Agenda for AndroidAgenda for Android.

Looks like I just found my new calendar app. Agenda -- long a favorite on iOS -- has made its way to Android. (It's currently $1.99.) It ties into your Google calendars, of course, but it's the interface that's much improved over what Google's given us. The basic UI is much cleaner in black-and-white (the colors you see here are my custom label colors) and moreover you can swipe left and right to change from a year-at-a-glance view, to monthly, to daily and agenda, to single events.  There's a clear button for adding events, the bullseye takes you to the current day, and you can pick and choose which calendars to display.

It's still slightly rough around the edges -- the odd crash, and vertical scrolling could be a little smoother. But for form and function, Agenda's among the best we've seen, though we'd love to see some sort of agenda widget to go along with it, and developer SavvyApps says one is in the works.

We've got more screenies after the break. Hit the link above to give it a go for yourself.


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Agenda for Android: The iOS calendar favorite makes the leap


I don't see HTC on there. And 3 hour gaps would be sufficient to travel to hotels for satellite events for companies not officially at CES.

So we can expect some Google news after an embargo eh?

htc is definately not dying... they have some of the best looking phones and they back some great hardware too... and not to mention the fact that they have one of the nicer overlays (sense 4+) compared to others available on the market (touchwiz)... htc just isn't recognized as much as samsung is... hope they can pick up this year...

And yet another iOS app coming over that isn't just a straight port!

Like Echofone it's a Holo app. I'm liking this trend.

For tasks, AnyDO is boss. I've seen nothing better that ties into you Google Calendar and looks and works that awesome.

Hey, wadda ya know, it even says so in the product description.

Better get one fast. Reviewers are dropping stars for no widget, fair or not.

I couldn't find it either. So what I did is went to this story on my phone and clicked on the link in there and it worked. Hope that helps.

I sometimes cringe when these apps come over. They come late to the game after the market is set on the platform and then complain about poor adoption rates and blame Android or its users. I like to see more devs paying attention but at the same time you can't ignore a market, jump into it late with probably no research on the competition and expect everyone to fall over you.

It looks pretty and I actually don't even need a widget from it since I use Pure Calendar Widget (because Pure Calendar Widget can pull data from both my Google calendar and my work Exchange calendar) ...BUT... after downloading this app to give it a spin, I couldn't see any option in it to show an "agenda" view and that's a deal-breaker for me. Uninstalled it because of this.

Thanks for the feedback and downloading the app. The main list view is the "Agenda" view, as well. The main list view only shows events you have versus empty time blocks...and we do that throughout the app on the other views as well.

It's safe to assume that tablet layout is in the cards as well? Looking at the iPad screenshots definitely looks like fragments can handle what you did there.

So does this mean that this calendar app only pulls Google calendar information and will NOT pull exchange calendar info?

I like the layout of the top bar. Seems pretty intuitive. But everything seems a little too "clean" for my taste. I need a few more lines to separate everything.

I do agree that using a daily agenda is less cluttered. I'm just referring to using a calendar as a calendar. For me, it just works very smoothly and the colors are helpful in making things visually identifiable. My stock calendar colors are so muted I can't see what is what quickly. That and changing between Month, Week, Day views is so cumbersome. aCalendar pulls all of it together in, yes my simple opinion, way better. Just try the free version once and delete it if you think I’m wrong:)

aCalander does use the Google event color APIs which Agenda doesn't. Events for my work calendar are color coded for type. Agenda only has color for each calendar.

Nice start but it needs more to be worth $1.99

gah why do they have to make it $1.99 its a calendar. Might as well just use the native one on my S3 :(

why is $1.99 too much for an app? You could waste about as much money on crap food for God's sake. I, personally, don't mind shelling out $1.99 for a calendar app and will likely check this out.

Tried it out, looked nice, but a couple of app crashes I decided to uninstall and wait to see if this becomes more stable. Don't like beta testing apps.

It's impossible for a developer to test on all configurations themselves. We'll always be 'beta testing' on Android.

Thanks for the story on this app. I just downloaded it and find it much more appealing to my eye than the native calender app. We'll see how it goes over the next couple of days.

Can anyone confirm it supports the creation of events that are every two weeks? Google Calendar does not support it to my knowledge.

I don't know about google calendar app exactly but maybe it's the same. In Business Calendar you would create a weekly event and the screen that pops up next allows you to then choose every two weeks instead. This calendar syncs with google so maybe if google calendar app doesn't have this feature you could just sync using business calendar then delete the app and your meetings should be set on google.

On the google calendar web site it allows you to create an event every two weeks.

You can schedule events every 2 weeks on Google calender on your PC but not on Android OS. After creating on the C they shoe up on Android.

Reminds me how the most popular calendar apps look the same to me, like they're visually inspired by a dental office.. hard to find ones more interesting/fun to use.

The best calendar/agenda app is Pocket Informant. It has agenda view, calendar view, has a widget, can add contacts to appointments, and so much more. I have tried almost every single app out there and nothing is more complete than this. Everything else requires multiple apps to get what you want. I highly recommend trying Pocket Informant. I believe they have a two week trial version.

Fraincs - this can do recurring events and tasks daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Wow, really? You probably wouldn't hesitate paying $10 for almost anything else but when it comes to a very good piece of software you bash it? This is what amazes me about most of the app users out there. Very cheap and expects everything to be for free. I paid the money years ago and have been getting all of their updates for free. So the $10 spread out over a couple of do the math.

I tried PI some time ago. Unless it can read entries and integrate with Touchdown for Exchange, it's not the best calendar/agenda app.

Pure Calendar widget and Pure Grid Calendar can pull from both Google and Touchdown calendars. Executive Assistant can as well, I just like the simplicity of Pure better.

I've been using Business Calendar. It would take a very good app to get me away from it.

Yeah, it's pretty good. Wonkman recommended.

I'll try this one when it has a widget but I'm fairly satisfied with BC.

I like the look but the feature I'd end up missing is the autofill for location that google calendar just introduced. maybe i will roll with both, we'll see. Widget it pretty much must have as thats mainly how I get into the calendar app when need be. (yes I know you could just put the app on the homescreen)

Love the clean simple look. I've grown accustomed to the appointment text showing in month view on my Note II default calendar, love the feature, but wish it had this clean look.

What I'd like to see and appears to be missing is integration with Touchdown for Exchange. My company insists on it's use over the standard Email app, due to it's additional security features.

To date, the only app/widget I've found that can display it has been Pure Calendar Widget.

It's ok. I like it. If the swiping was quicker and smoother like Falcon, I'd be all in. Maybe that dev can get with this one and look into some things.

I used to be an avid PI user.....really liked the app, and would alwas restore after rooting....but I really like the stock samsung Calendar. The UI is clean (granted not white), clutter free, responds to gestures....It is the reason I have not even rooted my SG3 yet.

The big downer for PI is the lack of functional widgets. It took them about a year to implement them, but I still find them useless.

My calendar widget of chose is the Pure Calendar it allows me to customize almost to the perfect widget....but it's the closes thing to what I want.

There are plenty of things that I don't like about Business Calendar, but I'm completely addicted to the month view having actual words on it, not just dots or bars. For me, that's a must-have feature.