It's funny how life works. Last week, I rushed out in a hurry to purchase a new television in time for our friends to come over and watch the ball drop on New Year's Eve.

The backlight to our Samsung TV had burned out, but it took swapping the various logic boards and tweaking of wires before we realized what was happening. And now, I'm writing about Xiaomi's modular television, the Mi TV 4. Not only is it equipped with its own AI-based suggestion engine and Dolby Atmos surround sound, but you can choose to swap out the base or the screen depending on the situation.

What's more, Xiaomi says that about 80 percent of the Mi TV 4 is actual screen, while the other 20 percent is components. That's the way it is with traditional flat screen TVs, for the most part, but the way that its insides are laid out and integrated into the chassis doesn't make it an easy fix for novices.

ooooh thin

The Mi TV 4 is also an impressive 4.9mm thin. It looks like it's supposed to stand up on a TV stand, however, rather than be mounted to the wall for the sheer fact that all of its components live on the bottom. But we won't know anytime soon because the Mi TV 4 is only slated for release in China.

TVs and other gadgets aren't a new product category for Xiaomi. The company has invested in 77 different incubating companies in an effort to establish itself as more than just another Chinese smartphone brand.