Cyber Monday is the best time of the year to start buying gaming accessories. Everything from controllers and headsets to microphones and hard drives are on sale. You're sure to find something that you've been looking for, and now's the time to pull the trigger. When it comes to audio recording for game streaming, you can't go wrong with the HyperX Quadcast USB microphone for PlayStation 4 and PC.

I've personally used this microphone, and I love it.

HyperX Quadcast USB Microphone

$99.99 $139.99 $40 off

This beauty has a built-in pop filter and anti-vibration shock mount so you don't need to worry about getting any extra peripherals to get the best audio out of it. And now you can get it for $40 off its usual price.

The HyperX Quadcast is plug-and-play, meaning you plug it in and it's ready to go. No need for added software or anything to make setup more of a hassle. It has a clearly marked gain dial on the bottom so you know exactly how sensitive you want the audio pickup to be, and a nice tap-to-mute sensor on top that makes it easier than ever to quickly mute it with a simple touch. I've had to use another microphone recently for a review, and one of my biggest complaints was that there was no easy to to mute it or any indication on the gain dial as to how high or low I had it set.

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I know the red LED screams "gamer," but it's actually a good microphone for podcasting as well. It sports four pickup patterns — stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional. It's a versatile mic for all of your recording needs. While its price used to be a knock against it, it's now more competitively priced for Cyber Monday, and much easier to recommend.

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