Verizon's new data plans broken down in complete detail

Having a hard time wrapping your head around the upcoming changes to Verizon's smartphone data plans? We just got all the dirty details dropped in our laps. Charts, e-mails, the whole kit and kaboodle, folks.

Let's start with what you see above. That's the official chart from the official training document (which you can see in full after the break.) As previously rumored, smartphone plans will start at 2GB for $30 a month, with $10 per gigabyte if you go over. There also are 5GB/$50 and 10GB for $80 plans. Unlimited plans are dead. These rates apply to 3G smartphones and 4G LTE smartphones.

Mobile hotspot access will cost $20 a month for 2GB of data.

Other points to note (many of which are detailed in an internal e-mail we've posted after the break):

  • If you have Verizon's $29.99 unlimited data plan, you'll be able to keep it after July 7.
  • You'll also be able to keep the $29.99 unlimited plan when you upgrade to a new phone. (No word on if there's a pricing difference or when that policy could change.)
  • If you add a line to an existing account, you'll not be able to chose the $29.99 unlimited data plan.
  • If you're a new customer between now and July 7, you'll still be able to choose the $29.99 plan.

So if you're in the market for a Verizon phone and want to get in on the current unlimited plans before the major changes take effect, you've got two weeks, folks.

Now continue past the break to see the full documents and e-mail.

Thanks, Eric!

Verizon indirect retailer e-mail

As of this morning we have been given the green light to start training on the data changes Verizon Wireless is making effective 7/7/11.

$29.99 unlimited data will be discontinued effective 7/7/11

  • EXISTING CUSTOMERS- That have our $29.99 unlimited data plan WILL BE GRANDFATHERED IN, they will keep their unlimited plan after 7/7/11
  • EXISTING CUSTOMERS- That current have the unlimited data WILL BE ABLE TO UPGRADE AND KEEP the unlimited data feature (No known end date on this as of this moment)
  • EXISTING CUSTOMERS- That add lines post 7/7/2011, will NOT be able to choose the $29.99 unlimited data feature
  • NEW CUSTOMERS- Any customer that sets up service from now, until 7/7/2011 WILL BE ON, AND WILL BE GRANDFATHERED into our $29.99 unlimited data package
  • NEW CUSTOMERS- Any new customer that set up service AFTER 7/7/2011, WILL NOT be able to choose the $29.99 unlimited plan
  • BUSINESS DISCOUNTS- Currently our business discounts apply to the $29.99 data plan on the primary line only. Most discounts are 20% despite whatever monthly access discount they have
  • BUSINESS DISCOUNTS- After 7/7/2011 data discounts will only apply to the $50 and higher data packages on the primary line.
  • Discount break down ex. of customers with a 20% feature discount on their primary line. ($50-20%=$40/month for 5GB and includes the business e-mail feature)
  • -- ($20/GB vs. $40/GB+ Business e-mail )

New data pricing for smart phones is as follows:

  • $30 for 2GB with $10/GB overage
  • $50 for 5GB (this also includes business e-mail at no additional charge) with $10/GB overage
  • $80 for 10GB (this also includes business e-mail at no additional charge) with $10/GB overage

So all changes effective July 7th, 2011.

Existing customer KEEP their $29.99 unlimited data plan

If an existing customer upgrades from a feature phone to a smart phone after 7/7/11, they will NOT be able to add on the unlimited data package. They must choose from the new data plans.

Anyone who sets up new service with unlimited data, upgrades from a feature phone to a smart phone with unlimited data, or customer currently on the $29.99 before July, 7, 2011 will be grandfathered in.

These changes also apply to employee plans as well (personal accounts w/work discounts applied)

SO, This is a huge time for us to set our customers up with the right package for them! We only have 14 DAYS remaining for unlimited data, and until the new data pricing takes effect. (14 days to setup new customers w/unlimited data, and customers upgrading from a feature phone to a smart phone)

PLEASE, PLEASE make sure we take advantage of this heads up and get our heavy data users set up on these unlimited plans before they change.

Please call, text or e-mail me any questions or concerns you might have.

