Although I'm not really much of a fun of the game, I do know a lot of people love wasting some time playing Mafia Wars. Be it on Facebook or the many other various platforms it is available for. Finally, Zynga has brought Mafia Wars to the Android Market. While early reviews show it needs some work, the fact that Zynga has created a base for Mafia Wars gives them room to play around with and user feedback will help them improve it in the long run. They are quite capable of building great games.

At the moment, some elements of the original game are missing and you can only access one city but I'm sure more will become available over time. If you're into playing Mafia Wars it's certainly worth a look. If you're looking for more feedback based on user reviews head on past the break for the Android Market download link. Just remember, it uses your Facebook account for stats and such so if you don't have a Facebook account you really just login and play. If you're not into Mafia Wars then try out Words with Friends. Fah-get about it!