Acer C720 Chromebook

Acer has announced an updated version to its popular C720 Chromebook, this time around with Intel's fourth generation Haswell Core i3 processor. Starting at $349, the updated model provides faster performance, more base storage and delivers more battery life than last year's C720 that were powered by Intel's Celeron processors.

This year's range will have two models. Both models will be powered by a Haswell Core i3 4005U processor clocked at 1.7GHz and will come with 32GB of SSD storage. The $379 C720-3404 will have 4GB of RAM while the $349 C720-3871 will have 2GB of RAM. Both models will be arriving at U.S. retailers this month, with Amazon already having a pre-order page for the $349 model.

Acer announces C720 Chromebook with Intel Core i3

The Acer C720 models are compact with an 11.6-inch 1366x768 screen that's powered by Intel's HD Graphics 4400 engine. The device will have 8.5 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Are you interested in a Chromebook? Do these Haswell-based Core i3 models interest you?

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Acer refreshes C720 Chromebook with Intel Core i3, 32GB storage


I appreciate the link, brother.

However, 1) that list wasn't sorted into any particular order;

2) the MacBook Pro is unrated and the MacBook Air shows a "smart rating" of 98. How does this link disprove my assumption?

Yeah, I agree there was a time, primarily in the late noughties, when Windows PC manufacturers only focused on Crysis FPS and resolution (the last time high resolution displays were the big thing, long before words like Retina were made up). Back then MacBooks had a lot better battery life. That was also partly because OSX back then was really limited compared to what Windows was able to do. Today, you wont really get more hours out of a Macbook.

The Macbooks are still down the list, and to be fair, some of the laptops with backlit keyboards are for some reason listed as not having them.

The point is; the argument that Macbooks have superior battery life compared to everything else is not factual. Several laptops have better battery life and a whole lot have similar battery life.

Whatever, If you compare equally specced machines your original comment is incorrect, that's all. My car gets better gas mileage than a new Stingray. Lists at 3 and 4, number 2 is $3K :)

Lol? What's wrong with my original statement? What if a real requirement would be it has to come with pre-installed Windows 8? Then your statement is suddenly completely wrong, mate. :)
(see what i did there?)

I don't think it's to compare a Chromebook to a MBP/MBA in the first place.

The latter are full fledged operating systems with unhindered capability whereas the former are, to my understanding, not.

It'd be a fairer comparison to put a Surface RT vs any Chromebook and even that's a terrible comparison lol.

Posted from my TARDIS!

Chromebooks are great.. except that there's no model which has a decent processor and a good screen. They all use TFT screens that have poor viewing angles except HP's IPS model, which is being phased out.

Any news on the touchscreen version? They're not going to release the updated c720p together with c720?

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I hope they don't bother, really. I have a C720p and I never use the touchscreen. Chrome OS isn't really optimized for touch input, so I think the touchscreen is just kind of a wasted resource.

Edit: it just occurred to me that touchscreens are going to be a lot more important once Chrome OS starts running Android apps.

Wrong, they have reported Google news for years.

Posted via Droid Razr M on the Android Central App

Maybe you should try reading articles about something other than Android OS. Google has a lot going on. They have an ambitious, vibrant business model that many of us find fascinating to read about.
Android is one of many Google products--which are all connected, anyway--so what's the harm in discussing all of them? Expand your world a bit.. C'mon! It's good for you. It'll put hair on your chest! :)

Actually, it's Google central. They've just got the name wrong. They could call it monkey central and it would still be Google central. It is what it is, mate.

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This is would be the first tie with android and hopefully it leads to more great apps for the platform

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I'm tired of seeing dumb comments like these. I was going to explain why it is here, but I don't feel you are worth it.

Posted via Droid Razr M on the Android Central App

I think the unstated implication is that while "yes, that is just your opinion" you'd have been better off not having left at all.

Here's a newsflash, as a person with free will you actually DO NOT have to read an article or even visit a website if you don't care for the content. GASP!

And yet, rather than do the adult like thing and simply ignore that which does not interest you, you saw fit to enter the article you didn't care for and leave a comment that is the equivalent of "first" except in regards to "I don't care about this, so why is it here?" It's not even juvenile, it's just straight up uncalled for and largely unwanted.

Don't like something? Ignore it. Don't even click on the article or site, much less comment on it. You're aware that by clicking a link and then commenting your driving page views, correct? That translates to those running the site as "people are interested in this" which translates to even more articles along the same lines. So in effect you're responsible for what you see here.

This might not be of interest to you, but it is of interest to a great many of us. If you don't care for it, skip the article or find another site.

That's just my opinion though. Since apparently we can throw that out there and it somehow negates saying something potentially stupid, that's how it works, right?

I think it's an improvement since its better performance with the same battery life. Which probably means that if you're doing something menial, it'll draw less power and actually last longer. Won't know until it comes out and people can test though I guess.

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I agree. I am very happy with my current C720. Keyboard and battery life are good. I can't imagine a performance improvement that would warrant a $150+ increase

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I have both the C720 and what, at the time, was the slightly more expensive HP11 and while the performance on the HP doesn't match up, it is far nicer to use the keyboard and screen on that machine. As slow as it is, the HP11 is my go-to travel machine precisely for that reason. I'd like to see the C720 get an upgrade to the keyboard and screen.

I actually really like the C720 keyboard.. I'm typing on it right now. I've heard complaints about it before as well, maybe some had bad hardware?? I think the trackpad works very well as well...

I'd like it if they refreshed the Pixel and added some battery there, or just knock the price down a couple hundred dollars. I want one, but it's getting harder and harder to justify paying that much more.

I love my HP Chromebook. Its great for the web and YouTube etc. Gaming wise? I have a nexus 5 and 7 for that. My tech bag is all Google baby. I'm google's bitch.

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My mother bough the C72O for like $60 on Amazon a few weeks ago. She has a Kindle so I think it was one of those extremely limited deals. Anyway, she loves and so do I. I am very impressed with it; its light, snappy, and does everything I need it to. This refresh just made a grade A device an A+ device. Wouldn't mind picking one up if I wasn't already in need of a new Windows ultrabook

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When will we see a 13" version? And maybe even 1080p display?

This is all great news on improving thier models but it think it's time we get a little more variety with chromebooks

The prices are going to drop on these...Chromebooks are going to need touchscreens if you want to run Android Apps. I'll be waiting for the Fall to see how "L" affects things.

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These prices are making me think about some faux leather on a Sammy chromebook 2. Sorry to see prices go up in general, but Acer would be crazy to not follow suit.

The Samsung 2 only has 1080p in the 13". And be careful what you wish for, Chrome OS doesn't handle that resolution all that well, there's no scaling to speak of.
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I'd buy a Chromebook that has x86 processor and 1080p screen. Why are there none out there? (other than the pixel- which is way too much $)

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Very nice. I love my model from last year. That battery life is the best thing. Got it refurbed for only $150 and it's the best $150 i've ever spent on technology.

This looks pretty good, but after using my wife's Samsung Chromebook I have decided that the screen size doesn't suit my usage. I just ordered a HP 14 with lifetime 4G from Woot! this week because the price was too good to pass up. This i3 processor in a 13.3" or 14" chassis combined with a lit keyboard and IPS would seriously cause me to consider making another purchase.

If Asus can release a 13" chromebook at the same price as their 11" one with exact same internals I expect the same from Acer, or at least just offer a 13" chromebook so we have the choice.

Does anyone know if these i3 models are sporting the same glass touchscreen as the previous C720P?

Answer: They are non-touch. I was going to buy one until I learned that. Now I'll probably just go with a refurb. C720P for half the cost of the i3 C720.