You can now launch Google Assistant Snapshot with a voice command

Google Assistant Snapshot
Google Assistant Snapshot (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google has added a few updates to Assistant Snapshot.
  • The Snapshot feature can now be accessed with a voice command.
  • Your Snapshot will now show a summary of all your important tasks and also remind you about upcoming birthdays and holidays.

In July 2018, Google added a new feature to the Assistant app, called Snapshot. The feature provides users with an overview of their day and proactive suggestions to help them stay on top of their day. Google has now improved the feature with a few updates, which it says makes Snapshot more helpful and proactive.

Until now, users had to activate Google Assistant and tap on the Snapshot icon in the bottom left corner to access the feature. Now, however, you can view your Snapshot simply by saying, "Hey Google, show me my day." The functionality is currently live only for users who have English set as their default language. In the coming months, it will roll out to a few additional languages as well.

Along with making it easier to view your Snapshot, Google has also added a few more Snapshot cards. You will now see things like reminders for upcoming birthdays of people in your contacts. When you tap on the reminder, you will be provided with suggestions like calling them or sending them a personalized birthday song.

You will now see "tailored recommendations" as well, based on your preferences for recipes, podcasts, and nearby restaurants. Your Snapshot card will show you new recipes that you might want to try during different times of the day.

The new features are now rolling to the Assistant app on both Android and iOS devices.

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Babu Mohan
News Writer