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Google and ASUS' Nexus 7 has been one of the budget tablet success stories of the year, and today it's an even more tempting buy for customers in the UK. British retailer Carphone Warehouse is selling the recently-launched 32GB version of the 7-inch Nexus tablet for £179, £20 below the Google Play Store asking price of £199. Both prices exclude delivery charges, though Carphone does offer a free delivery service, as well as in-store collection.

For that price you'll get a quad-core Tegra 3-powered tablet running the latest version of Android, with plenty of storage to boot. That's pretty good value considering not long ago you'd have spent a similar amount to get the now-discontinued 8GB Nexus 7 model.

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Source: Carphone Warehouse

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32GB Nexus 7 price down to £179 in the UK


£179 is a fantastic pricepoint for 32GB. P&P is included as Carphone Warehouse have free delivery, so taking into account Google's £10 delivery cost this is a potential saving of £30.

Might be worth pointing out the 8GB was £168.99 delivered on launch from Play Store.

Incredible deal, anyone who buys an iPad mini or Kindle fire over one of these at that price needs their head checked quite frankly.

Just for reference for Americans, £179.00 ~/= $286.00 So the US version of the 32GB Nexus 7 is already cheaper than the UK version.

Bear in mind the £179 includes 20% VAT (sales tax), so the price you should be converting is £143. As an American buying in the UK you would be able to reclaim the VAT.

Got mine last night, LOVE IT. Happily gave up my iPad2 to the kids. Contemplated between getting it or the Nexus 4, but beings that I love my sexy white GNex and don't see much of an upgrade going to the Nexus 4 (e.g. No LTE), I opted for the Nexus 7 and holding off for the SG4 in February (rumored).

It says out of stock, but was still able to pick it up in store this evening in a London store. Great price!


Cancel Nexus 7 32Gb 3G from Google Play £249.99 including delivery
Get one of these Nexus 7 32G from CPW £179.00

(Convincing himself: "you can still tether")