Xiaomi's new TV is a 65-inch curved Samsung monster with 4K

Xiaomi has announced a new TV, but this isn't just any old television set. We're talking about a 65-inch curved experience with Samsung technology under the hood. Oh, and there's 4K playback support thrown in for good measure. Say hello to the Android-powered Mi TV 3S Curve.

What makes this new TV rather special is the ultra-thin 5.9mm thick metal body. It's ridiculously thin. Not only that, but you have the Mi TV soundbar with an independent 6-piece sound system. If you're not a fan of Mi's standard TV line-up, or prefer curved displays, the company's first entertainment viewer will be right up your street.

The 65-inch Mi TV 3S will set you back RMB 8,999 ($1,380), which includes the Mi TV soundbar.

Rich Edmonds