Your Twitch Prime membership can net you $15 worth of freebies in King of Fighters ALLSTAR

What you need to know

  • King of Fighters ALLSTAR is launching on mobile devices today.
  • The game by Netmarble features every character in the series' history.
  • Twitch Prime users will be able to get $15 worth of battle card tickets for free.

King of Fighters ALLSTAR is finally making its way outside of Japan, and if you're a Twitch Prime user, it's launching with a bang. Not only does the game bring literally every single fighter in the series to your phone, but you can also grab $15 worth of free in-game content thanks to your Twitch Prime subscription.

Made by Netmarble, the game features over 200 characters, from every game from KOF '94 to KOF XIV, to feed your nostalgia for 90s arcade fighters. The game's description also promises a healthy dose of new characters to keep things fresh.

The gameplay features a mix of RPG elements combined with the signature side-scrolling fighter experience of the King of Fighters series. There's also supports co-op and versus matches with other players, and a raid boss awaits you at the end of each level. Of course, it wouldn't be a KOF game without the usual bunch of signature moves, which you can now trigger with just a single tap.

Coming to the freebies, Amazon is offering its Prime members ten battle card tickets, worth a combined $15, from here between October 21 and November 4. If you miss the window, Amazon will be running nine other drops later on, which you can also avail instead.

Muhammad Jarir Kanji