Phil Nickinson
  • Wow, those are even worse than AT&T's new plans. I guess Verizon thinks they can screw people over now that they have a network (LTE) that people are lusting over.
  • What do you mean? AT&T hasnt even introduced their LTE plans yet... Just wait.... Sprint is the best route to go right now, from ANY perspective.
  • Your right, Sprint is looking pretty good right now. I was holding out for the fabled Motorola Bionic. . . but the Nexus S is starting to really really good right about now. Just one question. Am I reading this right? You can keep your unlimited data if you upgrade AFTER the 7th kill date?
  • Not sure what the confusion is, but it depends what you mean by upgrade...
    "If an existing customer upgrades from a feature phone to a smart phone after 7/7/11, they will NOT be able to add on the unlimited data package. They must choose from the new data plans."
  • "upgrade" as in moving from my D1 to another smartphone.
  • No, It Looks to say that when we upgrade, I also own D1. we get to keep our plans. i want to go D1 to D3 which are both 3G and no change. But what i want to know is if i hold out longer for a better phone with LTE does that change things, putting me in to these new plans?
  • It says that the pricing is the same for 3g and 4g. So, I would have to "assume" that if one were to "upgrade" from a Fascinate to a Charge for instance he would be grandfathered under the unlimited data. No change in pricing, no change in plan. *Disclaimer* I am not an expert nor a Verizon employee, please do not take my word to court.
  • If you are an EXISTING customer with a $29.99 unlimited plan, you can upgrade as a customer whose data plan (unlimited) has been grandfathered into the new contract. i.e., you keep your $29.99 data plan on your new phone. If you don't have an unlimited plan right now, get one before 7/7.
  • If you're waiting for the now-mythical Bionic, the Photon might be up your alley.
  • How do you figure? I went to their store and compared the pricing, it's the same after all the "added" things you get standard with Verizon and AT&T If you mean barebones, it's only like 15 dollars cheaper.
  • Not in my opinion. Sprint has somewhat poor coverage in my area and WiMax is usually slower than HSPA+ even though it drains a lot more battery.
  • Sprint definitely has the best prices, but their data network crawls compared to Verizon's LTE. I have experienced this personally, but BTIG Research ran 1000 downloads to confirm. Average speeds on Sprint were 1.17Mbps down and 0.66Mbps up while Verizon had average speeds of 9.10Mbps down and 5.28Mbps up. These tests were conducted in NYC. I know in Charlotte that I am disappointed with anything less that 12Mbps down and 8Mpbs up.
  • They really don't, I went and looked through the booklet when checking out the Nexus S 4G(no dice, reception problems), the prices are deceptive.
  • Were you on 4G with Sprint? I get up to 10Mbps on my Sprint EVO. There is something weird about speedtest apps on Android though as it sometimes only show 1Mbps on Sprint 4G even though other methods show up to 10Mbps.
  • I've gotten up to 10 MMPS on my Epic too, but I'm tired of getting an average of 2-3 MMPS on Wimax and bad coverage in buildings. I'm considering a switch to Verizon prior to 7/7. Unlimited LTE and a larger voice network is looking pretty good right now. With my corporate discount, I would actually pay less on Verizon since Sprint won't apply a corporate discount to the unlimited plan. I think the negative of Verizon is lack of 12 month handset upgrades and they are the worst at pushing updates. I know just root and update yourself.
  • Id rather have a bit slower (on Sprint) than ultra fast with heavy limits on Verizon. What good is super fast if you know you're going to go over and have to stop using it? Sprint ALL THE WAY!! This just means that ultra fast on Verizon will get you to your cap quicker. Have fun paying EXTRA money on Verizon!
  • Nope, dropped calls still don't look good to me.. I'm locked I to unlimited and I'm gonna stay here til its over.
  • Sprint FTW!!!
  • Yeah, capped upload speeds, slower download speeds, & no 4G signal indoors FTW!!! HAHA!
  • Is the "HAHA!" the sound you make when you flush your money down Verizon's toilet every month?
  • Nope. I'm grandfathered in & still will be when I upgrade to a 4G phone after my current contract is up. That "HAHA! is the sound I make though everytime my brother-in-law, who has Sprint, asks to use my phone to make a call when he doesn't have reception & I do.
  • Must also be the "HAHA" when you make him pay for the meal you cant afford or the gas tank he fills for you since Verizon raped your wallet. LMAO!
  • Not at all. I can afford Verizon because I have a real job that pays me well (probably better than I deserve) & I know how to spend less than I make. Edit: I notice that you didn't deny the fact that Sprint has worse coverage though. VZW costs more, but I can use my phone EVERYWHERE.
  • Huh, I have Sprint and can use my phone on VZW if I have to (roaming), which is rare. VZW doesn't have very good roaming agreements in the obscure areas of Rockies like Sprint does. Was visiting very rural area of Montana - Sprint worked, VZW didn't.
  • I'm not talking about coverage at your Grandpa's old hunting shack. Everyone can find a spot where 1 carrier works & another doesn't. I'm sure someone could find a spot where "Straight Talk", the service that Walmart sells, works better than VZW, AT&T, Sprint, & T-Mobile COMBINED...but based on that one location it doesn't mean they have better coverage EVERYWHERE. I do a lot of traveling & have went to conferences with coworkers using every other major carrier & even some on smaller regional carriers. Hands one can compare to VZW's coverage nationwide.
  • The Grandpa comment had me laughing. I have been with Sprint since 99 and considering switching to Verizon prior to 7/7. Verizon is hands down the best network in America and with my corporate discount, I will pay less than Sprint.
  • Coverage is relative. I get flawless coverage on my Sprint EVO. But my company phone that is V, fgor complete and total crap at home. And frankly. Bragging about a job...wait. Fate is a fickle Beach. You might very well loose it tomorrow for all you know. Those who go with Sprint aren't just being cheap. They are looking at douchebag companies like ATT and Verizon and will not pay rates that are insane. And these rates ARE insane if you consider how everything is moving to the cloud. I use Google Music Beta on my EVO every day along with Netflix. Verizon is locking themselves into their existing customer base. Because going forward NO ONE is going to touch those rates. At least anyone who wants to use cloud content.
  • I've also noticed that T-Mo and Verizon keep increasing the amount of bloatware shipping on their Android phones while AT&T is surprisingly going the opposite direction. The Inspire and Infuse have very little bloat and it's even removable on the Atrix! I think I counted 17 Verizon bloat apps on the Charge and only 5 AT&T bloat apps on the Infuse.
  • Root.
  • It's not a problem for me, but at least 95% of Android users don't root. T-Mo and Verizon are making Android look bad to the average folk.
  • That's not a viable solution. We should not have to void our warranties to avoid excessive advertisements (basically what all the bloatware is).
