You can pre-order the BlackBerry DTEK60 from NCIX Canada

If you're interested in the BlackBerry DTEK60 — and you're good with picking it up in Canada — You can pre-order it right now for $699.99 Canadian Loonies at NCIX.

The listing says the phone should be available on October 11, 2016, but no information we didn't already know is there. On the NCIX USA site, the phone's nowhere to be found so we're not sure what's up. Since BlackBerry hasn't even announced it officially, there might be some sort of magic inside to justify the price. Or maybe a $200 gift card.

All kidding aside, while we're hoping that price is just a placeholder, chances are it's not as the $699 number has been floating around BlackBerry rumour land (yes, that exists) for a while now. We won't tell you that's too much to pay, but that is totally too much to pay. Wait for it to see the inevitable price drop.

In the meantime, you can go hit CrackBerry to see some more pictures and read what Bla1ze and everyone else thinks of the phone and the price tag.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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