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If you're looking to sit down and watch a movie over the next couple of weeks, Google may have just what you are looking for. They've now announced that over the next two weeks, 12 of the top movies in Android Market are available as rentals for only 99 cents. That's pretty awesome really, though it does appear to only be available in the US. Anyone going to be grabbing some movies?

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12 of the top movies in Android Market now 99 cents for the next two weeks


Hmmmm, I was actually able to buy a rental from my phone and I am rooted. In the past I wasn't able to get that far, I would get an error. Guess I'll have to see if it actually play from my phone when I get a chance. Either way I will probably rent a few of these since I have family in town. Easy was to entertain them.

Never rented a movie from Google before. All I have is my Droid X. Should I be able to rent the movie and then watch on my TV using my HDMI cable? Should I expect any lag or buffering issues, or will it run smoothly?

You should, assuming your phone has HDMI output. You could try it with a YouTube video to be sure.
Lag issues will appear if you normally have those watching YouTube.

That is nice to offer reasonable rates for renting movies (considering Red Box is 1.20). Too bad people outside the US can't rent this.

It would be great if you could download a movie and watch this offline , currently if you do that with one movie you cannot stream anything else, is like your account gets restricted

Once you rent from the Market, how long do you have to watch the movie? If you start on the phone, can you resume on the tablet?

I've only done a couple movies to test out for when I fly but my experience is that you have 30 days to start watching after purchase and 24 hours of time to watch once you hit play. You can also use the "pin it" feature to download the film to your SD card in a temp folder if you don't want to trust the network to stream it while you're on the go or in a plane which is great. It gets deleted automatically once the rental expires. Quality and performance were great on the TBolt.

smthomas66, I noticed that once you download a movie to your device, you cannot stream any movie as the download become a gate on your account

This would be so perfect... if I had a giant 4.65" Galaxy Nexus screen to watch it on. Come on OG Droid, last me a bit longer.

Still doesn't work on rooted devices. However, it does work on the Revue. Paid on my phone, went to on the revue and it reminded me I had a rental to watch. I could play from there.