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UK retailers PC World and Currys is now offering the 32GB Nexus 7 for sale. The stores, which are both part of the Dixons group, are selling the new Nexus 7 model for £199 inc. VAT, matching Google’s Play Store price. Home delivery is available, as is the option to reserve online and collect in person, assuming you’re near a PC World or Currys store. All the stores in our area seem to have stock, so if you’re anywhere near a major city, stock levels shouldn’t be a problem.

Announced on Monday, the 32GB Nexus 7 sells at the same price point occupied by the 16GB model since launch. The cheaper 8GB model has since been discontinued, and the £159 ($200) spot is now occupied by the 16GB’er.

So far there’s no sign of the 32GB 3G Nexus 7 in the UK, either at retail or in the Google Play Store. UK carrier Three will offer that version at subsidized prices, but currently offers no release date.

Anyone planning on picking up a 32GB Nexus 7? Shout out in the comments!

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32GB Nexus 7 now available in the UK at Currys + PC World, priced £199.99


I'm considering going with the 32gig 3G model. If I pop the Sim card from my Galaxy nexus into this device, is that all it would take for the 3G to work? Still pretty new to the GSM world.

I've had the 16gb version for a few months and it is easily the best bit of technology I have ever bought. What I really like about it is it slips into my jacket's inside pocket so I take it everywhere and use it constantly.

The 16gb was easily enough for us to take half a dozen films with us on holiday so I don't think I'll be upgrading to the 32gb version.

The only way I can think of for google to improve my Nexus 7 experience is for them to help SkyTV get SkyGo working with Jelly Bean. It seems to be beyond Sky themselves.

I actually think the Nexus 7 is pretty poor. From a specs point of view it is very good but their is a reason it's so cheap ... The build quality is dreadful, the whole plastic feel to virtually every Android device is the main thing I hate but the poor build quality was what made me return it. The saying "you pay for what you get" is true and especially here seeing as 2 Nexus 7's had to be returned due to screen bleeds and dead pixels, the most recent and last return was of a 5 week old Nexus 7 that had 5 screen bleads and at least the same amount of dead pixels.

Love or hate Apple, build quality is one of their main selling points and it is 100% the case. I own an Xperia Ray which, touch wood, has been fine and I love the experience and freedom that comes with a phone or tablet running Android but build quality and materials has always been a key factor for me and sadly they pretty much all suffer from that.

Except for Apple's issues with cracking glass...
And the whole "You're holding it wrong" issue.
Every device has its quirks and drawbacks. Apple is no different.

Cracking glass, you're comparing an extremely rare occurrence to something that has plagued thousands of Nexus 7 owners, a simple google search would clarify that. Yes, all manufactures, platforms etc have their drawbacks but build quality and the cheap plastic that virtually every Android device is made out of is a pretty major drawback imo and the so called death grip tbh for me was a non issue, I'd much rather lose 1 or 2 bars on my reception, which never affected me I must say, than have a cheap, toy feeling device made out of cheap materials and an OS that's about as fragmented as it gets and I'm an Android user so it isn't like I just want to bash them, their OS and anyone who makes phones that run their platform ... It's just fact.

That "extremely rare occurence" wasn't nearly as rare as you think it is. I've known several former iPhone users who gave up on the devices because the glass kept cracking on them, including one guy whose phone cracked when he turned on the AC in his car after the phone had been sitting in the heat. Just because it never happened to you doesn't mean it wasn't a problem. I never broke my old Palm Pre, but the build quality on that was genuine crap.

As for feeling like a toy, I've handled a lot of Android devices. Some did feel toy-like, but they were the exception, not the rule (and were usually sliders). Personally, the iPhone feels more like a toy with it's itty-bitty screen.

"It's just fact." Y'know, for a self-proclaimed Android user, you sure sound like an iPhone fanboi. Maybe you should leave Android and get an iPhone. Sounds like you'd be happier.

For the record, I have Android, I used to have iPhone and will soon again have iPhone ... Fanboi? what does that even mean? If my opinion is different to yours then that makes me a fanboy does it? ... You may like cheap plastic handsets, i don't, that is the way it is, regardless whether or not you love or hate Android, the vast majority of handsets are cheap and nasty and that isn't just my opinion, millions of others agree but I'm digressing ... I'll address 1 of your points, the screen size. I fail to see how a bigger screen makes something less toy like, that comment make no sense whatsoever but it's your opinion and I'm not going to argue with you because I don't share the same.

