 addition is for smartphones "obbsessivedata ussage" not for 4G...considering 3G phones have the EXACT! Same charge...

I agree with the fact that this number will only go down but it's still something to look forward. And just wait until the iphone 5 comes it'll destroy the network and ruin the fun for all of our awesome droids