Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung Mobile head JK Shin has announced the 4-inch Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will be available in Germany on October 11. As the smaller cousin to the 4.8-inch Galaxy S3, don't call the Mini entry-level, as Shin says it will be "full form factor". There was no word about the internals, but we're hoping Samsung has found a way to cram everything we see in the full size version into the 4-inch form factor.

Shin says the demand for a 4-inch class device is high in Europe, and we can't help but think many in North America would also appreciate a slightly smaller version. We'll keep our eyes and ears open for more on that front as it unfolds.

Source: News 24 (Korean); via The Verge


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4-inch Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini comes to Germany Oct. 11


Kudos to Samsung for this. I am so tired of people complaining that phones have gotten to big so here is the alternative.

The only thing now is that I hope that they do not get sued again by CRapple, they have a patent on 4" don't they?

Other manufactures better get it together, Samsung is doing all the right things and is about to run away with the smartphone market if it hasn't done so already.

Do you mean we should support Cr Apple? One if we don't like them why should we. 2 Samsung sells massive products here in the US not just phones. They Were never from the US but Brings US Jobs and Money. CrApple is from the US,Makes there Phones Outside the US and has Samsung Internals. So if you mean support another company other than CrApple and runs Android please tell and would look into them and try there phones out.

a globalized company that has factories in the US and has tens of thousands of US jobs. the have a manufacturing plant in Texas and several otherlocations across the country

I'm excited about this 4" phone as long as it still has decent internals. I carry my phone in my front pocket, so size is an issue. I went from a 3.7" screen to a 4.3" screen when I switched carriers. While wearing slacks, the increased phone size has been just a tad bit too much. While wearing jeans, not really a problem. I would jump all over a 4" SG3.

If it maintains the thickness of the S3 it could be a real winner. 4 to 4.5 is the sweet spot for comfort, even though most will give up some comfort for a bigger screen.

II personally do not like phones with screens over 4.3" so this is great news to me. II was excited about the Razr M and now it looks like we have an even higher end offering in this size category. I hope mfr's continue to see the value in making 4 - 4.3" screen sizes. Not everyone wants a huge slab, including me.

why not just say apple because their not the only one to have a 4' phone on the market, sammy only wants to compete with apple by bringing this phone out.

Good idea but not really sure why people want a smaller phone anymore... I when my evi came out it was awesome but going backwards from my nexus and sg3 is like torture.. I think passing the 5 inch mark is where I'm drawing my line... The biggest issue u have with this new mini phone is that while poking fun at apple for its small phone your also now in agreement that Apple was right and people are fine with that smaller screen I say if they want a smaller screen then let them have apple stick to your guns and keep the larger form factor and just upgrade the lower end phones in your line up to satisfy the masses... I I have a to admit I see envy on everyone's face when they see my gs3 or nexus and I love freaking people out making voip calls on the nexus 7 in my eyes bigger is better

Apple people always tell me how they love my gs3 but how they are so invested in the Apple ecosystem. They literally tell me they will eventually get my features next phone (Samsung commercial). One guy kept going on and on about how android didn't have the apps he needed and while he was talking about particular apps I was pulling them up and showing them to him. His response then became "They don't work the same though" I gave up after that.

Yeah and it's difficult to convince them otherwise. I have a friend with an iPhone who was convinced that she could do all of these things with her jailbroken iPhone that you couldn't on android until I pulled up a third party launcher and was able to do them without rooting.

Samsung has done it again. For those who wanted the GS3 but feel its to big, here you go. Really hope it comes to the US and all for carriers too. This will give us 3 great Options, GS3,Note2 and now GS3Mini. IF the internals all match up Sammy will rule Android and the world lol. They will increase there 25% of market for sure.
Keep it up Sammy!

Is it still the same 1280 x 800 resolution?

What's the PPI then? 377 PPI :)

Wow! That beats the iPhone 5 retina display ... LOL!

Clearly Samsung is throwing down the gauntlet to Apple. It will certainly be interesting to see the 'sales' and 'stat' figures a month or so after release...

I really hope it comes to the us, i been waiting for a killer phone with 4" screen, i love the gs3 form factor but it was a little to big for my taste,this would be perfect for me, Go sammy.

If they want to really dig into Apple, touch wiz is going to need to come a long way. Had my Sg3 for a week and am scratching my head...