The fact that I have used both systems and tried different iPhones and Android powered handsets makes me less of a fanboy and more of an educated, diverse phone user. I'm pretty sure I never said that Apple, or indeed the iPhone was the best thing sinced sliced bread, what i did say was that it is and will always be 1 of, if not the, best phones available and if build quality isn't high on your agenda or you have a fetish for an abundance of plastic then that's fine, it's not about which is better persay but what suits your needs and tastes but the cheap look, feel and build of the vast majority of Android phones is a fact, it's not me being pro Apple or anti Android, it's just the way it is.

Build quality of my Nexus 7 is fantastic. I like how it is light. I have to use an ipad 2 at work and it make my wrist ache after half an hour of use. Maybe Apple lovers have stronger wrists than the rest of the population ;-)

And isn't is strange how the people who complain about screen bleed have always returned multiple devices. Almost as if nothing would please them.

Screen bleed is screen bleed, wtf does it matter how many you return? If you are happy with your light, plastic, poorly built Nexus 7 then that's fine .. You are entitled to like what you like but seriously dude, you compare a 9.7" tablet to a 7" tablet and wonder why 1 is heavier than the other lol that's just ridiculous, especially considering 1 is made out of Aluminium and the other out of a lightweight plastic.

... Like I said to the guy above, it's your prerogative to like and buy a Nexus 7, just like it was mine and I'm not here to bash you for liking it but the truth is that it is poorly built, why disagree with me just because you like it? I'm not saying it's poorly built as in the screens not glued down or the bezel is raised or anything, I'm talking more about the quality of materials and regardless of whether or not you have a perfect, fully functioning Nexus 7 with no defects the evidence is there to prove that defects in a hell of a lot of them are there and I know this first hand.

As I said the build quality of my Nexus 7 is fantastic. It is not poorly built.

As for the materials used, I don't want a heavy tablet and wouldn't buy one.

Oh you're nuts! Yes the first batch of Nexus 7's had some issues.But I just picked up the 32gb N7 over the weekend, and I have no complaints with the build quality at all.

Yes the Apple makes very nice well built hardware, and that is why you pay a premium for it. But if you compare what you get with say the Ipad mini and the N7 there is no comparison that you get much more bang for your buck with a N7.

I hope that either Argos or Comet stock the 3G Nexus 7 as I've earned some bonusbond vouchers through my work and intend to buy one with them!!

Here's hoping they stock the 3G model

I hope that either Argos or Comet stock the 3G Nexus 7 as I've earned some bonusbond vouchers through my work and intend to buy one with them!!

Here's hoping they stock the 3G model

I would LOVE to pick up a 32GB but I just bought my 16GB exactly 2 months ago. 32GB would be nice since I'm down to 2GB of free space. If Google only gave a trade in deal I'd run and pick one up, but I can't justify spending another $250 right now.

Just got a 32gb from PC world... those people who say n7 is poor build don't know what they are on about... yes the 1st batch like anything had poor build quality buy since then there hasn't been any reports of any...also I had a 8gb 1st batch and had no issues at all and this new 32gb seems just as solid..just cause you have had a bad one sold to you does not mean every single one out there are bad.

Will buy nexus 7 with 3G. I own several tablets. In order of my experience/preference, nexus 7 (love everything..size,etc...except no 3g for gps navigation), ipad3 (great..except small cracks...seems more delicate...GPS is worse than nexus 7, probably due to aluminum case vs plastic case), galaxy 10.1 (my first tablet...but no update to jellybean yet, my wife loves it), transformer prime (Great, now updated to jellybean....terrible GPS, probably due to aluminum Case)....

Unlocked 3G would be great when I travel outside of US.

Siri is good, but google is better, giving web links.

Always impressed with Apple's simplicity especially for new user of tablet. Once you get used to mobile devices...I prefer more flexibility that android offers.

I'm waiting for the 3G version. I have already bought 2 of these devices (16g models)and will have no qualms about buying a 3rd (sharing the love in the household

This has been an excellent release from Asus and Google with a form factor suitable for most and a price suitable to all, along with a tablet that just feels about right in the hand (just love the build quality of this thing)

All things considered I have enjoyed my experience and my first tablet, especially as I had shied away from tablets, mainly because of the price, iPad 2 for £399 and the tablets available from HTC Flyer & Xoom not appealing to me and the size but the introduction of a budget tablet with some killer specs did it for me and above all pocket-able.

I was in PC World here in Dublin Ireland on Wednesday and they had signs advertising Nexus 7 16GB for 229.99 euro and Nexus 7 16GB for 249.99 euro.