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To kick off CES with style, Acer has announced that they will be bringing the next generation Iconia Tab with some impressive specs.  Bundled amidst the news of ultrabooks, Acer said that the next Iconia Tab will feature a 10.1-inch 1920x1080 (that's 1080p) display and feature a quad-core ARM processor.  The exact type of processor wasn't announced, but the NVIDIA Tegra 3 is a serious contender, as are the quad-core Qualcomm chips we're expecting to hear about this week at CES.  No mention of OS version, but we certainly expect it to be Ice Cream Sandwich.

1080p quad-core Android tablets?  Now we're talking.  Stay tuned for even more CES coverage, it's going to be a good week.



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Acer announces 1080p display quad-core Iconia tablet


It ought to be a real screamer.

More info on the Verge:

This is the second new tablet released in as many months, with the A200 10 inch being announced in December.

This in spite of what that idiot over at Boy Genius Report said suggesting Acer might abandon the tablet market.

The 1080P is not that big of a deal, the A500 supports 1080p already.
The camera was limited to 720p, but movie playback isn't.

i think you are confused. the a500 may support 1080p videos but you still only get 1280x800 pixels, the a700 has a 1080p display, so you get it all(i know its overkill on a 10" screen but some like it).

First of all something is messed up with the site. I've been trying to comment since this went up and I'm only able to do it on mobile. Second, the Acer announcement is the one I have been (im)patiently waiting for. I hope it doesn't take them forever to release it.

Second the posting problem.

Site locks up, can't enter data, bogs Google Chrome down to a stand still. Switched to Adblocked Firefox and it works.

I wish AC would be a little more selective with their boatload of ads.

Want...can anyone at CES look at the screen and see how it compares w/ the Transformer Prime?

Last I heard, this won't be available until March (which realistically means June or Sept given how stupidly optimistic they usually are)-:

This sounds great but my experience with Acer is that the build quality has been rather poor. Hopefully, it will be much better with this tablet.