Back in September, I decided to give YouTube TV a try and see whether it was actually as awesome as it claimed to be. Like plenty of other folks, I was tired of paying an exorbitant amount of money just to get access to the handful of shows that I wanted to watch on various networks. Suffice to say, I fell in love with the app and its capabilities, and I can't stop talking about.

I've got everything you want to know about whether YouTube TV is worth it for you.


The first thing that piqued my interest with YouTube TV was the price. I'm used to paying well upwards of $100 in order to access everything that I want to watch. My cable subscription, bundled with internet access, cost $190 every month. While switching to YouTube TV doesn't eliminate that price, it does cut it in half.

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A subscription is only $30 a month. The cheapest cable-only package available near me started at $60 a month and was limited to basic channels. Now, I'm pretty thrifty and I try to save money wherever possible. Getting access to Supernatural, The Walking Dead, The Good Place, and more without having to deal with a cable company seemed like it was too good to be true. It wasn't.

With my subscription, I can DVR all of my favorite shows to be watched later, or I can catch them live as they air. I've always been a big fan of keeping up with a handful of shows, but I've never been great at remembering when they air. With Verizon or Comcast, I'd have to pay extra for each DVR, but that just isn't an issue here.

The price gets me everything that I want, without being a major expenditure each month.


With a normal cable package, you're essentially limited to the television that is hooked up to a cable box. With YouTube TV, you're able to watch your shows wherever you are. I can catch up on last night's episode of The Walking Dead at home on the TV or right on my phone while I'm on the train. There are no massive hoops to jump through, and the app works great no matter where I happen to be.

Since it has full Chromecast support, I can cast it to the big screen if I want to really see everything that is going on. I was lucky enough to already have a Chromecast in the house, but there is an offer for a free Chromecast after you've paid for the first month of YouTube TV. This means that no matter where I am, I can catch up on my shows, share them with friends, and check out live sports, movies, news and more.

The versatile nature of YouTube TV means that it's great for everyone, no matter what kind of TV you enjoy watching.

Access to my favorites

Of course, the real reason I can't stop talking about how awesome YouTube TV is is the magnitude of programming that I get access to. The CW, AMC, Chiller, BBC America, Bravo, and plenty more are all available. While not every network has opted in, all of the shows that I was already attached to are available.

I can easily add new shows to my DVR, check out the movies playing on cable, and of course, I get access to tons of Football coverage. Since I really only needed access to a handful of networks, the offering from YouTube TV is fantastic. Even better, if I start watching midseason, I still get access to all episodes from that season.

YouTube TV is the complete package

Between the price, the availability of programming, and the versatility, YouTube TV is the perfect package. I supplement it with Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Now, because I binge watch constantly. But I cannot emphasize enough how awesome this app is, which is why I've been telling absolutely everyone about it, from close friends to random folks in the checkout line at GameStop.

If you've been considering cutting the cord, take my word for it: YouTube TV is worth every penny.

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