LG Rolling Bot

LG unveiled its new Rolling Bot back at Mobile World Congress 2016, and now you're able to pre-order the cute little guy from Mobile Fun in the UK. The unit sports cameras and offers wireless connectivity to supported phones that enables you to receive reports as to whether Rolling Bot detects someone lurking mid-patrol while you're out the house. It can even keep your pets occupied and content with a laser pointer.

For the £229, you're picking up what essentially is a home monitoring device come pet entertainer. MicroSD cards can be used to save recorded footage captured by the on-board 8MP shooter. Rolling Bot is also part of LG's G5 Friends and Accessories range. Hit the link below to place an order. Mobile Fun expects to have stock available on August 1.

In the U.S., you can preorder for $249.

See at Mobile Fun UK
See at Mobile Fun US

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