  • i wish the android market had a section so that every customer can choose what mobile carrier they are in & they can MANUALLY INSTALL the app that is for their phone. and just make sure the customer remembers, the Carrier can add a list of apps in the packaging of each phone.!!!!!
  • Not to mention, even if you root, you're going to have to enable all the crapware again if you want to install an official update. Rooters are the minority, and the average customer shouldn't have to be saddled with all of it just so they can enjoy their phone the way we do.
  • Sprints tweet today: HTC EVO 3D fun fact - In response to customer feedback, preloaded apps can be uninstalled Pretty cool, go sprint!
  • So, if right now I have a 3G unlimited plan, and then this november get a 4G phone, there is a chance I could keep unlimited plan even with the LTE phone if they continue the grandfather program that long?
  • •EXISTING CUSTOMERS- That current have the unlimited data WILL BE ABLE TO UPGRADE AND KEEP the unlimited data feature (No known end date on this as of this moment) Yep, looks like can upgrade to 4G and keep your current unlimited!
  • yes
  • If your currently on the 3G plan i would assume that you can upgrade to 4G unlimited later in life. But that's an assumption since it's just kinda out there. When i upgraded from my BB (had 3G unlimited) a couple days ago it made me cancel that contract addition and sign up for the 3G/4G unlimited instead. So thinking since the current unlimited data plan i had before was just called "Blackberry Unlimited Data" and my new one is "3G/4G Unlimited Data" it may be a way they try to screw you after the 7th.
  • What is this stuff about "business email"? Are they saying that if I want to sync my gmail and my work email through microsoft exchange, I have to pay extra?
  • VZ charges extra for business email, not sure why
  • Because its VZ. They charge extra to walk in their door.
  • I thought Verizon was supposed to be introducing a family data plan also....
  • 75mb? Really? I use that in 10 minutes on 4G! I'm lucky I have unlimited data!
  • That is for basic phones only according to the graphic.
  • Ugh. Verizon is really pissing me off lately. These ridiculous data plans and the amount of bloat on their phones; they will not be the largest carrier for long.
  • Oh yes they will. People complain. But they will never do anything about it. Just shrug and take the hit.
  • I'm not sure why current VZW customers are complaining? This doesn't affect them.
  • So 4G's the same as 3G? Better be prepared to do without groceries; at those speeds 4G users will hit that 2G cap in no time. The engineers giveth, and the greedy suits taketh away.
  • Stop being selfish people, verizon needs to do this to lighten the load on their networks. I have three lines on verizon and was very happy but now i am called to do my part in easing their congestion. As such i am looking into migrating over to tmobile to make a little more room on the big v. I normally only use one gig total but cant risk the overages. I will be upgrading to the sgs2 which would break my existing contract thats only 3g. Even though i only use a gig, what happens if a app goes awry either by fault or malice. What happens if i lose wifi at home while dling videocast. I cant risk waking up to a $500 dollar phone bill just because i forgot to turn wifi on. ps netflix is gonna love this.
  • This already happened to me. I let my father connect to my MiFi, he left the laptop connected overnight and it ran windows update... $200 later Verizon says "too bad, we're just like the water company... we don't give you credit if you accidentally water." Of course, the water company doesn't have a 2 gallon cap with a $10/gallon overage fee.
  • Or hey, maybe they can use all the profits they make from having the largest subscriber base and just expand their network bandwidth! But hey, you keep defending the mugger for being under appreciated as he raids your wallet.
  • What is that "$15 for business email"? Will they spy to see if I'm using the corporate email app and charge me if yes?
  • Nothing will happen. That extra fee is intended for corporate customers. I use Exchange ActiveSync on my Droid 1 and Omnia i910 just fine w/ the personal e-mail and web plan.
  • Is this data shared or per line? I'm confused..
  • The way i understand it is really for new customers and existing wont be affected at all unless they add another phone to their line and then the new phone will have to go off the new pricing structure. But my current contract will be fine until 2012 then I'm not sure what will happen when it comes time to renew hopefully i can manage to do another upgrade like i have for 4 years now.
  • If I have an unlimited plan now with only 3G will I still be able to have unlimited if I get an LTE phone in the future (like when a decent one comes out)? I know it says I can upgrade, but 3G to 4G might be an issue. When/if I switch to LTE I might actually be able to use more than 2GB/mo.
  • I've got that exact same question. I was getting kind of excited about the Bionic's specs. Now I am having to debate between the Charge or Thunderbolt.
  • Wow that price layout is absolutely a RIP OFF! What difference does it make to them if I plug into a business email account or other third party non-yahoo/gmail/hotmail account? I've been on Sprint for a year now (Happy 1st birthday EVO!) after running screaming from AT&T and I'm so glad Sprint has it's eye on the game.
  • I see overages are $10/gig while the 2 gig plan is essentially $15/gig. Can I elect to have 0 gigs for $0 and skip straight to the cheaper overage pricing? :D EDIT: Oh apparently it's not specifying a price for overages on the 2 gig plan.
  • This... I like that I'm not the only one that caught that. Skip a data plan & just pay the per gig fees & it's a bargain. But we know that's not gonna happen. Having said that... If I've got no option but to stay with Big Red when upgrade comes next yr (Sprint just sucks for coverage where I live), & they won't grandfather my plan by then, I had better NOT get a SINGLE piece of crapware from you on my phone Verizon. Keep your damn dirty hands and bloat to yourself or I'll go with a prepay phone from Wal Mart & use my laptop for everything else!
    Ok rant over
  • So if you add the $20 a month 2GB tethering option to an existing 2 GB a month data plan, can you use the entire 4GB for your tethered device, or will you only be allowed to tether the 2 GB that was added on? Also, what happens to someone like myself, who will keep their old, unlimited plan, but in the future would like to have the option to “turn on” tethering for a month at a time. When we go on vacation tethering is a great thing to have and I would be fine paying $20 for just that month to have the convenience. But if it would cause my old/unlimited plan to be obsoleted, I’d be much more likely to obtain tethering the “non-approved” way in that scenario. (Please don’t bring in the “you shouldn’t have to pay for tethering with data caps” bit. We all agree with that, but I’m interested in know what *will* happen, not what *should* happen.) -Suntan
  • Root
  • Just buy the $10 Easy Tether app from amazon or the the app market. Thereafter the only data charge is from what you use on your phone. No root required :-)
  • Business E-mail = Blackberry, That has always been there
