If you're out there creating original content and putting it on YouTube, Google wants to help you do it even better. As announced on the YouTube Creator blog today, a Creator Preview project has been launched based on the idea that those who create content want to know more about what's in the works.

In addition to what's highlighted in the video above, YouTube has laid out some of the features they're currently working on to get added for content creators and it's a pretty awesome list that not only includes additional features but new mobile management tools as well.

  • A separate mobile app that puts the creator features you told us were most important to have in the palm of your hand, right when you need them
  • A feature that allows fans to directly contribute funds to their favorite creators on YouTube
  • A way to harness the power of the crowd to create captions and subtitles for your videos in 60+ languages

With the project just getting underway, some of the additional details are a bit sparse, such as how the contribution of funds will to creators will work exactly but that's really the point of launching the project. To be be able to share the details as soon as they've all been ironed out. That way, folks know what's in the works, how it will all work and when to expect its arrival. Go ahead and play on the video to learn more or hit the source link for the full details.

Source: YouTube Creator Blog