Android CentralLess than a day after the second wave of Nexus 4 stock landed on Google Play in the UK and Germany, the 8GB model is once again officially sold out in both countries. Yesterday evening the delivery window for the 8GB model slowly increased, from 4-5 weeks to 5-6 weeks, before being marked as "sold out" (or "ausverkauft," if you prefer) this morning.

The 16GB model is still available to order, though with a waiting period of 5-6 weeks in both countries, it'll likely be early January before orders placed today arrive.

If you tried to place a Nexus 4 order yesterday, let us know how you got on in the comments.

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8GB Nexus 4 once again sold out on Google Play in UK + Germany


I was fortunate to get 8Gb ordered the first day and again yesterday. Although I had to wait 2 days for the first one to arrive, this one was showing as 4-5 Weeks.

Been constantly checking the Play Store over the last few weeks to check for the Nexus coming back into stock. For some reason yesterday I completely ignored any internet blogs or the store. So it was only at 8:30pm in the UK that I randomly decided to check the Play Store, and to my pleasant surprise saw the Nexus was in stock! I instantly clicked on purchase now on my tablet and within a couple of minutes I had successfully purchased the 16gb Nexus 4, with a 4-5 week delivery period. I had no troubles with the online store unlike the original launch. Clearly still have a long while to wait to get my hands on my phone, will be interesting to see how long it actually takes... Can't wait!

There's a long waiting time. I received a shipping label two week ago and I'm still waiting shipment.

I had a pleaseant experience this time which is nice, the G/F's sister wants one of the 8gb versions so as i was driving home after a meeting i got stuck in traffic, thought id check G+ and saw the posts saying they were in stock again, so i quickly went to the play store and managed to order one very quickly with no hassle or errors while i was stuck in traffic. This was at 5:30 and i have 4-5 weeks delivery, so am hoping it will be here before christmas/new year but tbh not that fussed since its not my phone, and me and my G/F already have Nexus 4's, she has a Nexus 10 and i have the nexus 7, so am all kitted out.

I had to nursemaid the error messages (back and refresh until I succeeded on about the 10th attempt) but other than that it went smoothly and I now have a wait of "1-2 weeks" for it to ship.

It triggered the Barclaycard fraud-detection heuristics though so I had to respond to an automated call to my mobile a few seconds later.

I was sat poised at my PC about 20 minutes to 5. Even though I was earl I still refrshed the screen constantly as I did not want to miss the second the Add To basket button appeared.

At 5:02pm it finally appeared, I clicked it and got a server error. this happened about 6 times before I got a Nexus 4 16GB in my basket. Clicked "Purchase" only to be told there wa sa problem try later.

I frantically clicked purchase everytiem the button re-enabled itself, 20 clicks later and my friend messages me sayign "I got one!", I started to panic, am I going to miss out again like last time?, 20 more clicks, still Server error, try again later. Then at exactly 5:15pm Google took my payment.

Now I just have to wait 2 to 3 weeks......apparently. But I am very happy!

I managed to order one but Lloyds stepped in and tried to spoil it for me. Now got a 16gb coming (no idea when), another on order due a cock-up while ordering and an 8gig on its way for my wife. It was a circus getting through the order process when it had been rejected and I'm not 100% clear if its all been sorted out. Fingers crossed though.

I finally managed to order a 16GB one. I got the email through and it says 5-6 weeks delivery...but I got the order through so I'm happy! :D

yey! LG / Google marketing managers rejoice reading over your comment.

I believe lack of stock is part of Nexus marketing strategy.

People read comments like yours and they go "this Nexus thing must be really good if people don't hesitate to wait 5 weeks to get their new gadget"

I got my order through at about 8pm last night. It was 4-5 weeks when I ordered and then about 4 minutes later became 5-6 weeks.

Looks like I'll be getting it in early Jan.

I have been checking Play store since it was first sold out in November and on Tuesday evening I noticed that there was stock of the 8GB model. I immediately order 2 Nexus 4s 8GB with a promised 4-5 week delivery. To my surprise they turned up yesterday via TNT (i.e. within 36 hours of placing the order!). Very happy indeed!!!!

So you got your's after 1 week, although it stated 4-5 weeks? Mine states 4-5 weeks, too. I would be so happy, if it could be delivered sooner.

Got my order in for 16gb on dec 4 with a 3-5 business days delivery. When I heard nothing from them once this period had expired, I phoned them and was told they had screwed up the early orders for that day and that now I wouldn't get it for 3-5 WEEKS! Seem very incompetent in the world of selling actual products. Dread to think what aftersales will be like!