  • I want the galaxy s2 on verizon, but am not on vzw yet. Can i get a cheap smart phone off of ebay and sign up for vzw before july 7th to get the unlimited data, and then when the SGS2 comes out buy it for the 199.99 that a new customer would pay?
  • No because you will only get the new phone pricing on upon of signup you don't get it whenever you want. If you bring your own phone.
  • That's wrong, and you're talking out of your ass. If you provide your own equipment (COAM), you don't sign a contract. No contract means you can leave whenever and "upgrade" whenever.
  • Agree and I am considering the exact same thing. Moving from Sprint and buying a phone on Ebay. I will buy the GS2 on contract when it comes out.
  • I would check the fine print on something like that. I'm under the impression that a contract is what prevents Verizon or any carrier from making any drastic changes to your plan (Tiered data). Just like you can't break the contract without a penalty, they can't change what you agreed upon for two years. That being said I'm going to use my HTC Incredible for quite a while now and take advantage of my unlimited data plan.
  • Was going to hop over to Verizon before the tiered plans went live, but now I'm not so sure. I complain a lot about Sprint's coverage, but really, I can't beat $68 a month right now (family plan @ $136 because of discounts ^_^) I'm liking their deal with Lightsquared for LTE, so we'll see. All Verizon has going for me is their LTE coverage in Miami and better building penetration, but their prices are insane, and their stance on blocking tethering apps from the market leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
  • Jeeze, switching to the “new” plans would result in a price *increase* even when staying at the low 2 GB a month plan if my 20% discount no longer applies to data. That’s just a slap in the face. -Suntan
  • I left Verizon after 4 years & came to Sprint... I can well say the move was totally worth it & then some... Verizon's plans are just too damn high... Sprint has worked well for me & I travel alot... When Sprint doesn't get service in a particular area it's usually for not long & most of Sprint's plans have free roaming so you are still able to call or use your data plan at "NO COST"... I don't know what some of you talkin' about but I have had both & for the money I save with Sprint service I am completely satisfied... Sprint's plans are jus waaay better for the service you get hands down...!!!
  • I've traveled to just about every state and have no issues with Sprint. And you don't have to meter watch - true unlimited data outweighs the need to occasionally roam. Granted, if you don't _live_ in a solid Sprint area, Sprint isn't for you. Also was in Mexico, Belize and Peru in last couple years. Sprint roaming worked and never charged me for international data.
  • Where in Peru were you? I imagine Lima or somewhere else on the coast close to Lima, because I highly doubt you were getting coverage anywhere else like Cusco, Iquitos, Arequipa, Manu, Puerto Maldonado, Puno, Nazca, etc (I spent 6 months there in '09). If you are going to tell me that you did, I'm not going to believe you for a minute, unless there's been some sort of huge expansion of network coverage in Peru, a midst all the flash floods and landslides they've had since '09.
  • Yet another reason to stay with Sprint... can't wait for the EVO 3D!
  • No it's not. I'm leaving Sprint for VZW prior to 7/7 so I can get unlimited data prior to the cutoff.
  • The community needs to come together and flood the facebook page of verizon as done with thc and the boot loader policy. They need to hear from the consumer what we think and feel about the new plans. I know it may do nothing but just venting on android central will not get the word out to the ones who need to hear it. It will also educate the casual android user who may not visit this site. Just a thought.
  • Hell yeah... the CEO of HTC bowed down to XDA and other Android forums and agreed to leave the bootloaders unlocked.
  • Except that the HTC decision doesn't cost them anything. Asking a corporation to take less of your money is a lost cause.
  • If everyone thinks the way you do, then I agree, it's a lost cause. If Verizon gets flooded with millions of angry tweets, it will probably make a difference. That's the problem with the US, people go on forums to bash the President, the economy, the government/politics in general, taxes, etc, but no one goes and does anything about it anymore. If Republicans are so upset about Obama racking up an unheard of budget deficit and tripling the US' national debt (he clearly followed in his predecessor's footsteps) in less than 2 years, do something about it. Protest, write letters to your Senators, etc, but do something, don't just sit there and do nothing, take some action. Otherwise, nothing will ever change. If you don't say something, you'll never be heard.
  • Better idea: WHERES LULZSEC WHEN YOU NEED THEM! talk about horrible companies. DDoS these aceholes!
  • Better idea: WHERES LULZSEC WHEN YOU NEED THEM! talk about horrible companies. DDoS these aceholes!
  • The only thing that matters to these corperations is money. The only thing that will change their ways is when their customers vote with their wallet. If you don't like the way a company acts then why be a customer of said company. Verizon has acted like it hates it's customers for decades, how anyone can be a customer of Verizon makes no sense to me.
  • Is it known if my unlimited 3g data plan will be an unlimited 4g data plan when I get a 4g phone or will it change to the 2gig cap switching from 3g to 4g.
  • my question as well. Im looking at the D3 too upgrade my D1, but the D3 isnt going to be an LTE phone. so what when I upgrade my D3 to an LTE device in 2 yrs, do I lose my 3G data rate? is it specifically a different data packet charge? or is it just one general universal "Data Package" charge? this is an issue for me b/c Im paying 10$ for unlimited data from scoring an awesome deal in Dec 2010 during their BOGO Android Promo
  • So from what we have heard, is it fair to think that since data is labeled unlimited and I'm grandfathered, the move to 4g after my dx will still be unlimited? They don't label 3g vs 4g. It's unlimited data. Any thoughts?
  • $80 for 10 gigs... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY EPIC FAIL!!!!
  • I am also interested in Family Data Plans.
  • Wow! Hope they kiss you guys first at least! Glad I'm with Sprint!
  • Wined and dined preferably
  • So this is a major contract change, right? So this should allow me to get out of my current contract without having to pay an ETF? I know I can stay on my unlimited 3G grandfathered, but if they are taking away my 20% employee discount on the primary line then they have changed the contract.
  • No.. your discount through work is not part of your contract. I'm not sure why everybody is freaking out at least if you're already on VZW.. you're good for a few years at least.
  • So I read this, and may have overlooked: I have a family plan, with 3 smart phones, each unlimited, each paying $29.99. When I look at data usage, we really use that much data (we use wifi at home). Question is, if we were on family plan, with 3 phones, paying the 2GB price, would EACH phone get 2GB? For a 6GB total? How does this work? I know we're grand-fathered, but I can't believe this will last forever.
