What you need to know

  • YouTube TV family managers are receiving an email with a promotion code that drops the Nest Hub down to $49.
  • The promo code is good for one redemption only for the Chalk color and must be redeemed before July 24, 2019.
  • The Google Nest Hub can also be picked up from B&H Photo and other retailers at a discount for $80 right now.

If you're a YouTube TV family manager, then you're in for a treat, because you're about to get a massive discount on the Google Nest Hub.

Normally, the Google Assistant smart display retails for $129, but right now emails are going out to family managers on the YouTube TV account with an offer to snag one for $49.

That's an $80 discount on one of the best smart displays around and makes it easier than ever to start or expand your smart home. It's also a great way to add YouTube TV to your kitchen or any other room for that matter.

The terms of the promotion are pretty simple — if you're a family manager for YouTube TV, the email will arrive with a one-time use code. It is only good for the Chalk color and must be redeemed from the Google Store by July 24, 2019.

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In case you missed the announcement, the Nest Hub is not a new product, but a rebrand of the Google Home Hub, because you know, Google loves to confuse its customers. While the Nest brand makes sense for home products, rebranding the product this late in the game doesn't, but that's Google for you.

Just know, the Nest Hub is the same great Home Hub we reviewed last year with a fantastic LCD display, beautiful UI, and packed with all the Google Assistant smarts. Even if you aren't a family manager for YouTube TV, you can still pick up the Nest Hub at a discount from B&H Photo where it is currently selling for only $80. It's not quite as good as the YouTube TV promotion, but it's still far below retail price and totally worth it.

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Google Nest Hub

Small screen but big on smarts

The Google Nest Hub is everything we love about Google Assistant but with a screen and a beautiful UI. The compact size and gorgeous screen make it the perfect kitchen or bedside companion for managing your smart home and your life or checking out some new recipes.

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