Not sure where they got that Verizon's actually announced anything (our leak was just that -- a leak), but at least they spelled our name right.

Source: WCPO in Cincinnati; Thanks, Jeremy!


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AC on TV: Verizon's tiered data pricing leak


They make it seem like existing customers have to switch too. This is why I don't watch the news, they have no idea what they're talking about.

Exactly. I don't watch either for the same reason. This hard hitting, in depth news story mentioned nothing about existing customers being grandfathered. They could have AT LEAST spoken to some Verizon official for comment.

The grandfather thing is something you have to watch like a hawk.

Verizon and AT&T will drop that from your plan almost any time you make a change, add a line, drop a line, add minutes, etc unless you SPECIFICALLY ASK them if you will lose your unlimited grandfather status.

I get why they do this, they are trying to avoid inheriting the problem children booted from some other carrier that download porn all day and suck of 50gig per month.

But there should be some way to earn grandfathered status after a year or so of being a good subscriber that occasionally needs a little more data than 2 gigs.

Months on end of using less than half your allocation should earn you some occasional forgiveness without having to be grandfathered in.

Wait, you want Verizon to be fair to their customers? Poppycock! Next thing you know, you'll be asking them to get phones that are actually good. How silly to think you know what you want better than Verizon.

They (the news media) make themselves less and less relevant everyday with their ignorance and inaccuracy.

They read scrips prepared for them and try to act like they know what they are talking about. They are the prom Kings and Queens from high school doing what they do best, being pretty and popular.

Maybe Verizon with get the hint and cancel the change. if not here i come sprint and keep me a evo 3d warm for

Meh, I don't think there's really anything wrong with tiered pricing, and I would much rather have it than a carrier saying 'unlimited*', as the define unlimited as 5 GB (I know vzw didn't do it). I think the largest issue is that all of the plans are more expensive than before. I would be 100% fine with it if they say $30 for 5 GB/month, $20 (or $25) for 2 GB/month, and maybe a higher tier for larger data users. Also, if you are putting a limit on data usage, I find it annoying that they don't want you to tether with it.

What I would really like to see is a system that is based on the engineering of the network. Namely, where not only data is important, but the time of day when your data is used. (Namely, data usage during the day is more expensive than data usage at night, as less people would likely be using it at night). But I get the impression that people would find that too confusing.

I agree along the lines of your comment, but let's simplify it. Let's just charge people for the services that the consumer wants, or is allowed by area, and price it accordingly. What I am saying is this,(and take it from a bittersweet Sprint customer). "Do you know what grinds my gears?" (quoted from Peter Griffin), is having to pay the same price for a different service. I live in Phoenix, and we are yet to get WiMax in the metro area, yet, I still pay the same data fee as someone that lives in the Las Vegas area and is enjoying WiMax. (Same applies for VZW not getting LTE in their consumer's respected areas) Data should be charged accordingly. Just like paying for data speeds in your home. (1.5MB costs less than 7.5MB....and so on) And lets tier it that way. What if I want the Thunderbolt for it's features, but I only want 3G speeds, I should be able to get that, and it should be at a lower data cost since it is a lower data rate service. They should and could design these devices to allow that option. Just don't activate the sim card for LTE (probably more complicated then that, just saying.) I think that is fair. And it also gives the consumer more options, and won't leave people like me complaining about paying for a service that I probably won't see for a long time.

They won't change their mind... And eventually sprint will go tiered too. It will be an industry standard eventually. Or the cell phone company will go out of business.

Or the cell phone company will go out of business.

Yeah, because we can all see from their 10Ks that they are hurting and nearly bankrupt, and have cut the mega-perks to all their senior Execs, an put their corporate jets on EBay.

I think the only data Sprint will eventually meter is 3G. WiMAX and LTE I can't see them limiting, at least not as severely as Verizon does. I think pretty much metering LTE or a service you call '4G' anywhere below 50GB defeats the purpose of the new technology. 2, 5 and 10GB of data over 3G and 4G-alike is the exact same thing T-Mobile has for their HSPA+ and 3G plans, and it is not really that enticing if you're getting a device for those faster internet speeds.

Thing is that is exactly what they want to do. Squeeze every lil bit of coin we have. Oh on LTE forget 50gb. That will cost $1000.+ they way VZ thinks.

I know man that's my problem with it. The chunks of data you're getting for this crap are way too small. I don't get why a lot of people are hoping AT&T's purchase of T-Mobile goes through either, because their LTE service I am betting will be similarly priced to Verizon's. It isn't a shining moment for 'innovation' in the wireless world when we have these super fast wireless connections that you can only use in small chunks. Sprint's not gonna pull that crap with these 'next gen' techs.

I doubt Sprint will at all. Of course they could but that's the whole point in that $10 premium data charge so we can keep unlimited data.