  • there isnt any reports of Family Shared Data plans yet (though the idea seems to be floating around). SO yes, you would have 6GBs for your three lines, but that's 2GB's each per line. if you go over 2GBs on one line, it does NOT use any remaining data from your other lines, you'll end up paying 10$ xtr for overage even if your other line only used 200MBs
  • Debating now if I should get a DROID charge as I was awaiting bionic. Im sure the upgrading and keeping unlimited data wont last long. Other carriers will follow suite including sprint once they switch to lte. I would switch to metropcs but they have no good DROID phones to my liking yet
  • What about people currently on Blackberry BIS Data Plans? Are they considered the same thing as other Smartphone Data Plans? After the 7th can you switch smartphones and still be considered grandfathered in? What if you temporarily need to switch to a Feature Phone? Will the ESN Changer still allow you to keep your grandfathered smartphone plan on your account?
  • dswartze: 1. Discounts are not part of contracts. 2. Discounts are only changing for new customers on or after 7/7/11.
  • *BUSINESS DISCOUNTS- Currently our business discounts apply to the $29.99 data plan on the primary line only. Most discounts are 20% despite whatever monthly access discount they have *BUSINESS DISCOUNTS- After 7/7/2011 data discounts will only apply to the $50 and higher data packages on the primary line. Maybe I'm paranoid, but it does say business discounts are grandfathered and it doesn't say for new business discounts. It states currently and after July 7th. So currently the business discount applies the $29.99 data plan on the primary line, but after July 7th the business discount will only apply to data plans $50 or higher on the primary line. That's how I am reading it. But I hope you are right and I am wrong!
  • My plan is simple, when my contract is up this fall, if they don't let me renew with unlimited data, I'll go somewhere that does have unlimited. If enough people do this, they'll rethink the strategy.
  • Welcome to Sprint!
  • This is so stupid. These companies got users by offering unbridled data access and the users got in to the habit of just using smartphones how they were designed to be used: like you would your home computer on your wireless network. Now they switch it up so you have watch your data like a hawk to avoid paying too much. I'm glad I'm with Sprint, I real hope they don't do this.
  • Does this mean that new lines on the family plans will not be able to have unlimited data, or every line on the family plan if a new one is added in post 7/7 will lose unlimited data?
  • Gee, maybe Sprint is not a viable choice. Just read the small print: Voice/Data Usage Limitation: Sprint reserves the right, without notice, to limit throughput speeds, and to deny, terminate, modify, disconnect or suspend service if off-network usage in a month exceeds: (1) voice: 800 min. or a majority of minutes; or (2) data: 300 megabytes or a majority of kilobytes. Prohibited network use rules apply. See in-store materials or for specific prohibited uses. AFTER 300MB!!!!!
  • That's why it's VERY important to be sure you're in an area of solid Sprint native service. But the 15 or 30 day return window should be more than enough time for you to test out the service where you need it.
  • Key term there is "off-network usage". That particular part of the contract is for roaming only. They don't want you to use over 300 megs or 800 minutes while roaming on a partner's network.
  • Right, you don't want Sprint if you have to roam most of the time. But if you live in a Sprint area... definitely has its advantages over VZW, specifically price and unlimited data. I travel A LOT and have never gone over 300MB roaming data.
  • Yeah,they just use this to cover their ass, but in reality it isn't enforced. I live in a place that has no Sprint signal AT ALL, but I work in a place that does (and gives me a 24% discount). I average at least 1-2gb of off-network data a month and Sprint hasn't said a word. Not a warning, not a disconnect, not a suspension and not a throttling of speed. I use about 3-4gb on network too. Love my unlimited, and I LOVE paying $63 a month for EVERYTHING.
  • Take of your tech blinders for a minute and think about the average smartphone user (the type that barely knows what Android is), they don't average more than 1.5GB a month right now (tho they probably will in the future). I would think most people don't go over 2GB or they'd be leaving AT&T in droves due to overage charges, and they aren't, AT&T isn't experiencing any more customer turnover than the rest (certainly not more than Sprint or T-mobile). Don't get me wrong, I hate these caps, and that's why I'm happy I switched from AT&T to Sprint last year (for the EVO, when AT&T had no high end Android phones), even tho AT&T has better coverage in Puerto Rico... That being said, at least Verizon is giving people who use a lot of data a CHOICE! They can pay more for a higher cap (and lower cost per GB). AT&T didn't give people any choice, it's 2GB or bust, overage charges after that. Verizon's 2GB is $5 more expensive but what do you expect, it's still Verizon. ;) The biggest issue is that they still insist on charging such a high fee for tethering imo, it's the same data one way or the other, they shouldn't charge extra for it at all (specially on the higher tier data plans).
  • Actually...I'm on an AT&T family plan and have unlimited data, messaging, M2M, N&W, corporate email....the only thing that has a limit is my anytime minutes at 700 (however, I never come close to hitting this with all the rollover minutes banked). My wife's Blackberry is capped at 200MB, but she couldn't hit that if she tried. Not sure what the future will hold, but just wanted to let you know these plans do currently exist. (Forgot to mention the 23% corporate discount to boot.)
  • Oh and eventually two things will happen... A) VZW's gonna figure out how to screw old customers so that they can slowly migrate everyone to the new plans (AT&T's already doing it) B) 4G, video chat, and newer streaming and cloud storage services are gonna make the bandwith caps that seem borderline today downright ridiculous in 2-5 years. If customers don't raise hell today, we're all gonna pay for it later. Frankly I think throttling seemed like a far better idea. /shrug
  • Verizon needs to change it's name to Trump Wireless.
  • I wish they'd offer the $10, 75 meg plan for smartphones. 5 out of the past 6 months, I was below that. I'm just glad I switched to the $15 150 meg plan when they had it...
  • Thank you Sprint
  • Yes, Thank you so much Sprint!!, keep up the good work with the unlimited data.
  • As much as Sprint heavily advertise no meter watching, unlimited is likely to stick around for a while. They need to push the issue further and dramatize the consequences when VZW/ATT people find the extra $50 when they went 5GB over the limit.
  • Happy Sprint customers should hit up their facebook page and let them know how much we appreciate them.
  • If AT&T could adjust some of their data tiers they could start looking like a viable smartphone choice again. They already include free WiFi hotspot access with their data plans and HSPA+ is at least as good as Sprint's WiMax.
