Yahoo is rolling out an update for its Mail app that enhances the personalization features of the app, while also adding new productivity capabilities. The new Stationary feature allows you to send emails with professionally-drawn themes.

Yahoo Mail now lets you decorate your email, preview document attachments

The new features you'll find in the app, according to Yahoo, include:

  • Document Preview: Previewing an attachment will not only save you space and data, but you can now view large files on your phone or tablet significantly faster, without any download.
  • Home Screen Widgets: We're adding a fourth widget that shows the unread message count for all your accounts and mailboxes.
  • Disable Swiping: You ask, we deliver. We're bringing you the ability to turn off the swipe to delete functionality. Never accidentally delete an email again.
  • Spacing: We want to make sure your inbox reads just how you like it. So, as many of you have requested, you can now choose five levels of inbox spacing, from super-dense (no avatars, no message snippet) to super-expanded (several lines of message snippet).
  • Update to Themes: We've updated the dark grey theme to be extra-high-contrast.

The updated Yahoo Mail is rolling out on the Google Play Store now.