It was said before most people do not use that much data, only a small group abuse it. So if that's the case why take away unlimited data from everyone? Places like AT&T and VZW knows with only 2GB a month a number of people will go over it and you'd end up paying them tons of money.

My contract with Verizon is up on 7/3. I'd like to stick with them and buy my first smart phone from them, but they don't have a phone I'm interested in getting...yet (C'mon Samsung Galaxy S 2, where are you??). I currently own a Samsung Alias 2, so i would have to upgrade to a data grandfathering for me. My dilemma...wait for a phone I want from Verizon, but get stuck with the tiered data plan, or buy a phone I want from Sprint (EVO 3D) and get unlimited data now.

FWIW, Sprint is probably going to get my business.

Or, you can just get a used smartphone (BB Curve on eBay for $40), get the unlimited plan now and wait for a phone you want to come out whenever and then use your upgrade. That way you are in now and have unlimited without using your upgrade until a phone comes out you will be happy with.

You could always buy an original Droid for $100 from Craigslist and activate that on a smartphone line beforenthe unlimited goes away. Then when the Galaxy S2 comes out you could get that at the discount rate and sell the Droid.

Get the EVO 3D which is a great device and you wont have to worry about this tier crap. Sprint wont change their data plans anytime soon because thats what helps them get all these customers jumping ship from ATT and Verizon.

It's their business and they can charge whatever they want to charge - you call it GREED.

Why isn't it GREED on YOUR part for wanting UNLIMITED data for a smaller price?

You can still download your UNLIMITED porn on WiFi.

This blocks all these great services coming out that are cloud based. We will surely use more data as more and more of these cloud services become available. They see this as an opportunity to make more money. IT IS their executives will be able to get that 10,000 garbage can he always wanted ;)

Pardon my ignorance, are the services actually blocked, or do they simply become cost prohibitive because of the tiered data plans?

Can these services still be accessed over WiFi?

I'm sure the company that makes the $10,000 garbage cans have forums too. And the people on the $10,000 garbage can forums are bitching about the GREED of that company for not making AFFORDABLE $10,000 garbage cans for them.

At least us exisiting customers get to keep the unlimited package and get to upgrade to new phones with the same unlimited.

This would definitely benefit light users such as first time smartphone users or older people maybe. Not everyone needs unlimited.

I don't see how this benefits light users. It's not like they have a realistic alternative below 2GB for a lesser fee, and smartphone plans may require a $29.99 data plan for activation.

Although 2GB is a good amount of data, the huge downside to this is the newer releases of streaming apps like NetFlix, HBOGO, and Google Music. What good is it to put my music on the cloud when I am tied down to streaming music at home on WiFi because of the fear of overages. Or why stream NetFlix on my device when I can watch it on the TV, since most people's access to WiFi is at home. This really limits the newer consumer to some of the great features that both Android and iOS bring to there phones.

Fyi you can make Google Music Beta Available to play offline without the need of Data, so there is always Around it, i have made a couple of instant mixes available offline which is for now the only service available to do that without occupying my microSD card space, which is a big benefit.

as for Netflix yeah I agree it consumes a lot of Data, so yeah the only upside is that if you go to a different place with wifi available you can watch it.

i have made a couple of instant mixes available offline which is for now the only service available to do that without occupying my microSD card space,

I'd like to know how you did that, because being available offline by definition means storing those songs on your device.

I don't think you have a clue how this works.

I agree with Sniper. Netflix and HBOGO are good points... not being able to stream while not on wifi.. however google music? i downloaded all my playlists and favorite artists directly from google to my phone and i can listen to them on demand. Google Music FTW!

I don't see how this benefits light users. It's not like they have a realistic alternative below 2GB for a lesser fee, and smartphone plans may require a $29.99 data plan for activation.

It doesn't benefit lite users, it punishes heavy users.

The carriers claim (fwiw) that the heavy users are the ones that tax the system, and one 10 gig user can keep five 2gig users off the system or force system upgrades way earlier than would be otherwise necessary.

I don't totally believe this, because if they are running the network THAT CLOSE to capacity they are living dangerously anyway. Networks usually are designed with 4 or 500% capacity over their expected normal demand to handle major news events etc.

But with high volume movie downloaders running away from AT&T and other tiered carriers Verizon is forced into this. They can't sit there and accept these high-demand customers that were booted from other carriers.

I agree, but I think they are taking it to far. If they want to punish the users that are using like 10GB, then just make a 5GB plan for $30 and for every GB above that you have to pay an additional $10. Then we all get a fair amount of use and if you use more you will pay for it. Just saying I think 2GB is crap. My wife and I each have a smart phone. I do maybe an hour of music streaming a week, text, download from the Market and use some apps that use the web (for reading forums and getting news) and of course these phones seem to do a lot of data in the background. So really I don't feel I am using a lot and my wife uses less, but yet some how I use 2GB+ a month. So I think even average users are going to be on the 5GB plan. If they were punishing heavy users, light to average use should get more than 2GB.