  • I wish we had switched to the $15 dollar plan when they offered it. We have five phones on our family plan and pay $110 per month in data charges just because the three of us need smartphones for work etc and the other two are on the $10 plan with feature phones. I was hoping this would allow data sharing on our family plan as i had read in several places, but it looks like VZW is just gouging our wallets. Sucks. Makes my old flip phone look so much better. Do I really need to know what is going on on Twitter and Facebook this much?
  • You think you're mad now? Just wait until ATT links with T-Mobile and then Sprint caves and accepts a bid from Verizon. These suits are loving the fact that you'll hate one and really hate the other all the while paying your monthly bill cursing the invisible execs. For once I suppose the gov't may be able to do something about it. Watch us end up with another ATT style breakup in ten years.
  • Oh here we go again with the Verizon taking over sprint... not going to happen.
  • At these rates who needs 4g !!!!! Hurry up get to your cap faster and pay for overages . There is no benefits for a smartphone owner here even the lightest user pays more. Lame lame lame!!!! What's next getting rid of unlimited text messages.
  • Let's make this simple. Very few people will run to Verizon to sign up for these plans. Rumor has been saying that both Sprint and T-Mobile will be getting the iPhone 5. So, that excuse might be out the window by the end of this year. Also, read the print: EXISTING CUSTOMERS- That current have the unlimited data WILL BE ABLE TO UPGRADE AND KEEP the unlimited data feature (No known end date on this as of this moment). It says no known end date on this as of this moment. That means it is expected to change. They just don't know when that will be yet.
  • If Sprint gets the iphone, they'll have to impose caps, just like what AT&T and now VZ have done. iphone = death of unlimited plans.
  • I don't know if it has been answered or not, but what about current customers who do not currently have a smartphone plan but are customers. Can they get grandfathered in or not?! My guess is no, but just asking
  • No, if you are thinking about it, lock in the data plan on whatever phone you have now, and just upgrade the phone whenever. I believe that pretty much any phone can get the unlimited data plan. Even if you really can not use it on a dumb phone.
  • No, if you are thinking about it, lock in the data plan on whatever phone you have now, and just upgrade the phone whenever. I believe that pretty much any phone can get the unlimited data plan. Even if you really can not use it on a dumb phone.
  • They must have a $29.99 smartphone plan add-on on their account before 7/7.Will Verizon's system even let people add a smartphone data add-on to a Feature Phone account?
  • I believe they just see it as the "Data" plan. I would check to confirm, but I do not think their is a difference. Call and ask to be sure or just get a used Black Berry curve for like $40 and add it on that.
  • I have a DX and I am waiting for the Bionic (or whatever) so this is good news that I can wait until the phone I want is released and I am already locked into Unlimited. Good to know. too bad the $10 75mb isn't for smart phones, wanted to add my mother-in-law and that would have gotten her to do it.
  • You people that claim 4G will make you hit a cap faster, need to get some common sense. If I stream Slacker all day, it's the same data usage, regardless of whether you are on 3G, or 4G. Videos playing will not be using more data. Just because a webpage downloads faster, doesn't mean it used more data. A GB is a GB, regardless how fast you download it.
  • No, but If I decide that now I want to stream my Hava streamer to my phone now or finally get netflix, yes it will go faster.
  • netflix streams the quality of your movie based on how fast you can downstream data, so 4G speeds will mean larger data packets. with 4G, my youtube vids will be set on HD by default, or even if not in HD, at least it'll all load faster. More specifically, when my kids watch to play w my phone and watch kids movie trailors on youtube, they'd go thru them much quicker. with 4G, when I have a 10min break, i can read a few xtr articles on Androidcentral since my pages loaded faster. I can go thru more pictures on FB when stalking my friends. in general, having 4G encourages more heavy data activity.
  • Dude, LTE is a faster network that carries more packets at a higher speed. Yes a GB is a GB but you arrive at that GB faster on LTE than 3G. VZW knows this, hence WHY the change. It makes them more money, thanks to the overages. If you drive a distance of five miles in your car, you will use MORE GAS if you drive there at a FASTER SPEED than if you drive at a SLOWER SPEED. Five miles is five miles but driving there FASTER uses more gas. Don't believe? Watch your bill for overages as you use your LTE network without monitoring how much data you are using and we'll see who has "common sense" here.
  • VZW doesn't charge to access you business email account if you have a Customer account. The changes they are referring to are to BUSINESS (Corporate) ACCOUNTS so relax, BUT I do suggest that if you don't have an unlimited plan on ALL of your existing lines as of July 7th, on July 8th you will either want to kick yourself or go back to a feature phone! ;-)
  • I just took a look at our data usage at Verizon. This most recent billing period, ending May 20th, we each used a little over a 1GB each. HOWEVER, going back in time, the heaviest usage either my wife or I had was .7GB, and more typically .2GB. We haven't changed our data consumption habits. What's up, Verizon? Rigging the game, are we, in preparation for the new rates? Anyone else see anything like that?
  • My question is: when I go from a 3G unlimited plan to a new 4G phone, am I grandfathered in to unlimited 4G data? Or are they going to hit me up since it's a "new" plan? I know it says that the 3G and 4G plans cost the same, but are they considered separate plans? I really wanted to wait and see what the Bionic was going to be like, but now I am having to consider a Charge or Thunderbolt just to make sure that I can get the unlimited 4G.
  • Wait, so I can keep getting unlimited data forever?
  • The way this is worded, if I get a business discount on my $29.99 plan, then after July 7th I'm going to lose that discount unless I "upgrade" to a $50 or higher data plan?
  • Where's Chicken Little? Is July 7, 2011 somehow really December 12, 2012? Has Harold Camping changed Judgement Day from October 21 to July 7? Is the world really ending? Nope, Verizon just announced that NOTHING CHANGES FOR EXISTING CUSTOMERS. Too bad that approach doesn't work with anything else - I'd love to be paying the $.70/gal for gas that I remember as a kid. Even better, spending less than $3 at McDonald's to get a Big Mac, Fries, and a drink. Oh wait - how about I spend $9.95/mo for the first 5 hours of dial-up internet and each additional hour is only a low, low price of $2.95/hr. Come on people, get some perspective. Nobody kicked you in the nads and ran off with your wallet. Does it suck that the model is changing, sure. Am I happy about it...well, I'm grandfathered, so I care less than I might. If I were with another carrier? I wouldn't care at all. This only affects those that become disillusioned with their current service provider or contract level. Those people now have additional considerations when deciding a switch. And a final note? I'm disappointed with the number of people that didn't care to completely read Phil's post before asking questions. Phil works hard to bring us important information; to gloss over the headline and byline belittles his efforts and makes you look foolish. I would think Android Central readers are smarter than most.
