Xiaomi said to be working on mimicking Google Camera's Top Shot feature

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What you need to know

  • Xiaomi is reportedly working on making a Top Shot-like feature available in the MIUI camera.
  • Top Shot, as implemented in Google Camera, takes a burst of shots and then automatically selects the best image using machine learning.
  • Xiaomi's implementation will be called AI Shutter.

Google's software prowess in imaging has made the Pixel line a mainstay among Android flagships and earned its phones the distinction of having the best Android camera more than once. Xiaomi, it seems, isn't one to sit on the sidelines, and is hard at work porting some of Google's best camera features over to its own platform.

As XDA Developers report, a beta version of the MIUI Camera app contains strings showing the company is working on a feature called AI Shutter, whose description matches closely with what Top Shot in the Google Camera currently offers.

A rough translation of the code comments in Chinese reads, "Select best moment automatically when pressing the shutter button." Like Top Shot, this suggests that the feature will allow users to quickly take several photos in rapid succession when the shutter button is held, and then use AI to automatically choosing the best image from those captured. Think of it as a machine learning-powered upgrade to the Burst Shot mode that I'm sure you're all familiar with.

The company is currently testing MIUI 12; hopefully, we'll see the feature in one of the upcoming betas soon.

As with all unannounced features, of course, do take the 'leak' with a hint of caution. While the presence of the code suggests Xiaomi is definitely working on the feature, there's no guarantee that the company won't simply yank it from production at a later date.

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