And are these 5GB plans going to be shared among each phone on a contract, or are they going to double screw us by making each pay?

What I see, is they get you in the store, but promoting all these GREAT features and telling you that the phone can do everything under the sun. But then when you start using it they tell you that you should just use your WIFI. (or pay a crap load more). So basically they promote the device, charge a lot, but they tell you to use a internet on your WIFI that you are also paying for. So it is OK to bottle neck the cable companies.

Sorry for the rant.... I do understand the need for tiers, I just think it can be done much better.

Thing is, they're not punishing anyone. The people who use 10+GB a month of data through their phone can continue to do it on their current plan as long as they don't get caught tethering or something. This is just a money grab to new subscribers. It doesn't make sense to say it's a 'punishment' if the people who caused it can continue to do what they do with their data. Like I said, lower amounts of data = overages for the people who go over. Yes there will be people who decide to do less internet intensive applications through their phone based on the data rates, but to say it's because of heavy users makes no sense.

That doesn't give "new subscribers" any incentive to go with Verizon, unless they have more money than sense. Even if current customers did get to keep unlimited data forever as long as they don't change their voice plan or phone number, it gives potential customers a big reason to go with Sprint and avoid T-Mobile until it's known if AT&T will get them or not.

This really sucks for people that want the new upcoming phones from Verizon. They offer great service but to start charging more is plain robbery. I honestly am glad I have Sprint and just renewed and got me The EVO 3D. Sprint is cheaper with insurance and everything is less than $100.00 per month. SPRINT IS CHEAPER.

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oh well Sprint is looking better and better.

Way to mention nothing about current customers being grandfathered. Maybe this is why I dont watch the news since most of the time they have no clue what they are talking about

its just wrong, I'm always on the go so i rely on my phone a alot and at the end of the month i check my usage and its well over 2gb. i dont know how i do it but i do. to have to worry about checking my usage constantly like i did when i had a 500 minute cell phone plan 10 years ago is crazy. at&t went tiered but atleast they dropped their price from $30 to $25 a month. verizon shouldnt be able to reduce services and charge the same. I would understand if that was the pricing for 4g LTE but its for 3g also, a price and service thats been around for a long time. my phone bill is already over 130 bucks a month, we're supposed to see that go down with time not up.

I would be all in support of the new scheme if the caps worked simular or even a little better then tmobiles does, where instead of charging you insane overages, instead just throttle it down. Start the plan off on 4g at 2 gigs per month, pass over that it bumps down to 3g for the next 3 gigs, then anything after the 5 total gigs used your on edge.

Just hate to see the $800 dollar phone bill because i forgot to turn wifi on.

I'd rather spend an extra $10 for overage, get another 1G of usage at 4G speeds, then get my speeds throttled down to dial-up... just sayin.

This isn't about maintaining the integrity of the network. This is greed, pure and simple. Where is the public trust? Where is the fairness for the consumer? There is none!

"If there's anything that us Verizon customers could do to get this banned..."

There is. Switch to Sprint. If enough people switch away from Verizon, they'll have to bring unlimited data back or start losing money. Verizon can't take a massive customer exodus after the massive SMS fraud settlement, the 700 mhz spectrum auction purchase, and the expensive LTE network rollout. They COULD support it financially but it would mean a decline in quarterly revenue. Investors don't like that.

It's up to customers now. Make a stand.

on that thought. maybe sprint paid some money to verizon to hike the costs lol.

unless everyone left it just wont do a damn thing. i wish it would. but if they try to move me to tiered, im out.

Man what happened to that guys thunderbolt! Looks like he rubbed it with some screws.

Anyway as long as im grandfathered in im cool with verizon. if that ever changes then ill move to another carrier. I barely use minutes but im all over the data service so whoever has the most for the cheapest ill go with them.

I am so glad I am on Sprint about the only unlimited plan left I am not sure if T-Mobile has one, but when AT&T and T-mobile merge if T-mobile has one it will be gone.

Verizon is very unfriendly to their customers. I don't know how anyone could be a customer of that vampire.

There is only one action you can take as a consumer that large companies notice - cut the funding, cancel service and switch carriers.

"I don't know how anyone could be a customer of that vampire."

Because they have the best coverage. I travel all over Ohio for work, Verizon has been the only carrier that covers ALL the areas I go to.

My family also lives all throughout Ohio, same thing with them on coverage.