  • I honestly can accept the fact that the 4G network has to be paid for with higher prices. A) That can come from growth in signing up new customers on these amazing phones coming out and B) through normal % increases every now and again that companies tend to do. For example the $29.99 unlimited plan becomes $31.99 next year. I believe myself and many here find offense in having to deal with paying for a service that I may use for a week or two and then have to monitor usage on it in order to stay under an arbitrary cap that was never there before. I like having one of these phones with unlimited information available to me but I don't want to have in the back of my head (how many MB's was that file). I better check my usage. We grew up with metered phone usage, water, and electric but the phone company and ISP's have played a bait and switch game with data and the masses have a right to be angry about it.
  • About the new plans tethering.... Its $20 for 2 gigs to split between your phone and wireless device. With this said, if you get the 2gb plan and tethering, you are paying $50 for 4 gigs to use however you want.
    My question...... I already have unlimited data, but if I were to add tethering later on, will I still be able to do it for $20, or will I need to upgrade to their new plans.
  • My question is this, I have 5 lines, 3 smartphones with unlimited data for me, wife and oldest teen. Was hoping a smaller plan for $20 would come out for teen, she doesn't use much do to WiFi at home. I understand being grandfathered in to Unlimited for the 3 lines I have data on now, but what if and when I want to give my other 2 kids an Android phone, will the unlimited be available even if I say pass on a used phone from one of our current Androids? Or will I need to pay $30 for 2GB? Its not a new line? Or a new contract? So how would that work?
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  • Which ever lines have the $29 plan now will keep. If u dont get the other 2 lines to the unlimited plans before the 7th, they will fall under the new rates..... The plans aren't dependent on phones.they are just plans
  • I'm a current Sprint customer (strongly been considering a switch to Verizon for a while)... Wouldn't most of you current users already be grandfathered in? I'm not sure why everyone is so upset (pardon my ignorance).
  • Is not grandfathered if you change your plan. Sounds like you can upgrade phone on existing plan though - for now.
  • I'm sorry, I found my answer towards bottom of email. Current lines with featured phones that get upgraded to smartphones won't be able to choose Unlimited. Sorry.
  • Can't believe how much Verizon is gouging. There needs to be more competition. Between AT&T and Verizon, everyone is shafted. Monopolistic, non-competitive behavior. LTE is useless. Its like a brand new 5 lane highway with a toll booth every 1/4 mile. At LTE speeds, you could download 2GB of data in 17 MINUTES! Then you are done for the whole month. The scale is so completely unrealistic. Why bother to bring in a 10" water pipe to your house if you can only use 2 gallons a month. With LTE they should have set a high limit, encourage folks to use LTE then get them on price later. Instead no one will be able to use video. Video calling over LTE will never happen at these prices. Other potential benefits of LTE will never be realized because its too expensive to use it. This is like video on demand 10 years ago. They will choke off the potential market before it ever starts.
  • While 4G is nice, I do agree it's overkill for now. I have an EVO and really don't need more than 1.5-2Mbps. I notice when 4G is not there but it's not really a big deal to be on 3G for a smartphone. Even Netflix looks pretty good on 3G, though may buffer once in a while. Now when tethering the phone to other computers/tablets, 4G has more value.
  • They advertise netflix blockbuster slacker and want to cap @ 2gb for $30????? and you you got htc how cool their phone are and how you can snap a picture/record a video and upload them. F this man!!!....
  • Found Verizon's lube job rates as well.
  • Edit for my phone apparently not liking this commenting system.
  • Yeah, what incentive do manufactures now have to make the latest greatest flagship lte phone if its effectively neutered? None.
  • tell us again one more time because I don't think we heard you the first 2 times....none.
  • If your currently on the 3G plan i would assume that you can upgrade to 4G unlimited later in life. But that's an assumption since it's just kinda out there. When i upgraded from my BB (had 3G unlimited) a couple days ago it made me cancel that contract addition and sign up for the 3G/4G unlimited instead. So thinking since the current unlimited data plan i had before was just called "Blackberry Unlimited Data" and my new one is "3G/4G Unlimited Data" it may be a way they try to screw you after the 7th.
  • These guys are out of their freaking minds! Seeyaround Verizon. Douche bags........
  • Wait until Sprint gets their LTE network up and running. We will see their data plans switch to. Nothing lasts forever, right! I'm currently with AT&T, have been with them foe over 10 years. I've watched the usage with cellphones change, there is no, one right fit. There is too much fluctuation with signals in certain areas and operator usage. AT&T has great coverage where I frequent and have a Family Plan, with unlimited data. I am happy with AT&T, my neighbor has great coverage locally but commutes to work and gets poor reception not happy with AT&T. I have family that comes over and gets no signal with Sprint and little signal with Verizon, again happy with AT&T. I would rather pay just a bit more for something that works than pay a little less for something that doesn't work. My point, do some research and find out which service is best for your area, and usage. Then you can make a better decision on which is best, sometime we pay more for convenience. The ones that will have the biggest hit, will be the heavy users. Which I'm guessing the ones who go on tech forums are more likely heavy users, so this forum is possibly swayed towards the heavy users and your feedback will be slightly skewed. My opinion is Verizon is trying to make the Heavy Users pay for the little to no usage crowd, which out ways the Heavy crowd in numbers but not usage. Than again this is my opinion and I know nothing when it comes to everything.
  • The difference is that Sprint is the serious underdog here. By a huge amount. With ATT buying up T Mobile I doubt they are going to be doing anything to alienate customers anytime soon. ATT & V have something to lose. Sprint does not. And frankly Sprint has already jacked their prices up with the $10 charge for unlimited "premium" data.
  • You can speculate all you want on what you think Sprint MIGHT do in the future when their LTE network is rolled out, but the fact is that VERY SOON, VERIZON will begin capping and tiered pricing plans. SPRINT is not and that won't happen this year, so while you're being throttled, capped, and paying overages for your data, I'm unlimited on Sprint with my WiMax turned off and enjoying services that are included that you have to pay extra for. I'm getting value for every dollar. You're getting capped and tiered. If you're ok with that for whatever reason that works for you, more power to you. You can have the VZW wallet rape. I'll pass.
