Type'o'Shooter helps improve your typing in a fun way

Looking for a new way to improve how efficiently you can type on your cell phone without mindlessly messaging friends and family to get better at it? Meet Ztype, the web app that works wonderfully on mobile devices and combines typing with fun. The point of the game is pretty simple, you type the words that appear next to enemy ships, without having to hit the backspace key. If you reach for the backspace key it blows up the level, and you can do this three different times per game.

Each level the words get a little harder, the enemy ships grow in numbers, and it gets you typing pretty quickly. Some ships are bigger than others, and completing those words will cause them to blow up, taking out some of the surrounding ships as well. You can play in your mobile browser, or download it as a standalone app from Google Play.

While it may sound simple, you won't grasp how addictive it becomes, or how much fun it can be until you give it a shot. How many levels can you beat? I've got to level 10 as my best so far.

Play Ztype on your phone

Source: Reddit