Xoom with 4G

Looks like the long, long (long) overdue Motorola Xoom 4G upgrade could be about to kick into action soon, as an anonymous tipster has sent us a photo from his LTE-upgraded Xoom. Our source says the device was upgraded as part of a private trial, and that it's rocking impressive download and upload speeds thanks to the upgrade. As you'll see in the shot above, he's pulling around 33Mbps down and 10Mbps up in a speed testing app (also notice the 4G icon down in the notification tray).

Six months and counting since the tablet's launch, here's hoping long-suffering Xoom owners won't have too much longer to wait before this sees a more widespread roll-out.

Thanks, Anon!

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PingaDulce says:

Of course it's going to be rocking impressive speeds... it's part of a trial run... Let's wait for real-world action when you have thousands of customers hogging the bandwidth... For all we know, he could have been standing right next to the transmitter.

milesmcever says:

I always get speeds like that on my thunderbolt in the Atlanta area on the north and south sides of town even while sitting at an Atlanta Braves game, hopefully they will hurry this up my Xoom really wants its 4G.

dw astor says:

I think you're forgetting the millions of LTE devices already out like the 3 LTE phones VZW has, let alone the laptop USB dongles and the Galaxy 10.1. They're already hogging up the bandwidth you're mentioning. And for what it's worth, if you believe the numbers, it's more like 'dozens' of xoom LTE customers rather than the thousands you mentioned.

Edit: and yes, I've had 33Mbps+ on my TBolt as well here in NYC, though average it's more like 15-18Mbps. Still, that's much faster than any other carrier, and most WiFi connections I get. Latency is great too, under 100ms.

19mitch79 says:

Spoken like a true wimax fanboy. Don't be jealous.

Better get my box in the mail soon. Am part of the Soak testing and wondering if this was part of it? Would love to get it before mid September. Lots of traveling and want to enjoy LTE on my XOOM when I travel, not just on my Charge.

g2theno says:

Any effect on battery life???

Talk about absolutely brutalizing, kicking, stomping, punching, raping, and thrashing a DEAD HORSE. Moto has dragged this out so long its beyond embarrassing from a product support standpoint. The only reason they are actually doing it (i would have to assume its a losing venture at this point, especially with the rumored xoom 4g coming out soon) is to avoid a class action law suit

Mooem says:

Too late for me. Already sold my VZW Xoom and then bought a Galaxy Tab 10.1 as soon as it was available.

nitestorm says:

Although the upgrade time took a long time, at least it's one of the very few tablets with 4g available.

agar2627 says:

I was part of that private trial. Got the supplies from fedex on friday, packed my xoom up and shipped it out that day and received it yesterday.