  • All I have to say.... Major Fail!!!!
  • Why pay $20 for 2GB to tether when you can tether for free? I have an unlimited voice/data plan with VZW but won't pay for tethering. But I tether all the time. No extra charge. Had unlimited with ATT but that became unlimited up to 5GB then throttle down. Told them goodbye and went to VZW. Am very happy with VZW and cheeper than ATT. Seems like everyone is trying to do away with unlimited data plans.
  • I have a question about being an existing customer. My 2 year contract has expired and I am on a month to month basis waiting to reup with a new 2 year contract. Will I be grandfathered in with the unlimited plan when I do reup after July 7th.
  • I knew the tiered plans were going to be crap. I was really hoping for a decent shared data (family) plan. I have the unlimited plan for me and my wife right now. When my two girls move up to smart phones....Buh-bye Verizon!
  • I am about to buy me a 4g phone right now
  • I'm sorry cause I know this has been asked a million times already, but I can't find the answer... If you have a 3G phone with unlimited and you upgrade to a LTE phone after the change... will you be able to keep the plan? Has this been confirmed at all?
  • I went into a panic on Tuesday when this broke and I contacted VZW...the CS rep that I spoke to was very guarded with this info but could not deny what I I had made the decision to go down before July 7th to upgrade to the HTC Thunderbolt from my Palm Pre Plus...but this additional info states that I should be grandfathered in on an upgrade, even if I wait till after July 7th. Hmmm...think I will still do the upgrade now....I was going to wait till October since I would get my "New on Two upgrade" then, but I am eligible for an upgrade now and I don't want to risk the chance of losing the unlimited data!!!
  • Verizon is trying to CUT my contract by a YEAR. I called them this week to change the primary name on my account (to get a discount through my office) and one of the terms was cutting my contract by a FULL YEAR.
    I renewed for a 2 year deal in May of 2011 and if I changed the primary account holder name, my contract would be reduced by one year, ending in July of 2012. They say my services would be grandfathered. Does that seem odd to anyone else...? BTW - I didn't change my account.
  • I went with the fam to Costco last night, and discovered that there is a 90 day return policy. I was told that if another phone comes out in the 90 days after you purchase a phone at Costco, you can exchange it and just pay the difference in cost. You should check with your local Costco if you're considering doing this to make sure that they tell you the same thing. Additionally, the Charge is only $179 at the moment. So, my intention is not to plug Costco, but to save money and potentially upgrade to the Bionic - if it comes out in time.
  • For people who are complaining about the 2GB tier who isn't grandfathered in? It is what is.
    If you think you will go over this cap? Simple...drop another 20 dollars for 3GB more. If you can't afford it? Use wifi more or switch to Sprint. It's not that hard to figure out people.
  • So here's my scenario. I have 2 lines on my account with shared minutes and two phones. Phone 1 being a Dinc, is my main line and on a month to month basis. (Eligible for a upgrade on a new 2-year contract. Phone and line 2 is a LG clam shell no frills phone but that one is not due for an upgrade until Nov this year. Having unlimited data on my Dinc I know I am grandfathered in after the tiered plans take affect. My question is if I get a new phone in the future(Bionic)knowing I still have unlimited data but when Nov comes and my other line contract is up, will I be able to drop the second line go to a single line but still have my unlimited data?
  • What a slap in the face from Verizon! Business email rates???? You've got to be kidding me!! They're completely taking advantage of their business customers and I think businesses should stop being exploited by charges from these carriers and make a stand. Fight back the ridiculous rates already! As a business customer, I currently have a $30 unlimited plan, but now staying with the same $30 plan, I NO longer get business email? (which I'm assuming that's exchange accounts). I have to PAY MORE just to get my work email? First of all, just capping the same unlimited plan is bad, let alone removing access to your exchange accounts? Paying $10 more a month? You've got to be kidding! Second of all, data is data - whether I download my gmail or my work exchange account, there's no difference in protocols or anything else! Even AT&T isn't that stupid to ask for that. ...and don't give me the line that bandwidth is tight - Verizon's got one of the largest, if not THE largest backbones across the US. They're giving FIOS customers a cheaper rate per month with faster connections, and there's more infrastructure cost to Verizon for hard-lines to go to your home! All telcos are completely ripping off customers - I really wish people would make a stand already. Complain!! Complain to them, complain to the FCC, complain to your companies. Outlandish! Nonsense like this makes me really start to consider going back to a regular phone and carrying an ipod. I've not had more consideration of doing this until now. What the heck am I paying almost two thousand dollars a year for anymore?????
  • Verizon is quick to change user plans to their advantage. However, when it comes to fixing serious issues like missed calls on the Samsung Fascinate they drag their heels. Not even a hint of billing adjustment for the snafu that has been going on since ED04 was introduced.
  • Well, today is the day that everything changed! Apparently this one part of their email is sort of incorrect though: "Anyone who sets up new service with unlimited data, upgrades from a feature phone to a smart phone with unlimited data, or customer currently on the $29.99 before July, 7, 2011 will be grandfathered in." It's the series of "OR" statements in a series... I DID set up a new service with unlimited data before today, and therefore I AM a customer currently on the unlimited $29.99 plan. Unfortunately, both the website and the customer service rep today say that if I change from my current enV Touch to the Droid 3, I lose my unlimited data. They say "You can't go from a feature phone to a smartphone without changing your data plan." So this other part of that email is incorrect as well: "EXISTING CUSTOMERS- That current have the unlimited data WILL BE ABLE TO UPGRADE AND KEEP the unlimited data feature (No known end date on this as of this moment)". Does anyone have any thoughts how I could keep the unlimited data?
  • If you guys are interested in getting unlimited data well feel free to call me at 310-569-0728 or email me at I work for a private ompany that has Verizon unlimited data in Los Angeles. If you live near the Los Angeles area then I will email or give you the addres over the phone but if your out of state we can help too. Please no transaction deals from africa I will ignore you. We also have unlimited data for MIFI but only 3g
  • :_(