I think too many people here rely on their smart phones for their sole source of entertainment - granted this is a smart phone geek forum, so it is to be expected. But there ARE people who have and use smart phones that also have lives AWAY from their little gadget. There are people who ACTUALLY DON'T carry it with them 24/7.

There are other things to do in life than stream music, old TV shows and movies to a little 4 inch screen all day long.

Meh, I don't really care about the tiered pricing. Why would prices stay the same forever when the phones are getting more expensive, the networks are getting faster and more coverage, and people are increasing their drain on the system. Seems obvious to me that the cost would eventually be passed down to customers. All this outrage kind of sounds like my generations typical "i want everything for cheap or free- or I'll just steal it! "

And to those threatening to leave verizon for sprint someday.... You realize they are going to switch to tiered as well, right?

The only reason Verizon is grandfathering current customers is because there's a clause in their contract that states if they change your plan without your consent in ANY WAY that affects you Momentarily, you have 60 days to cancel service w/o paying a cancellation fee.

if they auto changed everyone, they'd lose TONS of customers right out the door.

Source =

under the section titled "Can Verizon Wireless Change This Agreement or My Service?"

OK everyone I have news for you about the Data Plan and unlimited usage. Just met my girlfriends brother in-law this weekend and he works at Verizon Corporate and what he told me about the Unlimited Data is that AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A SMART PHONE ON A PLAN WITH UNLIMITED DATA ALREADY YOU WILL BE GRANDFATHERED IN BEFORE 7/7/11. If you have say three lines whatever line has a smart phone on it currently will still have unlimited data. if you have a shared minute plan and drop a line, the line you still have active will still have unlimited. If you change pland from a shared to a individual or individual to a shared plan the phone that has already unlimited will still have it. If you want to change minutes in your plan you will still have unlimited. Only if you change account names, drop the service will you lose your unlimited. So all you current users on Verizon that have a smart phone with unlimited data will still have it.

That's good to know. Individuals considering Verizon need to know they are not "grandfathered in" to unlimited. And that still doesn't address what happens if you upgrade to some new fancy phone after 7/7/11. When you upgrade your phone, will you still have unlimited? If not, there are other options. And to those who speculate that Sprint will at some point, switch to tiered pricing, until there is a leak or announcement of that, we still have Unlimited Everything. Verizon unfortunately, will not, for anyone who isn't "grandfathered in" and that includes any new customers considering them.

Yes this also includes upgrading to a new phone. As long as you have unlimited data you will continue to have unlimited data no matter if you buy a new phone and sign another two year contract. New Verizon customers and anyone that changes anything to their personal account like name or new phone# will have to settle with tiered pricing for what I understand.

Ok, if that is the case, then current customers who already have unlimited data will have it forever, every time they upgrade their phone? I'll believe that when I see it. AT&T had allowed that one time but was clear about it changing at the next phone upgrade. I bounced to Sprint before that could happen.

You know there must be a witch hunt for whoever spilled the beans as far as the leak is concerned. Someone's head is gonna role for this. LOL!!

They bring us 4G and give us a reason to want to use are phones for more downloading and now that they have us comping at the bit, they raise their price. Well, if Verizon can keep their customers while doing this, it is a wise move. Personally, I will grit my teeth and stay for now with my Grandfather plan, but even having that in the back of my mind makes me want to fire Verizon as my carrier!

Point is, it will get to the point where I will not even want a cell phone anymore. Boost mobile $35 Unlimited Everything FTW!!! Yes, I will rock that dinosaur of a phone a be proud of it!

Droid Charge Mp3 player FTL!!! Oh well...

that is why at&t tmobile merger should not be allowed to happen, because this is what these two greedy company will do to us, instead of letting technology advance it will be deprived from us, what is the point of faster internet if they do not want you to use it, or at least not without paying more for it.

fuck you verizon and at&t, i hope that all these brain washed verizon and at&t customer soon wake up and leave them for sprint.

Gee. I dunno. Maybe I want to move to Verizon because they have the best network coverage in the USA, but I sure as hell wouldn't do that now. Since there hasn't been an official announcement and this is just a leak, it's entirely possible that it may not happen if there is enough of a public stir against it. I guess we'll see on July 7th.

Indeed, because once AT&T gets done bribing officials and swallowing T-Mobile, there will be only one unlimited use Network left. SPRINT.

You're right but there will be other companies like Boost and Metro who will benefit from continuing to offer Unlimited.

My thoughts, I'll just use my phone as a phone. It doesn't replace my PC anyhow so I look at it as a luxury, not a necessity.

And just to add to the comment a few up from this one, there are also lobbyist right now pushing for NEW internet regulations and entertainment companies are trying to involve ISP's (AT&T, Comcast, etc...) directly in blocking customers from going to certain sites. So if all this goes through, the what the point of having the internet anyways.

Back to living in a sheltered bubble everybody!!!