Yale's smart delivery box and smart cabinet lock are now on sale

Yale Delivery Box
Yale Delivery Box (Image credit: Yale)

What you need to know

  • The Yale Smart Delivery Box and Yale Smart Cabinet Lock are now available to purchase in the U.S.
  • Yale's Smart Delivery Box can not just keep your packages hidden from plain sight but also protect them from rain and wind.
  • The Yale Smart Cabinet Lock can be installed inside cabinets and drawers to keep your valuable items safe.

Yale's latest smart storage products, the Smart Delivery Box and Smart Cabinet Box, are now on sale in the U.S. They are available with a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, which means you can manage and monitor your delivered packages and cabinet contents easily from your phone with the Yale Access app.

The Yale Smart Delivery Box can be placed outside your home, where you commonly receive your packages. When you enable "Delivery Mode" in the Yale Access app, the box will stay unlocked until a delivery is made. The Smart Deliver Box will Auto-Lock as soon as the delivery is made to secure your package. You can also lock, unlock, and share access with others or provide an entry code to the delivery personnel for the Yale Smart Keypad. The box comes in two designs: Kent and Brighton. It starts at $230 with Wi-Fi, but you will have to spend $100 more if you want the Smart Keypad too.

Yale Smart Cabinet Lock Standalone

Source: Yale (Image credit: Source: Yale)

Yale's Smart Cabinet Lock is designed to be installed inside cabinets and drawers. It can guard your valuable items and also keep your kids away from items like medicines. You can unlock or lock it from anywhere and also grant access to people with the Yale Access app and Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. The Bluetooth-only version of the Smart Cabinet Lock costs $80, while the Wi-Fi version will set you back $130.

The Smart Delivery Box and Smart Cabinet Lock can now be purchased from ShopYaleHome.com, Amazon, Best Buy, and other major U.S. retailers.

Yale Smart Delivery Box

Yale Smart Delivery Box

Yale's smart delivery box keeps your packages secure and lets you lock or unlock it remotely using the Yale Access app. You can also grant temporary access to delivery personnel and outfit it with an insulated cooler for perishable items.

Yale Smart Cabinet Lock

Yale Smart Cabinet Lock

With the Yale smart cabinet lock, you can keep valuable items and things like medicines or cleaning supplies secure inside a cabinet or a drawer. You can easily lock, unlock, or share access with trusted individuals using the Yale Access app on your phone.

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