Xperia Arc

A while ago we reported that Sony Ericsson would be offering a bootloader unlocking solution for their 2011 Xperia line, and today Xperia Blog has some information about how this will play out.  According to SE developer Karl-Johan Dahlström, Sony Ericsson plans to have a bootloader site "up and running in the upcoming weeks."

The website will allow you to enter the IMEI number from your Xperia device, and you'll be given a key to unlock that devices bootloader via Fastboot.  SE has promised more details, but as it stands this is great news.  I'm loving the way Sony Ericsson has tackled this issue, and given hardware access to the people who paid for their devices.  We know that SE realizes the mistakes of the past, and this is a great way to make the future more user friendly. [Xperia Blog] Thanks, Rick!